Today’s Students Must Learn Coding for Tomorrow

We’re living in a digital world, and there isn’t any going back. Decades from now, the world will no doubt look different than it does today, but tech will surely play just as large a role.

Parents want their children to learn the skills that will get them hired one day. That’s not the only reason to learn to code: if today’s youth don’t understand the underlying coding, they’re liable to get molded by the technology instead of getting to shape it.

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind when looking for the right online coding class.

In-Demand Coding Languages

Even young kids new to computers can begin learning coding languages that the industry expects employees to know. Some schools start with drag-and-drop programs that aren’t really a coding language per se. Rather, they give beginners a sense of what coding is like. However, this gives them no practical knowledge in the field.

In contrast, six-year-old kids can learn Python coding at RP4K from the comfort and safety of their own homes. They’ll learn the basics of thinking like an engineer and writing code in Python, a crucial coding language that powers popular apps like Netflix.

Video Games at Heart

Students learn best when they’re engaged in the course material, and nothing engages children quite like video games! They’ll be hungry to learn because the course revolves around creating a real video game, one they can play and show off to their friends and family.

Learning how to create a game because its own type of game. The best coding courses embed gamification concepts into the classroom, so kids get as hooked on learning to code video games as they are addicted to playing them.

Small Classrooms with Young Teachers

Setting students up in small classrooms sets them up for success. Kids can get lost or slip between the cracks when too many students are stuffed into a classroom.

Online or offline, the best coding courses have a hard cap of four students per classroom, so every student gets their teacher’s fullest attention, and sessions aren’t beset by classroom management issues that can plague disruptive environments.

Be on the lookout for a program that has no mandatory minimum. You don’t want to sign your child up for classes only for the program to be canceled because there weren’t enough other students. Parents and children deserve predictability after the past few years of regular schedule disruptions.

Finally, the best coding programs tend to hire teachers who skew on the young side, typically computer science or computer engineering students. Teachers that age also grew up playing video games at home, so they can relate to their students. Plus, they have lots of recent experience navigating the job market with coding skills, so they’re well-placed to answer practical questions students may have.

If there’s anything we’ve learned recently, it’s that the world can be unpredictable at times. Learning is one of the best things a person can do, and absorbing the information needed to thrive in the modern world will pay dividends.


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