7 Kitchen Improvements That Boost The Value of Your Home

You can increase the value of your home by nearly 10% by making kitchen renovations. The kitchen is one of the key rooms in a house that can ensure a higher price for your home. But the value increase depends on the renovations you do.  

When you make suitable improvements, the room will give your home an additional appeal. This will fetch it a better price as prospective buyers need not do remodeling work. Here are some important improvements our experts have identified that can boost your home’s value.

Kitchen Worktops

One of the places in the kitchen that is put to work constantly, the worktops tend to worsen with age. If you want to get the best value from your property, making improvements to the worktops is the first step toward getting a better price.  But they are also expensive to replace. Quartz and Granite are the expensive choices for the countertop. 

However, the style and aesthetics they provide cannot be achieved by using a cheaper material like laminate. To make the effect more impactful consider a black sink for your kitchen. The contrast helps to make a statement and increase the value. You can get affordable and quality products online for such sinks making them a definite addition to your home.

Kitchen Island

Having a kitchen island installed provides many benefits. 

  • It adds more counter and storage space.
  • The entire kitchen can appear to be bigger than it is. 
  • Provides additional seating options using dining chairs or bar stools. 

The only downside to this addition is the huge investment you need. Adding or making improvements to the kitchen island place can cost a maximum of £250 up to £2700. The special work done for providing plumbing, wiring, and finishing work can increase the cost.

Cabinet Upgrade

The cabinetry creates the most impact in a kitchen. So making the cabinets look stylish and appealing is vital. But you need not replace the entire cabinetry. Most kitchen cabinets just need improvements in the fixtures or fronts. Changing the drawer glides and hinges can improve functionality.

Upgrading the cabinetry in a kitchen is done in many ways. You can paint them or replace the cabinets.  Using a contemporary color is the least expensive way to improve the appearance. 

Or you can consider replacing the doors of the cabinets rather than replacing the whole cabinetry. The cost of the upgrades, therefore, depends on the improvements you decide upon like the cabinet material you choose, the size, and the scope of the project. 


Adding appropriate lighting fixtures can make a mediocre place look exceptional.  Even with a few additional lights, you can bring a big change to the room. Further, this type of renovation does not cost much when compared to other kitchen remodeling works.

 Lighting fixtures under the cabinets and pot lights to the ceiling are minor changes that alter the entire appearance of the room. Lights can be added over the sink, kitchen island, and countertops. Pendant lights over the kitchen island give a special look to the room.

Increase Storage

The kitchen needs plenty of storage space to accommodate all the pots, pans, and other kitchen items. Having proper space for storing things will make the space clutter-free and pretty to look at. 

Kitchen racks inside cabinets and cupboards can reduce clutter. Drawer dividers help to group similar items and prevent them from piling up. Shelf risers help to use the vertical space and help in easy handling of things kept on them.

Update Kitchen Appliances

Old and dysfunctional kitchen appliances can lower your home’s value. Unreliable appliances can make your time in the kitchen difficult. Although upgrading the appliances may be expensive, they increase the value of your home. 

Dishwashers, stoves, and refrigerators are available at all prices, styles, and quality. Make sure you invest in quality appliances at reasonable prices that give better returns on your investment.

Add New Tiles

Replacing the existing tiles with better-looking tiles is another value-adding renovation. Using tiles that stand apart in their color and pattern will give the kitchen a chic look.  A splashback or a statement-tiled space can change the appearance of the kitchen. 

Matching the tile color to the wall paint is another way to achieve a cohesive and elegant look. Using hardwood floorings like oak or bamboo is another popular choice.  For waterproof flooring, luxury vinyl plank is preferred as it does not warp or damage easily.

Final Thoughts

Making improvements to the kitchen is a prudent investment choice. Regardless of whether you want to sell the home or keep it, the improvements are beneficial. The additions help in making the kitchen more functional and attractive to use. If you are considering selling the place, you can get a higher price after the improvements. The profits you make can be considerable, making the renovations worth it.


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