How to Write A Philosophy Essay?

Students face significant challenges when answering philosophy questions. This is due to the complexity of answering questions in this discipline. Answering questions in this discipline is not as simple as it seems as questions are not straight-forward. In this article, a renowned experienced philosophy essay writing service explains how to answer questions in this discipline.

Before Starting to Write

Before writing the essay, the student needs to go through all the relevant class notes to ensure they have all the concepts at their fingertips. Additionally, the student needs to ensure that they understand the question they are answering perfectly. When the student misinterprets the question, he/she is likely to provide wrong answers to the question.

Writing The Actual Philosophy paper

The student should give answers that are precise to the question asked. In doing this, they need to avoid deviating from the question or giving answers that are too general. Additionally, students need to ensure that their answers are complete. In the event that the question has various parts, students need to match their answers to the corresponding parts. Furthermore, students need to avoid digressing from the main topic asked. It has been observed that sometimes students tend to write more about subtopics in an essay at the expense of the main topic. Therefore, it is important that the student answers the question.

In most cases, the philosophy question requires that a student answers the question by giving an exposition and an evaluation of the argument. When writing an exposition, the students need to give a detailed and clear explanation of the topic under scrutiny. In the evaluation part, the student is expected to give their own views about the topic. Here, the examiner wants to know whether the student agrees or disagrees with the question statement. However, this part needs to be detailed as the student analyses how the philosopher arrived at the philosophy under scrutiny. In the analysis, the student should consider the premises that the philosopher gives when arriving at his/her conclusion. The student then identifies possible weaknesses in the premises of the philosopher. Finally, the student counters his/her objections to rational reasoning.

As the student writes their essay, it is important that they understand their target audience. The audience is an intelligent lecturer who has an interest in philosophy but has not read about the particular philosophy you are writing about. When writing your essay, the student needs to clearly define all the technical terms and vocabulary relevant to the subject under study. Vocabulary that is relevant to the topic being studied needs to be considered. The student should not be afraid of using a certain keyword multiple times in the essay. There is a tendency by students to use synonyms of the keyword. This has the danger of distorting the intended meaning of the essay. Students should not be afraid of using the same word several times.

Students need to avoid using direct quotations when answering questions. A direct quote is simply using another person’s thoughts to answer a question. It is not possible to use the thoughts of another person to answer a question. Students should therefore use their own words. Even if they quote someone else, this should not be the main argument of their answer. However, it is important to reference your citations properly. Students need to acknowledge all the sources of the materials and ideas they use in the essay that are not originally theirs.

The student should only stop writing once they have depleted their ideas. The word count should not determine if the student should stop writing. This is because students are at liberty to stretch their essays beyond the required word count. In the event that the essay falls significantly below the required word count, the student should know that there are several ideas that are yet to be considered for perfect development. At this point, the student is likely to come up with an essay that is too long. Upon completion, however, the student is advised to go back and remove paragraphs that are not necessary. Finally, students should avoid writing their essays in one sitting. Students are advised to write one section then rest to recollect their ideas and then continue to the next session. This will ensure that the student considers all their ideas and write a good paper.

How to write an introduction

In this section, the student is expected to briefly state the thesis question and briefly explain what will be discussed in the essay. The opening statement should be creatively done with the student avoiding statements that are too general. The student needs to differentiate between telling the reader what the essay is about and what they will argue about. What one argues about should not feature in the introduction rather what the essay is about. There are instances when a student may be able to write a good introduction only after writing the main body of the essay.

How to write a conclusion?

This is simply a summary of your ideas but students should avoid summarizing all their ideas. While concluding, the student should avoid statements that predict continued debate on the topic or statements that do not clearly give the position of the student on the topic. A good conclusion needs to appreciate that not all the issues about the topic have been addressed but that there are still issues not discussed in the essay. In writing your conclusion, the student should avoid making claims or statements that are nit captured in the essay. In doing this, the students avoid making exaggerated claims in order to achieve fantastic conclusions that are untrue.

  • Grades

It is a known truth that there is no correlation between the amount of time a student spends writing an essay with the marks they are awarded. This is to say that there is no guarantee of the student attaining high grades simply because they spent a lot of time on the essay. There are students who may spend less time on an essay and yet score more marks than their counterparts who spend a lot of time on the same essay. Therefore, the most important factor is precision and accuracy. By this, the school looks out for what the student actually said and not what they intended to say.

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