How to Disable YouTube Shorts in 9 Easy Steps

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This article is all about how to disable YouTube shorts. If you use YouTube often, you may have noticed that YouTube Shorts are getting more and more important on the site. This new video style like TikTok or Instagram Reels is getting more and more popular on YouTube, which not all users like. There is a quick and easy way to hide YouTube Shorts so they don’t show up on the video streaming site.

The “Shorts” section of YouTube was specifically designed for the continued popularity of short videos. Since YouTube Shorts can be viewed multiple times, the purpose of these videos is to convey a consistent message to the viewer. Keep in mind that the video’s aspect ratio will be the same as on vertically held mobile devices.

youtube shorts

Despite the fact that shorter videos are becoming more common in the video streaming industry, there are still millions of users who aren’t interested in watching them. This is especially true on sites like YouTube, where shorter videos coexist with longer, more traditional videos that have a horizontal orientation.

Disabling Youtube Shorts is an option for those who prefer the web-based version of the service and wish to avoid being exposed to the content. On the other hand, the YouTube app for iOS and Android organizes all of its short videos into a dedicated “Shorts” tab.

That being said, we will show you how to disable YouTube Shorts in the Web version of the platform in detail below:

How to Disable YouTube Shorts?

1. The first step is to download and install the “Enhancer for YouTube” browser add-on.

enhancer for youtube
Enhancer for YouTube

2. You must go to YouTube after you have downloaded and installed the extension/complement in your Web browser.

3. Proceed to view any video you want.

4. You must now click on the new gear-shaped icon shown at the bottom of the video.

5. This will open a new browser tab with a new web page.

6. On this website, you must scroll down to find the following section: Appearance

7. You must check the option box under this section: Shorts should be hidden.

8. You can now close the tab and navigate back to

9. Restart YouTube in your browser to see how the Shorts disappear from your YouTube Wall/Feed.

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Final Words

While there is no direct way to disable YouTube shorts completely, there are a few ways to reduce their visibility in your YouTube app. All viable options include using the “Not Interested” and “Don’t Recommend Channel” features, adjusting your YouTube settings, and using a third-party YouTube client.

However, keep in mind that YouTube shorts are a popular feature that will almost certainly continue to be promoted on the platform. You may customize your YouTube experience to your interests and enjoy more of the video you enjoy by using these strategies.

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