Introverted and Extroverted Personality Types: What’s The Difference?

We often hear about introverts and extroverts, but what do they really mean? When most people are asked about both personalities, the general answer is that one is outgoing and one isn’t. Although this answer is not wrong, there is more about personalities than their love or dislike for outdoor activities.

But we all can agree that humans are divided into extroverts and introverts but in between both polar opposites is a complex web.

Introversion and Extroversion

Introverts and extroverts occupy both sides of the spectrum and determine how humans use energy during the day. But some people fall in between both points, which is quite fascinating. Researchers believe they at certain times or points in our lives, we gravitate towards one end of the occasion that calls for it. That means an introvert may begin to exhibit extroverted attitudes and vice versa, given the situation.

Who Is An Extrovert?

An extrovert is someone who exhibits the following traits.

Enjoys Group/Social Work

If you enjoy working in a group, you are naturally an extrovert. You will not feel uncomfortable working ins a group with others towards completing a project such as planning a party or working on a school project. You may even be responsible for organizing the group and ensuring that targets are achieved. Extroverts feel energized when involved in group activities.

Loves Adventure

Extroverts love adventure and will jump at the opportunity to try something new. They love the outdoors and don’t mind taking a little risk if there is a need to. They can easily adapt to new situations much quicker than introverts. Another trait they exhibit is impulsiveness. Making decisions on a wimp is one thing they do from time to time rather than think things deeply before taking action.

Verbalizes Ideas

Extroverts also like to verbalize ideas and will talk through problems. They find it easier to solve problems if they can verbalize solutions in their own words after seeking advice and the input of others.

Expresses Emotions

They can express themselves easily since they feel comfortable around people. Extroverts will always find the words to express thoughts so others can understand

Spending time alone is mentally draining: Spending time alone indoors, away from the company of others, is mentally draining for extroverts. Interacting with others recharges their mental state, which is why they like social settings. Spending time alone makes them cranky and tired.

Who Is An Introvert?

If you have an introverted personality, you will exhibit the opposite traits of an extrovert. You will most likely feel socially awkward or shy in the company of others, lack interpersonal skills, and struggle at leading others or organizing group work. But that is not to say that introverts cannot make good leaders.

Here are some character traits of an introverted personality type.

Thinks Before Acting

Introverts take their time before making big decisions. They consider all possible outcomes before moving on with their plans. Rather than emotions, an introvert will prefer to use data instead to make rational decisions.

Avoids Conflict

Introverts avoid conflict if they have to. They will hardly start a conversation with a stranger and don’t like to show emotion in public, making them vulnerable. One reason for conflict avoidance is that they are more sensitive to negative feedback than extroverts and are afraid of criticism.

Likes To Create

They are great creators because of their powerful visual minds. Introverts spend a lot of time in their heads and prefer to live in their heads than in the real world. This is where they work better and come up with amazing ideas. However, they have a hard time sharing their thoughts out loud because they are afraid of negative feedback

Enjoys Listening

Introverts are natural listeners and will pick up details in a conversation that others won’t pick up. They also absorb the energy in a room, which is why they are called the sponges of society. When in a gathering, they settle in the background and soak up the energy and conversation of others.

Prefers ‘Me Time’

They need time alone to recharge mentally. If they stay in the company of others for too long, they feel drained, which is the exact opposite of extroverts who can’t stay alone for too long. Spending time with others can also be mentally rewarding, but they greatly value their alone time.

Pro tip: There are cool tests to find out if you are an introverted or extroverted personality type.


No one has a completely extroverted or Introverted personality, but the closer you are to one side of the spectrum, the more likely you are to exhibit traits synonymous with that personality. If you had a chance to go out or stay indoors without any consequences and you chose to stay indoors, you are more likely introverted, but occasions may arise that may motivate you to go out, which is akin to what an extrovert will do. No personality is bad neither is any better than the other; we are either one or the other.

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