When will The Responder Season 2 Coming? [Latest Updates in 2023]

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The Responder season 2 is coming, which is great news. The BBC officially approved it in March 2022, but fans were already looking forward to it because the show was so popular. With its premiere, the show gained more than a whopping 10 million viewers and now The Responder season 2 of the show is in talks.

Because The Responder season 2 will take place in Liverpool, filming hasn’t started yet. Given how long it takes to edit and record an episode, we expect the show to come back in early 2023, which is when season one aired, from January to early February.

The Responder tells the story of Chris Carson, an emergency response officer in Liverpool who has worked many night shifts. He has to work with a rookie in a high-pressure, never-ending nighttime environment where his life depends on that rookie.

Chris has a lot more on his mind than just his job. His personal life is in shambles, and his job is morally questionable. As a teenage heroin addict tries to keep his mental health in check, he finds a way to make things right. Here is everything you need to know about The Responder season 2.

What is The Responder About?

Chris Carson (Martin Freeman), who works as an emergency response officer in his hometown of Liverpool, has been given the night shift. Chris has to deal with an intense, high-pressure world that comes to life when the sun goes down, as well as a rookie partner named Rachel (Adelayo Adedayo) that he has to take under his wing. His job isn’t the only thing that stresses him out. His personal life is in trouble, and he does things at work that go against his morals. As he struggles to keep his mental health in check, a young heroin addict shows up and gives him a chance to change.

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Will There Be The Responder Season 2?

On January 24, 2022, the first episode of The Responder season 2 on BBC aired. In the meantime, BBC officially gave the show The Responder season 2 in March 2022. Given how well the show does in the ratings and how many people watch it, the renewal does not come as a surprise at all.

The showrunner, Tony Schumacher, said this about The Responder season 2: “I set out to write Fawlty Towers—just get out while the going is good and go. And yet we ended up with a story that naturally has stayed alive, and we can take it to other places.” He also said, “I’m just happy to think about going there. So, even if it does happen, it may not. But if it did, it would be fun to see where we could go with it.” As of right now, there is no official date for The Responder season 2 release, but it is likely to come out in early 2023.

The Responder Season 2 Release Date Speculation

The Responder season 2 will be shown on BBC One and BBC iPlayer. The show hasn’t started filming because it was just renewed, so we probably won’t see it until 2023. Before the first episode, both Freeman and the show’s writer, Tony Schumacher, seemed excited about the idea of more seasons.

“I wanted to write Fawlty Towers,” said Schumacher. “Just get out while the going is good and go.” “Yet, we ended up with a story that has stayed alive on its own, and we can take it elsewhere.

“And for me, I’m just happy to think about going there… So, it might or might not happen, but if it did, it would be fun to see where we can take it.”

Freeman agreed, saying that he’d “love to do it again.” Later, his co-star Warren Brown told RadioTimes.com that there had been “murmurs” of a sequel, but “nothing set in stone.”

In a poll that was posted on Twitter after the terrestrial finale of The Responder season 2, more than two-thirds of viewers said they wanted the show to come back, so there was definitely a desire for more episodes.

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The Responder Season 2 Quick Info

Name of the Show

The Responder

Number of Seasons

1, The Responder Season 2 is to be released soon

Number of Episodes

5, Season 1

Running Time

60 minutes


United Kingdom




Police drama, Crime

Release Date



Tim Mielants


Rebecca Ferguson

Created by

Tony Schumacher

Written by

Tony Schumacher



The Responder Season 2 Plot: What will Happen?

Right now, we don’t even know what a new set of episodes will look like. But in the last episode of The Responder season 1, there were still a lot of loose ends to tie up. Things could go wrong for Faye McKeever’s character Jodie Sweeney, who has taken in a huge bag of cocaine to sell after her drug dealer husband Carl died.

Ray thinks Chris is a crooked cop and has a grudge against him because he thinks Chris is the reason he lost his job as a “proper” police officer. Because of this, he can’t stop thinking about how to hurt Chris. DI Deb Barnes found out that her former coworker was looking into something. At first, she didn’t think much of it, but Chris’s strange behavior made her think.

Even though he seemed to be able to solve all of his problems at the end of the series and get back to a normal life, it looks like the criminal underworld may not be done with him yet. On top of that, Rachel’s fireman boyfriend may want to get even with her because he was caught mistreating her in front of his coworkers and may have lost his job because of it.

If a man is so mean that he locks his cop girlfriend in a cupboard while he goes out, he won’t let her go without a fight or some kind of payback.

Tony Schumacher is not giving anything away on Twitter right now. He is tweeting jokes that compare Chris to Batman and call him “Batlad” with “Yer Jokin'” as his main enemy. (Just so you know, we would pay to see this.)

The Responder Season 2 Cast: Who Will be in It?

Chris, played by Martin Freeman, would be sorely missed if the show came back without its star. If Rachel (Adelayo Adedayo) is back, he’ll be with her again if she’s back. Even though Casey (Emily Fairn) and Marco (Josh Finan) had a happy ending to the episode, what happened to them will be on everyone’s mind.

Ray Mullen (Warren Brown), a character who has something against the main character, could play a bigger part. When Ray says that Chris is to blame for his life going crazy, he sets out to prove that Chris is lying. He also had sex with Chris’s wife, just to be sure.

He’s not totally wrong, though. But his ideas and ways of doing things have been crazy and strange. Detective Deb Barnes (DI) has been told about what he found, but (Amaka Okafor). She seems to be keeping an eye on Chris and his not-so-good plans, so she will probably come back as well.

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The Responder Season 2 Trailer: Is There any Trailer Out?

BBC has not yet put out a trailer for The Responder season 2. Since it’s not clear if the series is still going or if it’s been canceled, it may be a while before The Responder season 2 of the crime series comes out. But on November 22, 2021, the film’s director released an exciting trailer for The Responder season 1.

Martin works as a police officer and takes care of his family, as seen in the trailer. He also needs to do his best to be a good partner to Racheal.

Is The Responder Season 2 Based on a True Story?

Even though the show is written by a former police officer and is based on real life, it is natural to wonder if it is based on a true story or not.

Well, The Responder season 2 isn’t based on real-life events all the way through, but some of it is. Tony Schumacher, who wrote and made the show, talked about his real-life experiences as an emergency response officer.

As the series showed, Schumacher had to deal with the huge amount of work that comes with being an emergency response officer. Here it is! The popular police drama is getting The Responder season 2, and we can’t wait to tell you more!

What Happened in The Responder Season 1?

The Responder season 1 is full of action, with the main character Chris Carson going through the ups and downs of night duty. Martin Freeman plays the troubled cop, whose mental health is breaking down because he works nights in the middle of Liverpool.

He tries to keep his head above water while figuring out his personal and professional life. He decides to work with Rachel Hargreaves, a new officer who isn’t very experienced but has a lot of good ideas.

Chris gets into trouble when he tries to help Casey, a local addict played by Emily Fairn, get out of trouble with a dangerous drug gang. Ray Mullen (Warren Brown), a rival at work, is planning a corruption case against him in secret.

Reviews and Ratings about The Responder


In its review of The Responder, National World praises Martin Freeman’s performance, citing his role as an example of how he doesn’t just play against type but also pushes himself to new levels of drama.

We also drew attention to the direction’s “cold, harsh shades of a cyan” that gave it “a cold, austere feeling.”


People have liked this show/season. It has a “Fresh” rating and a 100% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It has a score of 7.4/10 on imdb.com.

So, yeah, The Responder season 1 is a great TV show. It has a great story, great characters, great music, great performances, and great direction. It’s time for my last grade. *Ahem*. The Responder season 1 got a 9.76/10 from me as a whole. This means that it gets the “SEAL OF APPROVAL!”

Do Chris and Kate Stay Together?

At first, it seems like Chris and Kate’s marriage is over when she throws him out and he finds out that she’s been cheating on him again with the man who’s been trying to get him fired. But their relationship gets a new start when Chris tells Carl the truth about how he helped him with his illegal business. He did this to help pay for his mother’s care home bills.

Kate stands up for him when his former coworker DI Deborah Barnes starts asking questions about Chris’s relationship with Dr. Gallagher (a link she was tipped off about by Ray). At the end of the episode, after Chris has taken care of the stolen cocaine problem and the heat seems to be off them (for now), things look good for the couple’s future.

He tells her, “I really want this to work, Kate.” “What has happened has broken my heart. I’m sure we can work it out. I’m going to talk to you about it, not keep it inside. I love you so much.”

The Responder Season 2 Production Credits 

Tony Schumacher, a former police officer, wrote the five 60-minute episodes of The Responder. It is his first original series for TV and was made by Dancing Ledge Productions, which is backed by Fremantle, for BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

Tim Mielants (The Terror, Legion, Peaky Blinders) is in charge of the show, and Rebecca Ferguson is in charge of making it (The Trial Of Christine Keeler; Cold Feet; Next Of Kin). Executive producers Laurence Bowen and Chris Carey work for Dancing Ledge Productions, while Mona Qureshi works for the BBC.

Dancing Ledge Productions and Fremantle work together internationally. Fremantle has a small share of the company and is in charge of distributing drama series around the world.

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Ending Explained of The Responder

The plot of this TV show is all about a bag of drugs. Carl dies at the end of the show, and Casey trades the bags of drugs for the packets of washing powder because she thinks she will get into more trouble if she sells the drugs herself. Now the fans are waiting for The Responder season 2.

Chris and Rachel’s relationship gets better as time goes on. Chris Carson finally finds the bag of drugs and Casey. After that, he makes a deal with Diane Gallagher, who is a gangster. But all of the drugs get to Carl Sweeney’s wife, Jodie Sweeney. Chris makes things better with his wife, who had started seeing Ray before they got married.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about The Responder Season 2

Where can I watch The Responder season 1?

The Responder season 1 can be seen on the BBC One network.

How many episodes will be there for The Responder season 2?

Even though the number of episodes for The Responder season 2 hasn’t been confirmed yet, it’s likely that there will be 5–6 episodes, just like the first season.

Is The Responder based on other material?

Even though the thriller and its characters are made up, the series is based on the real-life experiences of its creator, writer, and executive producer, Tony Schumacher, who was a first responder.

How many seasons are there of The Responder?

The Responder only has one season so far, but it has been picked up for The Responder season 2.

How can I watch The Responder?

On BritBox, people in the United States can watch The Responder.

When will there be a trailer for The Responder season 2?

Sorry, folks, but without a renewal, a script, or a place to film, there is no trailer. But keep checking back, and we’ll add anything new we learn to this article. Promise!

When is it on and how can I watch it?

Monday, January 24, at 9 p.m., BBC One will show The Responder. Each week, the five episodes will be shown.

Is The Responder on Netflix?

Unfortunately, not every great game with talented players makes it into the huge library of content that the streamer has for its many subscribers. The Responder is one of those that you can’t watch on Netflix.

What happens at the end of The Responder?

Chris gave the bag to Jodie in the end so that she and her young daughter could live well after Sweeney died. It was Chris’s chance to make things right.

Was The Responder filmed in Crosby?

The show was filmed in and around Liverpool, and Schumacher said: “I put the story in Liverpool at night because I love how peaceful it is at night. I was a police officer for 10 years and a taxi driver for 5 years. In both jobs, I worked at night.”

Will there be any new characters in the latest season of The Responder?

Other than Chris Carton, we don’t know much about the other characters in The Responder season 2.

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