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A List of 120 MethStreams Alternatives for Watching Live Sports in 2024

methstreams alternative websites in 2024

MethStreams is a new streaming service that lets you watch all of your favorite sports games for free. UFC streams and boxing streams are both in the works. No matter what kind of sports you like, there are always Methstreams alternative websites where you can watch live games.

Some websites are just for one sport, while others, like Buff Stream, are made to let you stream most sports.

Let’s see how these new things on this website affect the future of Methstreams streaming online.

What is Methstreams?

Methstreams is a streaming site that only shows sports, which is different from other sites on the market. You don’t have to pay a dime to watch live games of your favorite sports on the platform.

Methstreams also has a user-friendly guide that helps people find their way around the site. Even if you have to watch a few ads between streams, it’s worth it to get access to a free site where you can watch sports.

Methstreams could be geo-restricted in some parts of the world, which is something you should know. Copyright and licensing laws control the site, which means that it might not be available in all areas.

With the fastest VPN tool, you can get around these geo-restrictions. VPN will hide your real IP address and give you an IP address from a different part of the world. As a result, you have full access.

How to Sign Up for MethStreams?

This website is great if you like MMA, the NFL, or boxing. People can use this website’s streaming service to watch their favorite sports online. To sign up for MethStreams, all you need is a computer and a way to connect to the internet. Here’s what you need to do to join MethStreams:

  • Click the “Sign Up Now” button on
  • Enter your email address and password in the right places, then click “Sign In.”
  • You will be taken to the MethStreams home page. Click “My Accounts” and then choose “Create New Account.”
  • Put your name and email address in the right places and click “Create Account.” After making an account, you can watch all your favorite sports online.

Features of Methstreams:

Metstreams is a new website that gives you a great way to watch free TV shows and movies online. The site’s interface is also easy to use and has a simple look. On Methstreams, you can find a wide range of TV shows and movies.

The site is always being changed because new content is always being added. You don’t have to pay anything to use Methstream. Advertisements help pay for the site. Methstreams is a great option if you don’t want to pay for streaming services. Crackstreams should be able to offer live TV, sports, and news channels soon.

As of now, they have already added two channels: ABC News and CBS Sports 24/7. Soon, all subscribers will be able to watch these channels for free. Also, over the next few months, the company plans to add many more channels, such as PBS Kids, NBC Sports, CBSN, MSNBC Live, and many others.


Methstreams service is meant to be as complete as possible so that it can compete with services like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO GO. To reach this goal, they plan to add more categories for each type of music. If you’re looking for science fiction, for example, you’ll find it under Sci-Fi movies & fantasy, not just science fiction.

Users can also look for TV shows and movies by title, actor, director, or genre. In addition to these changes, Methstreams plans to add full seasons of TV shows to their catalog. Crackstreams is putting out new features very quickly because there is a lot of competition from similar websites like Netflix.

Sports Categories on Methstreams

Methstreams lets you watch almost every big sports event in the United States in real-time. Still, here is a list of some of the most popular sports events you can watch on Methstreams:


If you like bloody fights, you should check out the boxing category on Meth streams. Here, you can watch the best boxers fight each other to see who will be the next boxing champion. When you are taken to the live stream page for the Meth streams boxing video, you will also see a chat section on the side. It makes you feel like you belong because you can share your happiness and sadness with the other people watching you.

The National Football League (NFL)

The Methstreams NFL category has live streams of all of the most important NFL games. The site even tells you when the NFL games are, so you can be ready to jump into the action as soon as they start. When you click on the Methstreams NFL match link, you go straight to the live stream of the game without having to do anything else. In the Meth streams football section, you can watch NFL games as well as college football games.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

You could also check out the Methstreams MMA category, which is exciting and gets your heart rate up. In this category, you can watch live matches between some of the best UFC fighters. You can also watch Legacy Fighting Alliance (LFA), iKon Fighting Championship (IFC), Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki (KSW), and Xtreme Fight Night (XFN) matches.

Word Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)

WWE is another sport you might like to watch on Methstreams. The platform lets you regularly watch big WWE matches for free that you might not be able to watch anywhere else. This category has everything, including matches with John Cena and The Rock.

National Basketball Association (NBA)

In the United States, it’s not worth paying for a streaming service if it doesn’t let you watch basketball, which is one of the most popular sports. In the Methstreams NBA category, you can watch important NBA games at home, no matter which team is playing.

How to Watch Methstreams on Android?

Methstreams can also be watched on your Android device. You have to follow the steps below:

  • Sign up for a paid Ivacy VPN plan.
  • You can get the Ivacy VPN app for your Android device and install it.
  • Use the credentials you use to log in to your Ivacy VPN deals.
  • Next, link up to a VPN server in the U.S.
  • Now, on your Android, open the Google Chrome browser.
  • Go to the website for Methstreams.
  • Methstreams can now be watched anywhere on Android.

How to Watch Methstreams on iOS?

You could also watch your favorite sports on an iOS device if you wanted to. On the iOS platform, it’s also easy to get to the Methstreams platform from anywhere. Just do what comes next:

  • Sign up for a paid VPN plan from Ivacy.
  • You can get the Ivacy VPN app for your Apple device and install it.
  • Use your username and password for your Ivacy VPN to log in.
  • Then you need to connect to a VPN server in the US.
  • Now, on your iOS device, open the Safari web browser.
  • Go to the website for Methstreams.
  • Anyone with an iOS device can now watch Methstreams from anywhere.

How to Watch Methstreams on Windows?

You can watch Methstreams on Windows from anywhere in the world by going through a simple setup process:

  • Sign up for a paid VPN plan from Ivacy.
  • You can get the Ivacy VPN desktop client for your Windows device by downloading and installing it.
  • Use your username and password for your Ivacy VPN to log in.
  • Now, you need to connect to a VPN server in the US.
  • Next, on your Windows device, open the web browser you want to use.
  • Go to the website for Methstreams.
  • You can now use Windows to watch Methstreams from anywhere.

How to Watch MethStreams on Firestick/Fire TV?

As was already said, you can watch MethStreams on any device that can connect to the internet.

You can visit their URL on any web browser, whether you’re on a Windows PC, a Mac, a tablet, or a phone.

Here are the steps to follow to use the Amazon Fire TV Stick to watch the streaming site MethStreams. Any Fire TV or Android device will work with these steps.

  • Move your mouse pointer over Find in the main menu and click on Search.
  • Put “Silk Browser” in the box. Click on the first choice that shows up.
  • Under “Apps & Games,” click on “Amazon Silk Browser.”
  • Choose Download.
  • Wait a few seconds for the Silk Browser to install, and then click Open.
  • Click the search box and start the Silk Browser.
  • Enter as the URL and click Go.
  • All done! Methstreams lets you watch hundreds of free channels on your Fire Stick or Fire TV.
  • After you get to this sports streaming site, you should connect to a VPN to keep yourself safe online and get around common geo-restrictions.

How Does MethStreams Work?

MethStreams is a new streaming service for mixed martial arts fights that lets fans watch fights live or on demand. The service lets you watch UFC, Bellator, WSOF, and other MMA events in real-time. The service also lets you watch live streaming services of NFL, NBA, and boxing games.

The site for MethStreams is easy to use. Fans can click on the event link for the event they want to watch. The site will take them to the page where they can watch the event live. If the event hasn’t started yet, the website will give you the option to watch it later.

Fans need to sign up for MethStreams in order to watch a fight. There are three ways to sign up for the service: monthly, annually, or for life. A monthly subscription costs $9.99 per month and gives you access to all live and past events.

An annual subscription costs $69.99 and gives you access to all live events, events that have already happened, and events that will happen months after your subscription ends. Lifetime subscriptions cost $999.99 per year and give access to all live events as well as events that happened in the past, are happening now, and will happen in the future.

Top 120 MethStreams Alternative Websites in 2024

You have to go to MethStreams at least once to learn about all the live sports games you can watch there. Some of the most popular sports that you can watch live on MethStreams are mentioned below.

  1. NBA League Pass
  2. ATDHE Streams
  3. SportLemon
  4. VIPBox
  5. Fubo TV
  6. LiveTV .sx
  7. RedStream Sports
  8. BossCast
  9. WatchSportOnline
  10. FirstRowSports
  11. crackstreams .io
  12. sportsurge .app
  13. sportsurge .club
  14. Fotyval .com
  15. Fotyval
  16. Viper play
  17. Oddsshark
  18. myp2p
  19. Streameast
  20. NFLBite
  21. Feed2all
  22. Strikeout
  23. 12thPlayer
  24. Liveonsat
  25. WiziWig
  26. SportP2P
  27. Time4TV
  28. Sport365
  29. CricHD
  30. CricFree
  31. crack-streams .site
  32. crackstreams .city
  33. crackstreams .space
  34. buffstreams .top
  35. thecrackstreams .net
  36. crackstreams .fun
  37. crackstreamm .com
  38. cracknflstreams .com
  39. crackstreams .su
  40. cracknbastreams .com
  41. crackstreams .stream
  42. crackstreams .pw
  43. icrackstreams .com
  44. streamtoday24 .com
  45. nbastream .in
  46. crackstream.blogspot .com
  47. nbastreamstv .us
  48. surumkumas .com
  49. crackstreams .win
  50. crackstreams .art
  51. meetstreams .com
  52. creativegk .com
  53. crackstreamsnfl .net
  54. crackboxingstreams .com
  55. avaunity .com
  56. journalwild .com
  57. volokit .live
  58. crackstreams .wiki
  59. thesportsdaily .live
  60. mma-streams .live
  61. bigsportslive .com
  62. crackstreamslive .co
  63. writingtrend .com
  64. howtolearnseo .com
  65. buffstreams4u .com
  66. crackstreams .to
  67. crackstreams .top
  68. nbastreams .gg
  69. inbastreams .xyz
  70. fightnight101 .com
  71. sportsurge .in
  72. crackstreams .biz
  73. viptvchannel .com
  74. markkystreams .com
  75. edcounsellor .com
  76. crackstreams .fans
  77. buffstreamz .xyz
  78. premionetwork .com
  79. crackstreams .news
  80. mmatd .com
  81. sreurl .com
  82. sportverge .com
  83. crackstreams .app
  84. crackstreams-mma .com
  85. bloginked .com
  86. crackstreamsmma .xyz
  87. acrackstreams .com
  88. buffstreams .club
  89. mmastreams .cc
  90. ufcstreams .net
  91. buffstreams .site
  92. buffstreams .is
  93. jackstream .com
  94. barazaguereza .com
  95. buffstreams1 .net
  96. nflstreams100 .com
  97. givemenflstreams .com
  98. streamlow .com
  99. nflstreamlinks .com
  100. nflstreams .to
  101. crackstreams .watch
  102. Sportas .site

Pros and Cons of Using MethStreams


  • Fans of MMA, the NFL, the NBA, and boxing will find this website very useful.
  • All major events can be watched live on the site for free.
  • Also, you can watch any event from anywhere in the world.
  • You don’t have to be a subscriber to watch the event. Anyone can watch it for free.


Using this website for sports has some serious downsides.

  • First of all, it’s against the law.
  • This means that the government could shut down any streaming services that offer these services.
  • Using these services can also lead to addiction and other health issues.
  • Lastly, the quality of the streams can be bad, which makes it hard to watch them.

When Can I Watch the Events?

Most of the time, MethStreams shows events as soon as they happen to live. Due to licensing agreements, however, some events may not be available for a few hours after they air. Also, some events may only be available for a certain amount of time because of licensing rules.

If you’re looking for an event that isn’t listed on this site, please let us know. Check out our schedule or use the filters below to make your search more specific. You can also use the “What’s On Tonight” widget to see what’s happening on MethStreams in the near future.

Is Using a VPN Service Legal on Methstreams?

Most places in the world allow people to use the fastest VPN services without any problems. This is only true if what you are doing through a VPN service is legal in other ways. After all, a VPN service just gives its users more privacy and security.

Even with all of that in mind, VPN service is still illegal in some places. And if you use a VPN service in those places, you could get into a lot of trouble. Get in touch with a local lawyer to avoid this kind of trouble. If they tell you it’s okay to use a VPN, you can sign up for one and use it to watch sports on Methstreams.

Is Methstreams Safe?

Methstreams is a website that gives links to streams of sports that have been stolen. Copyrighted content can be viewed on the site without the owners’ permission, which is a controversial part of the site. Methstreams is legal because it does not host any content that is protected by intellectual property rights. Still, some people say that the site is against the law because it makes it easier to break copyrights.

Crackstreams, like Crackstreams, has links to illegal streams of movies and TV shows that you can watch online. Even so, crackstreams aren’t as controversial because they just link to streams that are already available to the public on the web.

In other words, Methstreams NFL does not break any copyrights in any way. Instead of giving you access to pirated streams themselves, they give you links to other websites that do. How does Crackedstreams work? Crackedstreams is a website that lets you stream different kinds of media online, like Methstream. However, unlike Methstream, Crackedstreams doesn’t have any restrictions.

You can get the media you want without having to pay for streaming if you can find these cracks in the system and use them right away or at all. If you can’t use them right away or at all, you can still get the media you want without having to pay for streaming.

Why Methstreams has an Average to Good Trust Score?

It looks like is a real and safe website that is not a scam. gets a good review. The positive trust score is based on an automated analysis of 40 different data sources, such as the location of the company, other websites found on the same web server, etc.

Websites with a score of 80% or higher are usually safe to use, and websites with a score of 100% are very safe. Still strongly suggest that you check out each new website where you want to shop or leave your contact information on your own.


MethStreams is a streaming service that lets you watch some of the world’s most popular sports live or whenever you want. With leagues like the NFL, NBA, MMA, and boxing, there are a lot of sports to watch. There is something for everyone on this site. No matter if you like one of these sports or just want to see a good fight. Also, this site has everything you need. So, why don’t you just do it? Sign up now to start watching the sports you like.

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