4 Natural Ways to Dissolve Depression

Depression is difficult to deal with. It makes life less enjoyable and can negatively impact your relationships. For example, you may not want to go out with friends, leave your house, handle your bills, or take care of yourself. After a while, you might drift apart from friends and family. Depression can also hurt your ability to hold down a job and attend your college classes to earn your degree.

If you’ve been feeling depressed, you’re not alone. Just over 18% of the U.S. population reported having been diagnosed with depression at some point in their lives. Although it’s common, depression can be treated, and you can feel better.

Sometimes, the recommended treatment is medication, but if you’d rather try natural solutions first, here are some methods to consider.

1. Seek Counseling

Psychotherapy is a proven method for treating depression and has the power to enhance the quality of your life. Seeing a therapist for depression can help make a noticeable improvement in your day-to-day mood and the way you feel overall. Counseling sessions can treat most depressive disorders, and you might not even need to go on medication. If your goal is to keep things natural, this is a benefit.

It’s important to see a counselor who works specifically with depression to ensure you get the best support possible. However, to get help, you don’t need to perform random searches and hope you can find the right person. You can start your search online by viewing profiles of depression counselors on a site like TherapyTribe.

With the convenience of online therapy, you don’t have to worry about leaving your home or traveling out of your comfort zone. You can take your sessions in the privacy of your bedroom; all you’ll need is an internet connection.

2. Eliminate Stressors from your Life

Depression and stress go hand-in-hand. The more stressed out you are, the more likely you are to become depressed. Stress can eat at you until you either have a breakdown or withdraw from the world, causing you to become depressed in the wake.

Whether you’re already depressed or feel it creeping in, it’s time to eliminate as many stressors from your life as possible. Although work stress is at the top of the list, some common sources of stress include:

  • Pressure to perform at a high level
  • Major changes, like moving or changing jobs
  • Worrying about situations you can’t control
  • Overwhelming responsibilities
  • Being targeted by hate or discrimination

If there’s anything you can change about your situation, make that change as fast as possible. If your job is too demanding, start looking for a new place of employment. If someone has placed burdensome responsibilities on you, kindly let them know you can’t meet their needs. You don’t have to sacrifice yourself for other people. If anyone is making you feel like you are the only person who can help them, it’s probably not true.

3. Find your life purpose

Whether you believe we all have an inherent purpose, or it’s up to each individual to create their life’s purpose, one thing is certain: finding your purpose can help you overcome depression.

If you’re depressed because everything feels empty and meaningless, or that life is a burden, then finding your purpose will give life more meaning. When you walk through life knowing what you’re here to accomplish, it has meaning and becomes more enjoyable.

How can you discover your purpose in life? Some people find it through exploring childhood passions they were never allowed to pursue, like playing a musical instrument or a sport. Once you find your true passion, it will be impossible to stay depressed.

Whether you search intentionally or stay open to what comes your way, finding your life’s purpose has a massive potential to unlock more happiness and meaning in your life.

4. Get out of the House with Friends

Sometimes all it takes to shake off a minor bout of depression is to get out of the house and hang out with your friends. Go to the movies, walk around downtown, play pool, eat at your favorite restaurant, or go hiking in the woods. Spending time in nature is one of the most feel-good activities you can do with friends.

Don’t let Depression Keep you Down

Although it may seem like you have no control over your depression, you’ll get leverage by inserting positive influences and activities into your life. Things like self-care, hanging out with friends you care about, avoiding stressors, and seeking counseling will all help you beat depression. It won’t be a quick fix, but the sooner you start, the faster you’ll feel better.

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