Important Details About Semi-Trailer Truck Collision and Injury Law

Getting into a semi-trailer truck accident may have disastrous implications for your financial and physical health. Semi-trucks are significantly larger than regular automobiles. Therefore, these large vehicles have the potential to cause serious mishaps. Even those who usually protect themselves from crashes by driving huge vans or SUVs might suffer significant bodily damage in a semi-trailer truck crash.

Following a truck crash, it’s critical to take the proper precautions to safeguard your health. You’ll need to first take care of your health by recuperating in a facility and undergoing physiotherapy. Once you’ve recovered your health, you’ll have to deal with the financial consequences of the event. Depending on the facts regarding the collision, you may be entitled to legal compensation for personal injury or damage to property.

After an injury, if you take the proper legal steps by hiring a truck accident lawyer in Racine, you may collect significant compensation. This reimbursement may be able to assist you with covering the losses you’ve suffered. Therefore, it’s critical to analyze your position and make sound judgments that will safeguard your future.

Why Are Semi-Trailer Truck Collisions Different Than Car Accidents?

Before going into the legal elements of truck collisions, it’s crucial to understand how truck accidents vary from other types of automobile accidents. When two cars crash, the energy is equally distributed across both cars. Nevertheless, a significant amount of energy can be transmitted to the roadway, air, and any people involved in the collision. However, the energy transfer can be pretty severe in an automobile collision.

When a car collides with a stationary surface, such as a lamppost or a concrete wall, the energy from the collision is often transmitted straight into the car. Because a well-constructed wall will not shift in a collision, the vehicle’s damage can be severe. What’s worse is that the same energy will affect those inside the car. When automobiles collide with tangible things at speeds as low as 20 miles per hour, many collisions are deadly.

When a small car collides with a giant semi-trailer truck, the accident’s effects are considerably more severe. When a 4,000-pound automobile collides with a truck carrying 70,000 pounds of goods, only about 5% of the energy from the collision is transmitted to the truck. The automobile would take the remaining 95% of the kinetic energy. As a result, the impact would resemble a head-on crash with a stationary object. Consequently, even if a truck approaches a car at a relatively moderate pace, it will still be deadly.

What Injuries Can You Face During a Semi-Trailer Truck Collision?

After a truck collision, people might suffer a variety of injuries. These are determined by the crash’s velocity, the mass of the cars involved, and the crash’s momentum pattern. When an automobile collides with a parked truck, the consequences are similar to a head-on collision with a secured item. When a semi-trailer truck collides with a car, the result is generally more severe.

Since so many vehicles are laden with as much as 70,000 pounds, injuries from a semi-trailer truck colliding with a stopped or slow-moving car are extremely serious. Even professional truckers might take a long time to come to a complete halt on the road if they transport a large quantity of weight. Typical semi-trucks, according to studies, take 600 feet to halt. In many real-world circumstances, though, halting lengths can surpass a third of a mile.

Whiplash is by far the most frequent type of injury suffered by automobile drivers in less serious collisions. Whiplash is a painful condition. As a result, drivers should count themselves fortunate if this is their only condition following a collision. The following are the topmost common injuries sustained in a truck crash:

  • shattered bones
  • Injury to the head
  • internal blood loss
  • fractured rib cage
  • the fracturing of the brain stem
  • harm to the nervous system

It’s also worth remembering that several truck collisions result in fatalities. Truck drivers must get licensing and complete significant training to work. This is because their automobiles have a high potential for causing harm on the road. Despite this, statistics reveal that 3,802 drivers are killed every year in truck crashes. Most of these casualties occur in tiny vehicles, whereas truck drivers are frequently unharmed in collisions.

What Can You Do After a Semi-Trailer Truck Collision?

When a car collision occurs on the road, your wellbeing should always come first. However, a reckless trucker can still be sued by your successors. Even when the other motorist was at fault, you will not get reimbursement for your bodily injury until you are still alive. You will not receive any of that reimbursement, though, unless you take care of your health.

As a result, after a collision, your first action plan should be to notify emergency workers. Ensure that a paramedic is dispatched to the accident scene, regardless of whether you, the passengers, or other motorists were harmed.

You should check your condition as you wait for rescuers to respond. If you are made sure and have checked that you are in decent shape, you may inquire about the other driver’s wellbeing. You are not obligated by law to keep an eye on the other motorist.

Nevertheless, it is generally the correct course of action. Just be cautious with your words. Furthermore, do not accept blame for a collision until you have consulted with a car accident lawyer.

After that, you should try to record as much of the accident site as feasible. To prevent being accused of tampering with evidence, don’t move any proof. However, you should try to capture hundreds of photos of the accident site that you may utilize in your case afterward.

If your smartphone comes with a good camera, you might wish to shoot an HD video of the situation. After the rescuers come, continue the video. Similarly, record conversations with these rescuers on your smartphone. You can defend yourself from false police statements this way.

After a crash, you must contact a vehicle accident lawyer as quickly as possible. After a giant collision, it is common for officers to take several hours to complete their duties. Your skilled car accident lawyer will be able to counsel you on the best course of action to take at the site.

Therefore, you may wish to request that your lawyer attend the accident site. Your attorney can help you figure out what to say to the cops, how to speak with the other motorist, and how to deal with your insurance provider.

When Can You Get Compensation?

When another person is found to be at fault for your collision, you are nearly always entitled to damages. Nevertheless, suppose an official police report indicates that you are at blame. In that case, it is critical to realize that steps can be taken to avoid an at-fault determination from being sustained in court.

Besides, official reports aren’t supposed to be binding on the courts. Your lawyer can assist you in proving in a trial that a crash was caused by the other party’s negligence so that you can get reimbursement.

In most circumstances, if a vehicle driver is injured in a truck collision, they will be entitled to substantial compensation. Because truck drivers are held to higher professionalism than automobile drivers, judges are more likely to rule in their favor after a collision.

Truckers, unlike other drivers, are obliged to complete intensive training. Furthermore, they are expected to recognize that their vehicle’s bigger size makes other drivers more unsafe on the road. As a result, you should always see a car accident lawyer following a car accident to see if you qualify for financial damages.

Why Should You Trust a Serious Injury Law Group?

The lawyers at Serious Injury Law Group can help you with your case. If you have ever thought, “I need a car accident lawyer,” we are here for you. We can also get you the rightful compensation from the parties and help you with car accident back surgery settlement. Our lawyers bring over decades of experience and understand the modern laws related to rideshare car accidents.

Therefore, if you were in a semi-trailer truck collision, you must contact our lawyers immediately for car accident injuries. Our skilled car accident lawyers can help you understand the complexities of your case and help you with accident settlement. Moreover, our car accident lawyers can also help you get your rightful compensation for medical bills. All you have to do is:

  • Contact Our Lawyers;
  • Share the details of your case;
  • Share the car number for the other driver(s) involved;
  • Get an affordable quotation;
  • Hire the lawyers;
  • Get your compensation from the court.

Our accident car lawyer makes sure that all the services are affordable for the victims. Therefore, you can get in touch right now and get the best legal help.

You can win your compensation and get back on your feet in no time. You can avail of our car accident and semi-trailer truck accident services and get help from the best car collision attorneys for truck crashes. We can assist you with any traffic car accident and offer the best car accident lawyer at your fingertips.


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