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Is Bitcoin Anonymous?

A lot of mystery surrounds Bitcoin technology. The creators of this cryptocurrency chose to remain anonymous even after releasing the white paper on Bitcoin technology. They opted for a pseudonymous name, Satoshi Nakamoto, which no one can tell if they are a single individual or a group of people.

When creating Bitcoin, they intended to make it anonymous so governments could not regulate them. Satoshi succeeded in making Bitcoin unregulated by any government or entity. However, they partially succeeded in making it completely anonymous. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies run on a decentralized technology called a blockchain. Digital currencies benefit from functioning without the oversight of governments and other regulatory bodies.

There is a belief that cryptos are generally untraceable, anonymous, and difficult to tamper with, even for the tech-savvy. As a result of the blockchain technology that Bitcoin uses, the process is transparent, and all transaction details are on a public ledger. Public ledgers mean anyone can access them to find the transactions. Although you can access these transactions, you cannot get hold of information on the particular transactors. 

Users can trace activities on the blockchain with the help of tools like Bitcoin explorer. That’s possible by getting hold of bitcoin wallet addresses, but finding the identities linked to those addresses is nearly impossible. Before anyone gets hold of information about the transactors, it takes a process that might be unsuccessful depending on who they are and the level of technology. In the same way, you can trade your Bitcoin without any trace as long as you keep your investment safe from hackers. With Immediate Connect, you can make an untraceable investment and go beyond all the rules with bank investments.

The Anonymity of Bitcoin

It is only possible for some people to find out your information, like your name, after transacting Bitcoin with other forms of currency. To find the blockchain transactions, you can only do it through a public key comprising a string of alphanumeric. Although the public can view your transaction in the general ledger, they cannot identify your real identity through the public key.

When Satoshi presented Bitcoin to the world, they introduced it as an anonymous product that does not require exposing your information when transacting. While that’s partially true, it is hard to find personal information when sending Bitcoin from one user to another. But when transacting Bitcoin with traditional forms of currency, the users’ information is identifiable as it involves transferring from a decentralized exchange to a centralized one that is regulated.

Due to the assumed anonymity of Bitcoin, some users have used it to engage in crime and fraud-related transactions. However, to confirm that Bitcoin is not entirely anonymous, the FBI has tracked some crime-related Bitcoin transactions and gotten hold of the culprits. In most recent reports, the FBI seized millions worth of Bitcoin due to involvement in the fraud. The scheme targeted the elderly, but the FBI got ahead of it.

Regarding such criminal activities, security agencies like the FBI have a way to trace and get hold of all information relating to those involved in fraudulent activities to arrest the matter and take action. Otherwise, apart from such incidences involving personal information exposure due to fraudulent activities, it is not always the case regarding Bitcoin activities. In most instances, the regulatory bodies can only tell a little about people transacting on the decentralized exchanges. But when it involves criminal activity, the FBI gets hold of the information after lengthy investigations.

However, unlike banks, where it is easy to acquire statements and information of all transactors, the Bitcoin process comes with some anonymity, as that’s how Satoshi wanted it.

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