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Is Fubo Free? Everything You Need to Know About Fubo’s Free Trial

Is Fubo Free

Deciding on a streaming service can be hard. FuboTV offers a one-week free trial, which is rare today. Is Fubo free of cost? This article will show what you get with this offer and how it compares to others.

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What is Fubo?


Fubo is a live TV streaming service, much like cable but online. It focuses on sports networks and features that enhance game day for fans. You can catch NFL RedZone, NBA TV, MLB Network, and more on Fubo.

Plus, it’s not just about sports; it offers over 150 channels, including entertainment and news, to cater to everyone in the family.

With plans starting at $79.99 per month, Fubo makes sure you don’t miss out on any action—whether it’s the final four of March Madness or your favorite show on Paramount+. For those who prefer programming in Spanish, there’s a Latino package too.

Also, smart TVs and devices like Roku or Chromecast turn any room into a mini-stadium or movie theater with Fubo’s live and on-demand content.

Fubo Free Trial: What to Expect

Fubo offers a free trial that lets you test its service. You can watch many channels for a short time and cancel anytime if it’s not for you.

Duration of the trial

You get a seven-day free trial when you sign up with Fubo. This week gives you full access, just like any paying subscriber would. It’s a great way to test everything out without spending a dime.

During this period, you can explore all the features Fubo offers, including live sports events, movies, and TV shows from around the globe. The lookback feature is also available; it lets you catch up on shows that aired in the past 72 hours.

Once the trial ends, your subscription starts, unless you choose to cancel. Cancelling is easy and can be done anytime during the trial week without any fees or penalties.

Can you cancel at any time?

Yes, Fubo lets you cancel your plan at any time. This means that if you don’t want it anymore, you can stop the service without incurring extra costs. It’s good for people who are not sure if they will like it or only need it for a short period of time.

Canceling is easy and doesn’t ask for an Amazon Prime subscription to do so. You just go on their website and follow a few steps to end your subscription. You won’t have to deal with tricky contracts or surprise fees when saying goodbye.

What channels are available during the trial period?

During the trial period, Fubo gives you access to a wide range of channels. You’ll find sports networks like ESPN and NBC Sports, perfect for sports fans who don’t want to miss out on big games.

They also offer ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC for those who enjoy varied content, including news and entertainment shows. For international sports lovers, there’s beIN Sports as well.

Additionally, this period allows you to explore beyond sports. Channels such as Paramount+ and Showtime broaden your viewing options with movies and original series. The lineup aims to satisfy a diverse audience by including options for everyone in the household.

Whether you’re into live sports events or binge-watching TV series, Fubo’s trial has got you covered without any extra cost.

Fubo Subscription Costs: Is Fubo Free?

Fubo lets you choose between paying every month or once a year. Look closer to see which fits your budget and streaming needs best!

Monthly subscription price

After your seven-day free test, the cost for the first month is $60. Then, it goes up to $80 each month. This price lets you watch many channels and enjoy different shows and sports.

There’s a hidden fee too—based on where you live, you might pay an extra $11.99 to $14.99 every month for regional sports networks (RSNs). These are channels that show local sports games.

You can also get more sports channels by adding the Fubo Extra package for just $7.99 monthly. This includes networks like MLB Network and NBA TV, giving sports fans even more options to choose from.

Annual subscription price

For those who love watching loads of TV, Fubo’s Pro bundle might be a good fit. This package costs $80 and comes with over 200 channels, including sports networks like the NHL Network and SEC Network.

Plus, you get 1000 hours of cloud DVR to record all your favorite shows. With this subscription, up to 10 devices can stream at the same time at home.

This price allows you to watch every game or show without worrying about missing anything. It’s designed for viewers who want more from their streaming service—more sports, more shows, and more freedom to watch on multiple screens.

Whether it’s international competitions or college football Saturdays, Fubo has you covered with plenty of options for every type of viewer.

Any hidden costs

Fubo adds a regional sports fee that can catch you off guard. This extra charge ranges from $11.99 to $14.99 each month. It’s not shown upfront, so you might think you’re paying less at first.

While Fubo offers many channels and features, like cloud DVR storage, this hidden fee increases your monthly bill, especially if you love watching local sports networks. Keep this in mind, as it directly affects your total cost beyond the basic subscription price listed on their website or in their ads.

What’s Included in a Fubo Subscription?

A Fubo subscription packs a punch with access to live channels and on-demand shows. You get to record your favorite games with DVR and watch on different gadgets at once.

Channels included

Fubo packs a punch with its channel lineup, offering something for everyone. Sports fans get their fix with ESPN, FOX Sports, and NBC Sports, along regional sports networks. But it’s not just about sports; Fubo also provides a variety of live channels, depending on your plan.

Whether you love dramas, comedies, or news updates, there’s plenty to watch.

Looking for more? Fubo doesn’t stop at the basics. You can beef up your subscription with add-on packages like Paramount+ with SHOWTIME and STARZ or even niche offerings such as MLB.TV and NBA League Pass.

For those who crave extra content, the Fubo Extra package expands your choices even further.

With each plan offering different channels and the option to customize further with add-ons, Fubo ensures viewers have access to a diverse range of programming. From must-watch sporting events to blockbuster movies and everything in between, subscribers can tailor their viewing experience to fit their interests perfectly.

DVR capabilities

With Fubo, you get a cloud DVR that’s like a big digital locker for TV shows and sports. The Pro, Elite, and Premier plans offer you 1,000 hours of space to keep all your favorites.

If you pick the Latino plan, you still get a good deal with 250 hours. This means no missing out on live games or series episodes because there’s plenty of room for everything.

You can also play back these recordings on different devices, from TVs to phones and tablets. Plus, watching four channels at once is easy with Fubo’s split-screen feature. Whether it’s football matches or drama series, everyone in the house gets to watch what they like without fighting over the remote.

This setup is perfect for families or roommates who have varied tastes in TV programs.

The number of simultaneous streams

Fubo lets families and friends watch on multiple devices at once. This is great for households with different tastes in shows and sports. The Pro, Elite, and Premier plans offer up to 10 devices streaming together.

That’s a lot of screens! If you love watching football on NFL Network or basketball on ESPN HD while someone else enjoys movies on Disney+, Fubo has you covered.

The Latino package offers fewer streams but still lets several people watch at the same time. This means even in homes that prefer programs in Spanish, everyone can find something they like without waiting their turn.

Whether it’s catching live feeds on Rai Italia or enjoying family favorites on Disney+, there’s something for everyone.

Comparing Fubo to Other Streaming Services

When looking at Fubo alongside other live stream platforms like Sling TV, Hulu + Live TV, and YouTube TV… differences pop. Each service has its own mix of channels, features like DVR, and the number of devices you can watch on at once—making a choice depends on what you love to watch and how much you’re willing to spend.

Fubo vs. Sling TV

Fubo gives you a lot to watch with 187 channels in its lineup. Sling TV has fewer options, offering just 68 channels. This means Fubo lets you flip through more shows and sports than Sling.

For families or friends who like watching together but on their own screens, Fubo stands out. You can stream on up to 10 devices at once if you pick the right plan.

Cost is a big part of choosing a streaming service. Fubo’s price starts off at $60 for your first month. After that, it bumps up to $80 per month. Sling TV doesn’t climb as high in price, making it an option worth considering for those looking to save money each month.

Each service turns your living room into a cinema or stadium without needing cable—cutting the cord becomes easy and enjoyable! Whether it’s movies, global sports events, or family shows you’re after, both platforms offer plenty—but weigh what’s most important: costs or number of streams and channels?

Fubo vs. Hulu + Live TV

Choosing between Fubo and Hulu + Live TV depends on what you like to watch. Fubo offers 187 channels while Hulu + Live TV has fewer, at 95 channels. This means more variety with Fubo, especially if you love sports or international content.

For those who want a mix of news, entertainment, and sports, Hulu might have enough.

Pricing is key too. The first month on Fubo starts at $60 but jumps to $80 after. Meanwhile, Hulu keeps it simpler – their service begins at $64.99 every month. CBS News Essentials says that for most network shows and sports events, Fubo gives you more for less money compared to Hulu + Live TV.

So your choice could come down to how much you want to spend versus what you want to watch.

Fubo vs. YouTube TV

Fubo offers over 187 channels, beating YouTube TV’s selection. This includes live sports, news, and entertainment channels – a big win for sports fans. With Fubo, users get access to networks like ESPN Desportes and Marquee Sports Network.

That means more games from around the world right on your screen.

On the other hand, YouTube TV has its perks too. It offers unlimited DVR storage space—great for recording shows and watching them later. Both platforms work well on devices like Amazon Fire TV, iPad, and Xbox One.

So it really comes down to what you want to watch. Do you love international sports? Go with Fubo. Prefer binge-watching with plenty of cloud DVR space? Then YouTube TV might be better for you.

Is Fubo Worth the Investment?

Deciding on a streaming service is tough. Fubo stands out for sports fans, especially those who love football. With access to 187 channels including live feeds of local stations and extras like the lookback feature, it’s almost like having cable but cheaper.

CBS News Essentials says it’s a good deal for most network shows and sports. If watching every touchdown matters to you, then yes, subscribing might make sense.

Sports enthusiasts will find Fubo’s Extra package appealing. It adds more sports networks to your lineup allowing you not to miss any important games or races, including March Madness and NASCAR events.

Given these points – extensive channel selection, features enhancing viewing experiences such as DVR capabilities and multiple streams at once – investing in Fubo could be wise if these perks align with what you enjoy watching.


Fubo gives you a one-week peek without charge, letting you dive into the world of sports and more. Yes, it’s not forever free, but this trial lets you explore its rich offer. After that week, picking a plan—Pro, Elite or Premier—depends on what fits your pocket and interests.

With options to watch on several screens at once and a broad selection of channels including ABC and ESPN, Fubo stands out in the crowd of streaming platforms. It’s clear; if sports are your jam or you’re done with traditional TV bills, Fubo could be worth checking out.

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