Man City Wins the Premier League, Eyeing for a Treble

Manchester City won the Premier League after Arsenal lost 1-0 to Nottingham Forest on the road on Saturday. This brings Pep Guardiola’s team one step closer to a historic treble.

City needs to win just two more games to become the first English team to win the treble since Sir Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United in 1999. The first is the FA Cup final on June 3 against United at Wembley, and the second is the Champions League final against Inter Milan in Istanbul on June 10.

The result means that Arsenal can’t catch City in the race for the Premier League. With just one game left, Mikel Arteta’s team is still four points behind City.

City’s next game is on Sunday at the Etihad Stadium against Chelsea.

Five times in the last six years, the club has won the Premier League. This is their ninth Premier League win, and their seventh since the Abu Dhabi-based City Football Group took over the club in 2008.

Ilkay Gundogan, who is the captain of the club, said that the current title was “very special.”

“Without a doubt, the Premier League is the most difficult and competitive league in the world, so that tells you everything you need to know about how big of a deal this is,” he said.

“This team is so skilled and unique, and it’s been a huge honor to be the captain this season.

“It’s amazing that you’ve won this trophy three years in a row and five times in six years. This quality and stability sums up what Manchester City is all about and makes sure that the club will keep trying to do well in the future.

Erling Haaland, who joined the team in the summer, scored more goals than anyone had ever done before. This helped Pep Guardiola’s team get off to a good start, but after 14 games, when the Premier League took a break for the World Cup in Qatar, City had to settle for second place.

The Premier League also charged City in February for breaking spending rules for nine seasons. There is still the chance of open-ended punishments, such as fines, point reductions, or even relegation. City keeps saying that the claims are false.

When the Premier League started again on December 26 after the World Cup, City showed that they were the best. City also beat Arsenal twice and started an 11-game winning streak that is still going. This helped them win their third straight league title.

Haaland scored 36 goals in one Premier League season, which is a record. He was named the men’s FWA Footballer of the Year.

Since 2008, City has also won the FA Cup twice and the League Cup five times.

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