Lionel Messi Beats Coronavirus in Google Searches

Netizens searched the word of Coronavirus pandemic in Google since the beginning of this year. There is a lot of research on Coronavirus on the internet. The infectious virus is also dominating the search trends in Search Engine giant Google. Only one of them has managed to keep Covid-19 down in the Google search trend. He is Lionel Messi!

Let’s be clear. Lionel Messi informed the club of his decision to leave Barcelona via Burofax on Tuesday night. After that, football fans started to search in Google. “Messi is Living”, “Messi News”, “Messi Barca”, “Soap Opera Messi”, “What Happened to Messi” — these are all searched on Google. The football fans have acted in this way to know the new news of the possible separation of Barca and Messi.

In Spain, the amount of Google search for Messi is the highest. According to Spanish news website, the coronavirus has surpassed Google search rate with Messi till yesterday afternoon (local time). In other words, the rate of searching for the Covid-19 has exceeded the interest of people in Google with Messi.

Since Barca is a Catalan club, Google has the highest search rate in Catalonia region for Messi — twice as much as Coronavirus (70% -30%). This rate is relatively low in Valencia and Galicia — about 50-50 percent and 49-51 percent. The rate was supposed to be higher in Madrid, as Barcelona are Real Madrid’s arch-rivals.

So the best players of the ever-rival team want to leave the club, it is normal to expect the interest in Madrid to peak after this news is published. But it’s wrong. The citizens of Madrid gave more searches (53%) about Coronavirus than Messi.

Messi also beat Coronavirus for a few hours as a global search. This happened after the Argentine star announced his intention to leave Barca. According to, people in some countries have searched for Messi more than Google Coronavirus. The search rate for Messi is higher in Asia than the Covid-19 (novel Coronavirus). Some European countries like Portugal, Turkey, Netherlands, Poland have the same image as Spain. In these countries, the rate of searching for Messi has surpassed that of Coronavirus.

Nigeria is the most advanced in the African countries. There, the Argentine star is ahead in the evidence gap with a comparative search rate with Coronavirus and Messi. In North America this rate is not low at all. But South American statistics will surprise. Compared to Coronavirus, the search rate of Google in this continent with Messi is 61 percent. But people are not interested in his decision to leave Barca in Messi’s country Argentina. Compared to Coronavirus, the search rate for Messi is only 39 percent. And in Messi’s state of Santa Fe, 57 percent of searches are for him, 43 percent for Coronavirus. Many people have also searched on Google to know about Burofax.


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