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How to Survive Your First Winter in the Windy City?

Chicago is a dream come true for so many reasons.  From the massive art scene to the incredible food, fantastic people, and great culture, there’s much to fall in love with here.  Unfortunately, winter isn’t as beautiful.

If you’re getting ready to spend your first winter in the Windy City and aren’t sure what to do: these are the top tips to keep in mind! 

Get a Great Coat and Mittens

A good coat is a must!  For many Chicago natives, that means a good puffer coat.  These are well-insulated and create a bubble of air around your torso to keep all of your warmth trapped.  Although they may make you look thicker, it’s worth it to be warm and comfortable regardless of the temperatures outside.

You may think you need gloves, but mittens are a better choice.  Mittens are warmer, easier to put on and take off and allow you to fit hand warmers in them extremely easily.  This means you won’t have to deal with frozen digits while trying to navigate the city!

Know How to Safely Heat Your Apartment?

Most apartments for rent in Chicago have heating, but if you want to be even warmer, it’s important to do it intelligently.  If you notice your heating isn’t working, the last thing you want to do is open your oven or start a grill inside.  These are deadly ideas that can and do, kill people. 

Instead, invest in a space heater, or consider creating a make-shift one with safe materials.  Although these can be pricey in the short term, you can use them for as long as they function and they don’t put your life at risk.

Look Into Indoor Gyms and Activities

It’s tempting to give up physical activity in the winter, but it’s important that you avoid doing that!  Keeping active is one of the best ways to fight off the symptoms of seasonal depression and the winter weight that comes with it.

Look at indoor gyms in your area and any activities or groups that you can join that are indoors or warm enough for you to feel comfortable.  This way, even if your apartment’s heating isn’t great, you still have toasty activities you can look forward to.  

Invest in Rechargeable Hand and Toe Warmers

Hand and toe warmers are going to be your best friend.  These awesome devices apply localized heat to your body’s extremities and keep you going through even the coldest of days.  Rechargeable ones will save you a lot of money in the long run and give you a chance to always have the heat on hand when you need it!

These are always great gifts to give someone if they’re new to the area! 

Chicago is Still A Dream When It’s Chilly

Even though Chicago can get pretty cold, it’s still a one-of-a-kind city with no real competition.  If you’re facing your first winter here, enjoy it!  The cold may seem like a lot at first, but once you get used to it, this can make the city a lot of fun.

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