Do You Really Know How to Choose Your Shirt?

Today, the shirt is an essential piece of clothing for every man. To buy less and better, there are a few rules and tips to know. This program is available.

Tips on choosing your size for shirts

  • A cheap best friends shirts quality can be checked by checking the following points:
  • Where to get each of the different brands (quality to price ratio)
  • The choice of shirt size and shape (morphology and cut)?

In its size, it is first and foremost a shirt that corresponds to its morphology. When your shoulders are like those of a wrestler, or your stomach is a bit prominent, do not wear a “slim fit” shirt.

Close your shirt’s buttons and check that you have done the following:

It should be neither too big nor too small on you, because the seam hugs your prominent shoulder bone correctly.

You should not fold the pecs excessively.

If you have excess tissue in the armpits, this can quickly cause a “parachute” effect.

If the folds at the seams and at the buttonhole (and buttons) are too great, then your shirt is too small and the fabric is too tight. Upsize your clothes!

Tips for buying the right size shirt

Put your fist between the bottom of the shirt and your body. When the fabric is loose and there are no tension folds, the shirt is too large.

1. Tips for dressing well

You should wear a shirt that can be tucked into pants if you are wearing a suit. If you are wearing a casual or relaxed outfit, the shirt should be shorter.

A blazer should have sleeves that reach just past the wrist bone and protrude a few inches when walking.

A shirt’s quality can be checked by checking the following details:

If you are in front of a branded shirt and have never seen one before, neither from Eve nor Adam (I love apples), you can determine if it is of good quality in a few seconds.

A shirt with well finished seams will enhance the cut of it.

However, if they fray, or if they are not tight enough, it will be a sign of poor quality, the constraints of everyday life will remind you that it is preferable that the pieces of fabric are firmly linked together if you count them. Keep a moment.

2)  Collars need to be rigid.

The shirt will look good and you can wear a blazer without looking like you left it in the washing machine. If you are wearing a casual shirt, it is less important; it is not a problem if your collar is more flexible because we do not seek the same presence.

3) The fabric should be soft to the touch.

You may not know at first how to distinguish between a quality fabric with a pretty cotton of vlone hoodie authentic that reflects light well and another, less qualitative (if you only frequent mainstream ready-to-wear stores).

To experience the quality of materials used for a mid-high-end shirt, I encourage you to visit which are obviously more expensive (and sometimes out of your budget). When you touch the material of a low-end shirt, you will immediately notice the difference.

4) Fabrics that wrinkle easily should be avoided.

Just imagine what it will look like after a day at work if the shirt is already crumpled on the hanger! Therefore, you should stay away from poplin shirts (if possible). You will breathe better in natural materials than synthetic ones.

Squeeze a sleeve in your hand and see if any creases appear immediately. As a result, you will quickly learn what ratio to use for ironing and porting.

5) The color scheme.

By strolling through good quality stores, your eye will be accustomed to recognizing beautiful materials and shades that are deeper and more resistant to washing than in the Classic PAP. Obviously, there are several budgets for the purchase of a shirt.

Rather than paying attention to the quality of the product, they spend very large amounts on marketing and communication in order to maintain their brand image.

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