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The 25 Best Shower Chairs for Safety and Comfort

Shower Chair

Anyone can fall in the shower, but older people are more likely to fall in or near the bath. As you get older, recover from surgery, or deal with a long-term illness, showers can become tiring, and standing for a long time to get clean might not be an option for everyone. Using a shower chair, also called a bath chair, can help reduce this risk and give you more stability. 

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Renee Makin, an occupational therapist in Culver City, California, says, “We’ll recommend a shower chair to help save energy because taking a shower can be very hard for a lot of people.” “People start to avoid taking showers because they find it hard. People have fallen in the shower a lot, which can be scary at times. So if you can give them something sturdy, it will make them feel a little better.”

The Editorialge Health editorial team looked at data about products, average price, maximum weight capacity, user ratings, and more to find the best shower chairs. Read on to learn more about the different kinds of shower chairs, what features to look for, and which chairs we recommend.

What is a Shower Chair? 

Shower chairs, also called tub chairs, shower seats, shower benches, shower stools, and sometimes commode chairs, are water-resistant seats that go inside a shower or tub to give people who have trouble standing in the shower a safe place to sit so they can bathe in comfort and confidence.

How Does a Shower Chair Work?

A shower chair is a chair made to be used in the shower. It is waterproof and has a place to sit. Brandy Archie is an occupational therapist and the founder and director of Accessible Living in Kansas City, Missouri. She says that it helps people “shower in a safer and more independent way.” These chairs are especially helpful for people with permanent or temporary mobility problems or who have pain when moving.

Most shower chairs have rubber feet that don’t slip and are made to be safe in wet conditions. Some come with backrests to give you more support. Most of them have armrests on both sides, and the ones that don’t are made to be held on the sides.

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Who Should Use a Shower Chair?

There are so many bath safety products that it can be hard to know which one is best for you. Shower seats are safer than alternatives like grab bars or safety rails while taking a bath. This extra stability might be what you need if:

  • Have significant balance issues
  • Have weakness in the legs
  • Have a high risk of slipping or falling
  • Tire easily

Types of Shower Chairs

Standard Shower Chair

A simple chair for your bathroom has four legs, two arms, and a back if it has one. With the arms and hand grips, it’s easier to sit down and get up. This is a great shower chair for older people because it is easy to sit on and has extra support for the back.

Wall-Mounted Handicap Shower Chair

This type of chair or bench for people with disabilities is attached to the wall of the shower. The chair is securely bolted to the wall of the shower to keep accidents from happening because of the wet floor.

Folding Shower Stools

Stools are helpful for people who can still move around and keep their balance. A simple shower stool is small and light enough that you can put it in the tub, use it, and then take it out. Since these seats don’t have handles or back support, they are a good choice if you want a bit more stability while still having a wider range of motion.

Shower Commode Chair

The shower commode chair could be helpful for people who need help using the toilet while they are in the shower. Adults who are disabled and need easier access to wash their lower bodies can use these bath chairs. They have an opening in the seat that makes washing the lower body easier.

Transfer Bench

People who have trouble getting into the tub can use a transfer bench to make the process easier. With two legs on each side, these long benches sit half in and half out of the tub. This lets you sit on the bench outside the tub, slide along the bench, and then sit over the tub to wash.

Handicap Shower Chair with Wheels

These handicapped shower chairs with wheels can be rolled right into and out of the shower. The shower chair is waterproof, which makes it easier for caregivers to meet the needs of a disabled person.

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25 Best Shower Chairs

Every shower chair is made to keep people from falling in the bathroom and to help them keep as much independence as possible. But because people (and bathrooms) come in different shapes and sizes and have different levels of mobility, there are different kinds of shower chairs to choose from.

1. Dr Maya Adjustable Height Shower Chair With Back and Arms

Dr. Maya Adjustable Height Shower Chair With Back and Arms

A shower chair with a back gives the person sitting on it more support. This keeps the person in the shower from falling backwards and is usually more comfortable than a seat with no back. Most of the time, this type of shower seat also has armrests that can be taken off and a handle on the backrest. In general, everyone should use a shower chair with a back.


  • Gives people a higher level of independence by letting them take care of their own bathing.
  • Helps keep people who have trouble with their balance and stability safe while they bathe.
  • Adjustable so it fits each person


  • The backrest makes the shower bench heavier, which can make it hard for a person to put it in the right place without help from a caregiver.

2. Best Height-Adjustable Seat: Medline Shower Chair

Best Height-Adjustable Seat: Medline Shower Chair

The Medline shower chair is made of metal and has a padded back and armrest. Seat height can be changed from 16 inches to 21 inches. The legs can also be moved to get the right fit and balance. This bathtub chair can hold up to 350 pounds and is comfortable for bathing seniors, people who have been hurt, or people with disabilities. This product is reviewed in detail in this YouTube video.


  • Latex-free
  • Anti-slip feet
  • Durable frame
  • Tool-free assembly


  • May be prone to rust

3. Shower Stool: McKesson Aluminum Shower Stool

Shower Stool: McKesson Aluminum Shower Stool

Stools are a more compact option for shower seating because they are narrower and don’t have backrests. One of the best things about a shower stool is that it can turn, which can make it easier to get in and out of the tub safely.


  • Easier to fit into a shower 
  • The swivel feature simplifies transfers
  • Lightweight and not difficult to move


  • Don’t have a backrest

4. Composite Swiveling Bath Stool

Composite Swiveling Bath Stool

The top that turns can be taken off to make a stool that doesn’t turn. The swivel seat can turn in both directions, making it easy to move around in the shower. Small enough to fit into tight spaces.

5. Best Lightweight: Ez2care Shower Bench

The lightweight Ez2care bath bench has a seat that won’t slip and drain holes to keep water from building up. Its height can be changed from 12.5 inches to 18.5 inches. The stool can hold up to 250 pounds and will fit in a small bathtub. Check out this YouTube video for a more in-depth look at the product.


  • Tool-free assembly
  • Anodized aluminium legs
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Anti-slip rubber feet tips


  • The grip may not be good on uneven surfaces

6. Best for in-out Transfers: Glacier Bay Tub Transfer Bench and Bath Seat

Best for in-out Transfers: Glacier Bay Tub Transfer Bench and Bath Seat

This bath seat is made to make getting in and out of the tub easier. The bench side lets you slide into the tub and sit on a bath seat that won’t slip and has a back and armrest. The back of the chair can be moved to either side, so it can be used for both right-handed and left-handed tub transfers.

Users say it is very sturdy and can hold up to 300 lbs. The length of the legs can be changed from 16 to 20 in. It needs to be put together, but people who have used it say it’s light and easy to do.

7. Best Adjustable: Vaunn Medical Deluxe Spa Shower Chair

The Vaunn Medical Deluxe Spa Shower Chair works just fine. This heavy-duty chair made of anodized aluminium has a layer of oxide that protects it and makes it even stronger. It can hold up to 250 pounds and weighs 8.5 pounds without the back support.

It has high, padded armrests that give you more support and stability when you’re ready to get up. The polystyrene seat is shaped and has holes for drainage to make it safer. The legs can be moved from 16 to 21 inches apart in 1-inch steps.

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8. Best for 360-degree Rotation: Healthline Bath Bench Round Stool

It can be very helpful to be able to easily turn around in your shower chair to reach a shampoo bottle on a shelf behind you. This round stool stands out because it has a shelf below the seat where you can put things and reach down to get them.

The blue may not be for everyone, but it can make it easier for people who have trouble seeing to find a seat. This is one of the more affordable options on this list because it costs less.

9. Bath Seats for the Elderly: Azadx Bath Chair

Bath Seats for the Elderly: Azadx Bath Chair

This leather and aluminium alloy shower chair is very well made. It can be turned around and the height can be changed, so it can work for everyone in almost every bathroom. Assembly is quick and doesn’t require many tools. The seat is shaped to be comfortable and stable, and it has drainage holes to keep it from slipping. The strong A-frame design keeps it from falling over or breaking.

10. Drive Medical Premium Series Shower Chair with Back and Arms

This light shower chair has stable legs and feet that won’t slip. The back, legs, and arms can all be taken off without using any tools. This makes it easy to store, and when it’s time to take a shower, they can be put back on quickly. With tools, you can change the length of the legs. A height indicator that can be seen makes adjustments very easy and quick. This seat is also very comfortable and is made to fit people of all sizes and shapes.

11. Drive Medical Shower Chair with Back

If you want a simple shower chair, this is the one for you. Aluminium is used to make it, which makes it very light and resistant to rust. It’s easy to put together, and you don’t need any tools. Also, the legs are angled to make the chair even safer, and suction-cup-like tips keep the chair from moving while it is being used. Each leg can be moved up or down by one inch.

12. NOVA Medical Bath Seat with Arms

This one is different from many of the other shower chairs we listed because it has flat feet. Depending on how your shower or bathtub is made, this can be a huge benefit. Some shower chairs with suction cups don’t work well in showers with rough floors or tubs with sides that slope inward. The flat feet on this chair, on the other hand, should work well in all of these situations. It doesn’t weigh much, just seven pounds. But up to 300 pounds of weight can be put on it. It’s great for people who travel a lot because it can be put together and taken apart quickly and without tools.

13. Most Stylish: ToiletTree Deluxe Wooden Bamboo Shower Seat

This bamboo seat in the shape of a bench looks good enough to use anywhere in your house, not just in the shower. It also comes with a matching footstool, which is a nice bonus. Even though you can’t change the height, there is a shelf below the main seat where you can put things you’ll need during your shower.

The bamboo wood makes it stronger, and the rubber grips on the feet can help keep it from moving around on a wet floor. You can pay for professional assembly if you don’t want to put it together yourself.

14. Shower-Commode Chair: SB3T Roll-In ShowerBuddy with Tilt

A shower commode chair is a chair with an open seat that can be used in the shower or over the toilet. People who have trouble getting on and off the toilet safely or standing for long periods in the shower can use these seats to help. Remodelling a bathroom to accommodate a disability can be avoided with a shower commode chair that fits the tub or shower and can be rolled over the open toilet bowl. Read The 5 Best Shower Commode Chairs to find out more about the best shower commode chairs we have to offer.

15. Best Portable: Vaunn Medical Shower Lift Chair

Best Portable: Vaunn Medical Shower Lift Chair

The Vaunn deluxe spa chair can be a safe choice for seniors and people with disabilities who can’t stand in the shower. The frame is made of high-quality anodized aluminium, and the seat is made of strong polyethene. The seat has drain holes, and the tips of the legs that are at an angle don’t slip. It has a maximum capacity of 250lb.

16. Bath Stools for the Elderly: Dr. Maya Adjustable Bath and Shower Chair

Want to find a chair with no back? Not comfortable in traditional shower chairs? Then you might want to take a look at this one. It features a unique design that more closely resembles a stool than a chair. It also has a free-suction shower handle that makes it easier to get on and off the chair. Like many other shower chairs, this one has legs that can be moved so that it fits your exact height.

17. Medokare Shower Stool with Padded Seat

If you want a simple shower seat, then look no further. This very cheap shower chair has feet that don’t slip and drainage holes to keep it from moving around. This stool is strong and safe because it is made of anodized aluminium. You don’t have to worry about the shower chair breaking or moving while you’re using it. But even though it is strong, it is still light and easy to move. Like most shower chairs, it can be moved around.

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18. OasisSpace Shower Chair

OasisSpace Shower Chair

Featuring an anti-slip surface and drainage holes, this is perhaps one of the safest shower chairs available. If you’re extra worried about slipping and falling in the shower, then this is the chair you need to look at. Besides being safe, it is also easy to carry and lasts a long time. You will easily be able to move it in and out of the shower without worrying about it breaking. Also, it comes with a shower grab bar that makes it easier to sit down and get up.

19. Shower Chair With Arms: Shower Chair with Backrest

Shower chairs with arms make it easy to hang things like washcloths, make it easier to move from one place to another by providing leverage and help with positioning, and usually have the option to take the arms off if they get in the way in any way.

20. Best for People with Paralysis: Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench with Swivel Seat

This chair can rotate and pivot, making it easier to get into the shower and then move around. It also has a seat belt, which can make it less likely that you will fall out of it.

This chair comes at a high price point, but it’s professional grade. It also has a padded seat, back, and armrests for comfort. People with poor eyesight can see it better because it is blue. While the manufacturer says the assembly is easy, there is an option to pay for expert assembly if you’d rather not try it.

21. Best For Back Support: Carex Bath Seat

Best For Back Support: Carex Bath Seat

People who are disabled or older can use Carex’s bath seat to bathe in a safe way. It has feet that don’t slip and can be adjusted in height. The sturdy, light chair can hold up to 400 pounds and has a backrest. It’s easy to take apart so you can move it or store it.

22. Transfer Benches for the Elderly: Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench with Swivel Seat

Depending on the set-up of your bathroom, this swivel seat might be perfect for you. This transfer chair prevents the danger that goes along with getting in and out of the shower. But it also has a chair that slides, which makes it very easy to get in and out of the seat. The padded seat, back, and armrest provide plenty of padding and comfort once you’re in the chair. Also, the chair’s bright blue colour makes it easy to tell it apart from the usual white showers, which is a big help if your eyesight isn’t what it used to be.

23. Drive Medical Sliding Transfer Shower Seat

Drive Medical Sliding Transfer Shower Seat

Sliding transfer shower chairs are one of the safest ways for a senior to get in and out of the shower or bath. If you have a traditional bath or shower, navigating in and out of it is the prime time for falls and injuries. A transfer chair is the simplest and least expensive way to get around this. But sliding transfer shower chairs can also be dangerous for people who have trouble moving around. If you are terrified of falling or aren’t able to get around very well, a sliding transfer chair like this one is the way to go.

24. Moen Non-Slip Adjustable Transfer Bench

This transfer bench is made in a way that makes it easy and safe to get into and out of the tub or shower. It is stable because the legs are made in a new way and there is an easy-to-grasp support handle. With a 400-pound weight capacity, this chair can hold nearly everyone. Plus, the height can be changed to fit almost every senior and design of the bathtub. If you have difficulty getting in and out of the bath or shower yourself but don’t want to spend a lot of money on a transfer bench, get this one.

25. Elements Shower Chair with Microban Treatment

Elements Shower Chair with Microban Treatment

The backrest, seat, and armrests can all be adjusted to fit your needs. The extra-wide, curved seat gives you more stability. The most decor looks good with a dark bronze finish and style.

What to Know Before Buying a Shower Chair

When choosing a shower chair, there are a number of things to think about. Archie says that if you have a disability or a certain diagnosis, you should talk to an occupational therapist to make sure you get the right chair. Here are some things that a good shower chair should have.

Overall Size

People often forget to measure their space to see if a shower chair will fit. Measure the floor of your shower or tub before you buy one to make sure you get the right size.

Height Adjustability

You should get a shower chair that lets you change the height. “Some people are tall and some are short, so you need to be able to change the height of the chair so that the person can sit on it.” When you sit in a shower chair, your feet should touch the floor and not hang above.

Weight Capacity

There are weight limits on some shower chairs. For example, if you weigh more than 300 pounds, you may need to buy a “bariatric” shower chair.


Since you’ll be using it in the shower or tub, you’ll want it to be made of materials that can handle being wet all the time. Most seats are made of materials that won’t rust, such as plastic, aluminium, or steel. There are plastic chairs that are made entirely of plastic, but the best and most durable choice is a chair with a plastic seat and aluminium or steel legs.

You could also buy a shower chair with drain holes in the seat. This will help keep water from building up and causing mould and mildew.

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How to Maintain a Shower Seat?

Mould and other bacteria can grow on your shower seat because it is often wet and has warm, moist air around it. Make sure to do the following to keep your shower seat looking and working like new:

  • After each use, wipe the chair down to get rid of soap and other residues.
  • After each use, dry with a towel or soft cloth to keep water from causing damage.
  • Clean often with warm water and mild detergent. The best way to make sure that every part of the chair is clean is to use a bristle brush. Make sure to clean not only the seat but also the legs and the bottom of the chair.
  • If your seat has drainage holes, you can use a cotton swab to clean them often. Mould and mildew can grow in these holes just as easily as in any other part of the seat.
  • After cleaning with detergent, make sure to rinse and dry it well.
  • Check it often to make sure there are no cracks or other damage and that the legs are locked in place.

Are Shower Chairs Safe?

Shower chairs are made to keep you safe. The seats are made of water-resistant materials like plastic, and wood that don’t absorb water or even stone. Most chair legs are made of rust-resistant aluminium or steel, and they have rubber feet that don’t slip. This makes a tool that will last for a long time and help you.

There are a lot of safe bath chairs to choose from. In the end, a shower chair’s safety will depend on both the chair and your needs. This is why you should choose your chair carefully.

Make Showers Safe and Comfortable

A seat in the shower is great for safety and comfort. You can get a shower seat that stands alone or one that is attached to the wall of the shower or bath for more durability. When not in use, many wall-mounted seats fold up and out of the way. Getting a shower bench that is ADA-compliant is one way to make sure that your shower will be safe and relaxing. Add grab bars and a non-slip mat to make the bathroom safer. If the space is shared, you might choose a seat that can be taken out.

Shower seats can also add to the comfort of a shower. To make your bathroom feel like a spa, add a shower chair made of wood or teak slats. The seats come in different shapes, sizes, and materials that can match the style of your bathroom. Many of them can be folded up to save space.

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An Alternative to Shower Chairs

When people lose their balance in the shower, they often fall because there’s nothing safe to grab onto. Reaching for a towel bar or shower curtain may make a fall worse because the towel bar or curtain may also fall.

If you like to stand or lie down while you bathe, you might want to install grab bars in your tub. You can put grab bars in different places inside and outside of your tub. People who don’t have a high risk of falling can use them instead of shower seats.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Shower Chair

Why should one use a shower chair?

Sometimes, getting in and out of the bath can be hard or even dangerous because of an injury, a disability, or just old age. When this happens, you can use the shower chair to take a shower without having to strain or work too hard.

Do portable shower chairs last long enough?

Chairs made for the bathroom are strong, well-made, and can be used for a long time in a wet environment. So, you shouldn’t have any problems with the chair’s ability to last for a long time.

How are wall-mounted shower chairs useful?

When there isn’t enough room in the bathroom, wall-mounted chairs are a good idea. The wall-mounted shower chairs have many features, such as being easy to change in height and being able to fold up when not in use.

How high is a shower chair?

In general, the height of a shower chair should be between 17 and 19 inches. Choose a chair where the height can be changed and make sure the feet are flat on the floor.

How to clean a shower chair?

After each use, wipe the chair and its legs dry and use water or soap to get rid of any residue. Don’t let the water dry on its own to keep it from building up and making things slippery. The chair should be cleaned often with soapy water, then clean water. You should use cotton swabs to clean the drainage holes because mildew and mould can grow in them. Try to put the chair in the sun to keep it clean and germ-free, and check it before each use for cracks and other damage.

What is the difference between a shower chair and a bath chair?

The main difference between them is the kind of placement each one is made for. Shower chairs are smaller and are made to fit in the tub completely. This makes them best for smaller bathrooms and gives a caregiver more room to help the user if they need it.

Are shower benches worth it?

Here are some reasons why you might want to install a bench in your shower: It gives you a place to rest your feet while shaving your legs, exfoliating, or giving your feet a scrub. Can give you more space to put toiletries, sponges, and other things. Offers a place to sit, which is especially important if you have trouble moving around or are injured.

Are shower chairs safe for the elderly?

Shower chairs can give seniors the stability they need when taking a shower. They give you a comfortable place to sit while you shower, which can keep you from slipping. After all, sitting down makes it hard to fall. Some shower chairs are even made to help you get in and out of the shower safely.

Can anyone use a shower chair?

Using a shower chair or bath chair makes you safer because it gives you a place to sit that isn’t slippery and less likely to cause you to fall. Shower chairs and bath chairs are especially helpful for people who use wheelchairs, are elderly, or have trouble moving around too much.

Where is the best place for a shower bench?

If you have a steam shower, the best place to put your shower bench is near the shower sprayer. The bench should be on the opposite side of the shower from where the water comes out. Moving shower benches, on the other hand, can be put anywhere inside or outside your walk-in shower.

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