Growing Cannabis Outdoors

Growing cannabis outdoors is the recommended method for growers who want to plant cannabis for the first time without investing too much money into it. It is much cheaper to grow your cannabis plants outdoors as you do not have to invest in the equipment that is needed to run an indoor cannabis garden. Growing cannabis outdoors can be very easy, especially if you purchase outdoor cannabis seeds that are perfectly suitable for outdoor growing. But keep in mind that you will be at the mercy of the weather. You will also be limited to only the strains that can survive in your climate. 

Despite the relative ease of growing cannabis plants outdoors, there are quite a few preparations you have to make to ensure that you have a successful and bountiful harvest. 

Pros and Cons of Growing Cannabis outdoors

As expected, growing cannabis outdoors has both good and bad sides. However, before you make up your mind, here are the pros and cons of growing cannabis outdoors:


  • Growing cannabis plants outdoors requires less of an investment than growing them indoors. This is because outdoor growth does not require you to purchase equipment such as lights, dehumidifiers, and fans which are needed for indoor growth. Your plants get their light from the sun, which is free. Airflow and humidity are also controlled by the climate and you do not have to pay for these. 
  • Outdoor cannabis plants can be allowed to grow as big as they want as there is no vertical space limit. This will allow an outdoor cannabis farmer to reap a bigger harvest than an indoor one. 
  • Growing cannabis outdoors is much easier and less complicated than indoor growth as you do not have to control a lot of factors. The amount of input required by the grower is very little. 


  • Having your cannabis plants growing outdoors means your neighbors can see what you grow. This may make you uncomfortable if you have snoopy, judgemental neighbors. 
  • Your plants are at the mercy of the elements and you have no control over the amount of light, rainfall, etc that they receive. 
  • Cannabis plants grown outdoors are also more accessible to thieves and you may end up losing some or even all of your harvest to thieves. 

Factors to Consider When Growing Cannabis Plants Outdoors

Before you sow your first cannabis seed outdoors, here are important factors to consider:

  • Climate

One of the first things to consider when you want to start up an outdoor cannabis garden is your climate. This will determine what strains of outdoor cannabis seeds you will have to purchase as well as when you will have to plant and harvest. It will be in your best interests to seek more information from more experienced cannabis growers in your area. 

  • Choose a grow area

Your choice of location for your outdoor weed garden can be anything from a terrace to a rooftop or a yard. Whatever location you choose should however have access to at least 6 hours of direct sunlight every day. You should also try to choose a place with constant airflow as this will be good for your plants. If you experience strong winds in your area, you will have to grow your plants next to a windbreak to prevent them from being uprooted by the wind. You should also consider the security and accessibility of your space. Some states require your cannabis plants to be concealed from street view. 

  • Soil

You can choose to either grow your plants directly in the ground or use pots. Whichever of these methods you choose, it is important that you plant your seeds in good, nutrient-rich soil. Loamy soil is the best soil for planting as it contains smash, silt, and clay in the appropriate proportions. It also drains well, so your plants do not have too much or too little water. Good soil will also contain adequate organic matter and nutrients. You can add supplements to your soil to ensure that your plants have all of the nutrients they need to grow properly. Slightly acidic soil with a pH of between 5.5 and 6.5 is best for planting. 

Growing plants in pots give you greater control over the quality of the soil as well as control over weeds. Pots can however restrict the growth of the plant roots, especially if they are too small which is not good for your plants. They can also increase the height of your plants, making them taller than you’re allowed to grow them by law. Pots will however be the cheaper alternative for you if you happen to live in a location with crappy soil as a soil amendment will cost you quite a bit of work and money. 

  • Nutrients

Your cannabis plants will need a lot of nutrients as they grow, especially nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. The number of nutrients you will have to add to your soil will depend on the quality of your soil. You may have to get your soil tested to know the amounts of fertilizer you will need to add to your soil. 

  • Seeds

You can choose to grow your cannabis plants from clones or seeds. Whichever method you choose, you will have to select a strain that will be able to survive in your climate. Highway 420 has a long list of outdoor cannabis seeds to choose from. After you filter out those that will not be a match for your climatic conditions, you then have to choose based on preference; as different strains have individual flavors and concentrations of cannabinoids. There is also the option of going for auto-flowering seeds which do not require the change in the amount of light received by the plants to trigger flowering. This leaves you less at the mercy of the climatic conditions. 

  • Water

Your cannabis plants will need a lot of water, so unless you get regular rain, you will have to set up a means of watering your plants consistently. Situating your garden near a source of water could help ease the process of watering the plants. 


You will need to carry out a lot of research on the growing of cannabis plants to have a successful harvest. Factors such as the timing of your planting can have a significant impact on your harvest. You should also ensure that your soil, being one of the only factors you have direct control over when you grow outdoors, is of the best quality. 

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