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Tuesday, March 21, 2023
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Hong Kong Gaming Company Appoints AI Bot as New CEO

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Can AI take over people? Well, it can replace them in some situations. A Hong Kong-based gaming company made an AI bot the new CEO long before the AI chatbot ChatGPT became a big deal.

The company NetDragon Websoft made the AI bot named Tang Yu the CEO. The company’s stock market went up a lot, and it did even better than Hong Kong’s stock market. The company said that the AI chatbot was chosen to be the first to use AI to change how businesses are run and bring operational efficiency to a whole new level.

Tang Yu was the AI CEO of the gaming company NetDragon Websoft. He was given typical company tasks, such as reviewing high-level analytics, making leadership decisions, evaluating risks, and making the workplace run smoothly. Tang Yu was the first CEO of a company that worked 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and never got paid. When the company made the AI chatbot CEO, they said it would be very important in developing talent and ensuring everyone had a safe and efficient workplace.

“The appointment of Tang Yu shows off the company’s “AI + management” strategy and is a big step toward making the company a “Metaverse organization.” Tang Yu will make things run more smoothly, improve the quality of work tasks, and speed up how things are done. NetDragon Websoft said in a blog post that Tang Yu would also be a real-time data hub and analytic tool to help make better decisions in daily operations and make a risk management system work better.

Strangely, the AI bot helped the company make money. Reports say the company did better than the Hang Seng Index, which tracks the performance of the biggest publicly traded companies in Hong Kong.

The Hustle, which keeps track of how companies do on the stock market, says its shares are worth 10% more than six months ago.

This increase in value can be caused by many things, such as more people wanting to buy the company’s products or services, better financial performance, or good news about the company. At the moment, the market capitalization of the company is about HK$9 billion, which is about $1.1 billion.

Dejian Liu, Chairman of NetDragon, said about AI CEO that the company thinks Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the future of corporate management and is committed to using AI to change how they run their business. They chose Ms. Tang Yu to show how much they care about this goal. The person goes on to say that they plan to keep adding to the algorithms behind Tang Yu to build an open, interactive, and transparent management model. They also discuss how they want to change into a working community-based in the metaverse. This will help them find more talented people worldwide and reach bigger goals.

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