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Essential Smitesource Guide to Dominating the Battleground of the Gods


If you’re a fan of Smite, the third-person multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game that pits gods and mythical figures against one another, you might be interested in SmiteSource. This platform is the go-to resource for players looking to enhance their gameplay. Whether you’re a beginner trying to find your footing in the arena or a seasoned player aiming to refine your strategies, SmiteSource offers a wealth of information tailored to your needs.

As you delve into SmiteSource, you’ll find comprehensive build guides for different characters, which can be crucial in gaining an edge over your opponents. What relics should Morgan Le Fay equip for optimal performance in the mid-lane? SmiteSource presents information like this in an approachable format, allowing you to focus on elevating your in-game skills. It prides itself on being the number one website to get better at Smite, according to the snippet from their website, showing strong community support through figures like Weak3n, a known name in the Smite scene.

Remember, SmiteSource is an independent entity, not officially affiliated with Hi-Rez Studios, the developer of Smite, or any of its subsidiaries. This independence means that the insight offered comes from a community perspective, often leading to diverse strategies and viewpoints that can enrich your gameplay experience. Whether you need to finalize your character’s build or you’re just starting out and need guidance, SmiteSource has become a reliable companion for many Smite players.

History of Smite

You may wonder how Smite began its journey in the gaming world. This section will explore the title’s early days, focusing on how it turned into the popular MOBA it is today.

Origins of Smite

Smite originated as a creative take on the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) genre. In 2014, Hi-Rez Studios created and released it. Unlike traditional top-down MOBA games, Smite introduced a third-person perspective, bringing players closer to the action. With this fresh angle, you control mythological gods and deities right from the heart of combat.

By employing a third-person view, Smite sets itself apart from other games in the genre, offering a more immersive and direct gameplay experience. This unique approach allowed you to experience battles as if you were a god yourself, with all the power and might that entails.

In Smite, you’re not just playing a game; you’re stepping into a richly woven world full of myths and legends. With every match, you engage in epic struggles, unleashing the powerful abilities of gods drawn from various pantheons, from Norse to Egyptian mythology.

SmiteSource: Gameplay Mechanics

[Video Credits @Inbowned]

In the strategic universe of SMITE, understanding gameplay mechanics is crucial for climbing the ranks and achieving victory. Key elements such as objectives, character roles, and gear significantly influence your path to success.

Objectives and Goals

Your primary goal in SMITE is to defeat the enemy team’s Titan, a mission that requires a thoughtful approach to in-game objectives. Securing these objectives offers substantial advantages:

  • Gold Fury: Grants gold to your team.
  • Fire Giant: Provides a powerful buff, enhancing damage and defense.
  • Towers and Phoenixes: Playing a pivotal role as defensive structures, they must be destroyed to reach the enemy base.

Character Roles


Each character in SMITE has a role that dictates their function in battle. Knowing your role is essential.

  • Assassin: You excel in powerful, focused attacks to eliminate key targets.
  • Mage: With spells at your disposal, you deal devastating area damage.
  • Hunter: You focus on continued damage over time from a distance.
  • Warrior: As a frontline combatant, you balance offense and defense.
  • Guardian: Your priority is to protect teammates and control the battlefield.

Items and Equipment

Selecting the right items reinforces your character’s strengths and counters the enemy team. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Starting Items: Items like potions and buffs kick off the match.
  • Core Items: Central to your build, enhancing your role-specific attributes.
  • Defensive Items: These increase survivability against particular threats.
  • Offensive Items: Boost your ability to deal damage according to your playstyle.

Understanding and effectively utilizing SMITE’s gameplay mechanics can be a game-changer. Are you ready to forge your path to victory?

Competitive Scene

The competitive scene in Smite is robust, offering a platform for players to showcase their strategic prowess and reflexes. Whether you’re an aspiring competitor or an avid fan, understanding the structure of Smite’s professional landscape is essential.

Tournaments and Championships

Smite features a range of tournaments and championships that keep the competitive landscape dynamic and exciting. These events are the culmination of skill, teamwork, and intense strategy.

  • Smite World Championship (SWC): The pinnacle event of the year for professional Smite teams, known for its substantial prize pool and global participation.
  • Smite Pro League (SPL): A professional league where teams go head-to-head in seasonal play, leading up to the SWC.

Professional Teams

In the realm of Smite, several professional teams stand out for their consistent performances:

  • Team Rival
  • eUnited
  • Spacestation Gaming

Each team comprises top-tier players who regularly compete in SPL and other major Smite tournaments, often setting the standard for gameplay and strategy.

Notable Players

Notable players in the Smite competitive scene are often recognized for their exemplary skills and contributions to the game.

  • Barraccudda: A seasoned hunter known for his strategic play and team leadership.
  • Fineokay: A talented solo laner with a record of strong performances and tactical knowledge.

These individuals, among others, have helped shape the competitive landscape of Smite, and their strategies can often be reflected in the builds and gameplay featured on SmiteSource.

Community and Culture

In the realm of Smite, community and culture are pivotal, shaping both the game’s engagement and player collaboration.


Are you feeling the pulse of the Smite community? The game’s fandom extends beyond mere gameplay; it’s a culture in itself. Here you find passionate discussions about favorite gods, strategies, and, of course, builds. With, you have a hub that taps into this fervor, offering build guides and discussions led by experts like Weak3n. This is where new players and veterans alike converge, sharing their experiences and insights to enhance their collective gameplay.

Online Communities

What role do you play in Smite’s online communities? Whether you’re an active participant or a lurker, the digital agora of forums, social media groups, and websites like is where Smite’s strategic metagame evolves. You’ll find that logging in to such platforms not only keeps you informed on the latest builds but also connects you to a broader community, ready to assist and collaborate in mastering Smite. The shared knowledge and camaraderie found here are the bedrock of the game’s online presence.

Strategies and Guides


Are you ready to master Smite? SmiteSource is your go-to platform for diving into the strategic depth of this popular game. Where do you begin with such a complex and ever-evolving battle arena?

First, familiarize yourself with the basic gameplay. Understand your role in the team, whether it’s dealing damage, supporting allies, or disrupting the enemy’s plans, and tailor your strategies accordingly.

Next, God selection is crucial. Here’s a simplified list:

  • Damage Dealers: Masters of destruction, crucial for a team’s offensive force.
  • Tanks: Bulwarks on the battlefield that protect and initiate fights.
  • Supports: Lifelines for allies, offering heals and buffs to turn the tide of battle.

Each god you choose comes with a unique set of abilities and requires a specific build. SmiteSource offers updated builds and item suggestions to ensure you’re always battle-ready.

But what items should you prioritize?

Item Category Purpose
Offense To increase your damage output.
Defense To resist incoming attacks.
Utility To gain strategic advantages.

To excel, you must adapt your item choices based on your opponents in the game. SmiteSource provides guidance on this front, suggesting items that counter your adversaries effectively.

Remember to keep an eye on the map, maintain vision control, and communicate with your teammates. Each victory brings more experience, making you an even more formidable force in the arena.

By utilizing the detailed guides and strategies on SmiteSource, your gameplay will not just improve; it’ll thrive. Are you ready to join the ranks of the Smite elite?

Updates and Patch Notes

Are you keeping up with the latest developments in Smite? Recent updates from have brought some exciting changes to the game. With each update, you’ll find detailed patch notes that provide insights into new gods, item builds, and skins.

As of the 10.11 update, players were introduced to Maman Brigitte, a new deity entering the Smite battleground. Alongside this release, offered players in-depth looks at recommended builds, particularly for characters like Arachne and Ao Kuang. Knowing the best items for these gods can significantly enhance your gameplay.

Notable Updates:

  • Maman Brigitte: A new god added to the roster.
  • Arachne Jungle Build: Featuring relics and final build items, updated on 2023-11-19.
  • Ao Kuang Core Build: A Guide to the Dragon King’s Mightiest Setup.

Additional skins also grabbed the spotlight, with the RuneScape crossover introducing unique looks such as:

  • Sandwich Lady Amaterasu
  • General Graardor Ymir
  • Black Plate Bellona

Where do you find these details? They’re listed clearly under each patch note on, ensuring that you’re poised to take advantage of the freshest strategies.

To keep you in the loop, remember to check out the official SMITE Wiki, which provides a list of all patch notes by season—a valuable archive for anyone looking to understand the game’s evolution.

Are you excited about what SmiteSource has in store with the upcoming updates? Stay tuned and stay informed with accurate and concise information to elevate your Smite experience.

Monetization and In-Game Purchases

Have you ever wondered how Smite, the popular third-person multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, generates revenue? Monetization in Smite largely comes through a model familiar to many gamers: in-game purchases. These transactions offer a wealth of options to personalize and enhance your gaming experience.

Item Type Purpose Availability
Skins Customize the appearance of gods Direct Purchase/Events
Voice Packs Alter the voice lines of gods Direct Purchase
Boosters Increase earned experience and currencies Direct Purchase
Season Pass / Battle Pass Unlock premium rewards over a game season Purchase with Gems

Are you looking to stand out on the Smite battlegrounds? Perhaps a fresh skin for your favorite deity? Skins and voice packs not only change aesthetics but can also provide a fresh twist to in-game communications. Boosters, on the other hand, are a shortcut to earning experience and in-game currencies, helping you progress faster.

Furthermore, the Season Pass or Battle Pass can be a game-changer for regular players. By purchasing these, you’re rewarded systemically for your achievements throughout the season.

Why do these in-game purchase options work so well for Smite? They ensure that while the base game remains free-to-play, dedicated players have the chance to tailor their play experience, distinguishing themselves from the crowd without affecting game balance.

Remember that monetary transactions are a personal choice and should enhance your enjoyment—after all, that’s what gaming is all about. The in-game store in Smite makes these purchases straightforward. Whether for aesthetic pleasure or progression, in-game purchases facilitate a more individual gaming experience. How will you choose to enhance your Smite journey?

Future of Smite

As Smite continues to evolve, new and exciting updates are a testament to its enduring popularity and competitive scene.

Planned Updates and Features

Smite, the renowned third-person multiplayer online battle arena game, stands on the precipice of exciting developments. Anticipation builds with the mention of Smite 2, heralding a new era for this gaming titan. What specific updates and features can you expect in the near future?

  • Game Modes: Enhanced and potentially new game modes to refresh the gameplay experience.
  • Character Roster: Expansion of the deity pantheon with new gods, each equipped with unique abilities.
  • Visual Enhancements: Upgraded graphics for a more immersive environment.
  • Playability: improved game mechanics for a smoother in-game experience.

Remember, with Smite’s consistent updates and the buzz about Smite 2, the future looks promising. Are you prepared to dive into the next chapter of divine warfare?


SmiteSource stands as a dedicated third-party resource for Smite players seeking to enhance their gaming experience. With comprehensive build guides and strategies, you gain access to crucial in-game knowledge that could be pivotal in securing victory.

By integrating the instructions from SmiteSource into your gameplay, you can expect improvements in both your tactical approach and individual skill level. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, the tools and insights offered can provide a clear advantage on the battleground of the gods.

Why consider using SmiteSource? To sharpen your skills and deepen your understanding of Smite’s mechanics without the necessity of downloading a formal client. SmiteSource offers you an opportunity to play more efficiently and with greater strategic foresight.

In conclusion, if your goal is to progress in Smite and gain a competitive edge, then making use of SmiteSource can be a valuable step in your gaming journey.

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