How to Tell Your Partner About Your Sex Doll

How would you tell your girlfriend about your sex doll? This question has caused problems for many people. The fear of the reaction their partners might give when they find out prevents them from opening up.

Some people keep their sex doll in hiding for a long time with the hope of finding the right time to tell their partner about it, which might not happen until the partner finds out on their own. In some cases, when the partner finds out about the sex doll, it might ruin the relationship. That is if they don’t like it, while others might laugh it off.

It is paramount to be transparent with your partner about having a sex doll to prevent future conflicts. Nowadays, more and more people accept the reality of having sex dolls, but we cannot be too sure whether our partner would like it or not, so it is better to tell her indirectly and play some tricks.

  • How to tell your partner?

Have a sense of humor around it to test if your girlfriend can accept it or not? One of the best ways to know if your girlfriend will accept having a custom sex doll is to ask about her opinion on sex dolls. Tell a joke about it, like “Hey Love. I found a sex doll at my friend’s house, it was beautiful, do you mind me getting one?” watch her reaction. It will give you a hint on how she will eventually react if she finds out you have one. Now, if her mood changes and she gets angered, let it be foremost in your mind that she must never find out that you have always had a sex doll in your possession. You can also ask hilarious questions with the sole intention of knowing how she feels about love dolls.

Maybe you can show the silicone sex doll head (visit here to see more about sex doll heads) to your girlfriend first and to see if she can accept it or not,then tell her it is from a sex doll if you girlfriend can accept the sex doll head.

  • Be a conventional person and make the sex doll a big story.

In the case where your partner finds out about your love doll, and she doesn’t like it. Do not panic, act normal, and make up a big story. You can tell her you got it for a friend who is currently not around, and so you are just waiting for his arrival to deliver it to him.

Handling situations carefully and calmly is very salient in preventing conflicts and dispersion of a relationship that might have ended up being meaningful.  

  • Make it as a companion or an Artwork.

One of the best ways to tell your partner about your sex doll is to let her know you have it as an artwork. Lots of people pay large sums to get Artwork. Artworks do appreciate over time because they become invaluable as they tend to move into extinction.

So many commodities we have in this present time will be no more in the nearest future, and as these commodities become less in availability, they become more expensive. This result in an auction where the individual willing to bid the highest get the commodity  

  • Tell a lie smartly.

You can tell a lie to save your relationship if you still want to keep your girlfriend. A lie like “A friend gave me as a joke” will do a lot in saving your relationship. Compatibility in relationships is very salient. If an individual is comfortable and happy around his partner, telling a lie to keep the relationship is not a bad idea because for that individual, getting a new partner he is compatible with after losing his present partner might take ages.

  • Don’t overthink about it.

Overthinking about the love doll is not advisable. It could raise suspicions and might lead to one’s partner asking questions that will make you uncomfortable. Having controlled emotions can take an individual a long way on his journey of acquiring a love doll. It keeps the relationship in check and subsequently builds the trust of his partner.   

  • Find the best chance to tell your girlfriend.

Telling one’s partner about their sex doll is very crucial. A person who has a sex doll in his possession must find the right time to tell his partner because sooner or later, the partner will discover it. Telling your partner when she is in a happy mood might help. To make it work, the person could get his partner a nice gift while coming back home from work, prepare her favorite dish to make her happy before talking about the sex doll. Now, this goes a long way in saving the individual’s relationship.

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