Memory Foam Beds vs. Latex Foam Beds: Which should I get?

Suppose you’ve done a quick look at your mattress options. In that case, you’ll notice different kinds of mattresses, from spring, air beds, adjustable to foam mattresses. Indeed, the type of bed you purchase should depend on your preferences. If you buy a bed that doesn’t suit you, you might end up regretting your decision. Thus, you must do your research before purchasing a mattress immediately.

The two most popular foam mattresses on the market are memory foam and latex beds. If you’re stuck between memory foam and latex foam, well, you’re not alone! Also, did you know that those who don’t prefer memory foam pick latex foam? Although, what’s the difference between the two of them? This page dwells on memory foam and latex foam to help you make your decision.

Memory Foam


In 1966, a team in NASA developed memory foam to support their staff inside the aircraft. They utilized the foam as a cushion to avoid injuries and ensure their comfort. Today, you can see it everywhere! It’s the go-to mattress for most homeowners.


These mattresses utilize polyurethane foam and added chemicals for their products to have an increased viscosity and density. Of course, memory foam is way denser as compared to regular polyurethane foam. These beds have foam bubbles so that the air can move quickly.


Memory foam can last longer, for up to eight to ten years, as compared to other types of beds. Ensure to invest in a well-known brand and take proper measures to take care of your mattress. You can flip it and rotate it every month to avoid sagging.


The mattress has the term memory due to its quality to remember your body shape and form. You’ll experience a sinking feeling because of its memory ability which is the cause of somewhat hugging your body which is the most popular quality of memory foam.

Don’t worry about it not going back to its original shape. It’s because after taking off pressure and your body’s heat, it will gradually go back to its original form.


  • It’s easy to maintain and wash.
  • It’s responsive to pressure your body’s heat and results in evenly distributing your weight.
  • Memory foams are hypoallergenic; this entails that they can repel mold, dust mites, and other allergens.
  • It has the iconic hugging and cradling effect.
  • It’s perfect for those who sleep on their side and back.
  • It can support one’s shoulder, back, and side.


  • It tends to overheat, which can be uncomfortable, sweaty, and hot for the user.
  • After extended use, memory foam tends to sag.
  • The hugging effect of these mattresses may not be for you.
  • Stomach sleepers may feel uncomfortable and suffocated with these mattresses.
  • You may experience smelling a powerful chemical smell.

Latex Foam


If you’re mindful of your carbon footprint, then latex foam beds may be the best mattresses for you and your partner. It’s known for its durability yet incredible comfort.


Latex foam differs into three types:

  • Natural Latex – These beds are entirely natural. It uses the sap of a tree, and it’s the most durable out of the three latex kinds. Although, those allergic to latex should avoid this.
  • Blended Latex – It combines both natural and synthetic latex properties. This type of latex foam is more affordable and durable as compared to synthetic latex.
  • Synthetic Latex – When trying out this bed, you may be tricked thinking that it’s a natural latex (that’s how well manufacturers do their job). It’s great for those allergic to latex, although it’s less durable than natural latex. Synthetic latex is manufactured through a mixture of chemical properties.


These beds, whether natural or synthetic, are incredibly durable. It can last up to ten to 15 years which is more than the norm! Latex foam beds are indeed an investment.


These beds generally feel comfortable since it offers the perfect amount of cradling effect with added bounce support. It’s also an ideal addition to a couple’s life due to its incredible motion isolation features.


  • It’s incredibly durable! It can last you for 15 years.
  • It can relieve the pressure in your body from a busy day.
  • It’s perfect for individuals with a sensitive nose because it has no chemical smells.
  • It’s eco-friendly, which lessens your carbon footprint!
  • The additives added to the bed make it fire-resistant.
  • Say goodbye to hot and sweaty nights because these beds have good airflow.
  • It’s a great aid to spinal alignment concerns.
  • It’s perfect for couples.
  • Back, stomach, and side sleepers will enjoy this bed.
  • It’s allergen-free, except for individuals who have latex allergies.


  • It can be heavy to move.
  • The chemicals utilized in the making of synthetic latex can be harmful.
  • It’s incredibly costly as compared to other types of mattresses.
  • Some customers report that latex beds can be super firm.


If you prefer your mattress to be durable and last for an extended amount of time, then opt for a latex foam mattress. Or, if you want a bed that’s like a latex foam bed but more affordable, then opt for a memory foam bed. These two beds are alike, but they have pros and cons that significantly impact a shopper’s decision. Decide on what mattress you’re going to purchase by utilizing the information above!


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