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How Do Explainer Videos Increase Conversion Rate?

Conversion rate is an important factor in business growth so marketing strategies target it prominently. The advertising and marketing teams search for ways to improve and raise it and design their strategies accordingly. A higher conversion rate is proof of an expanding and growing brand that is constantly gaining more recognition.

Videos are among the top mediums used for marketing and advertising purposes. When the video is animated, it naturally becomes more effective due to engaging and fun visuals and storytelling methods. Be it business industry, healthcare, education, entertainment or any other, 2D animation is dominating.

Following are some ways that animated explainer videos help increase conversion rates. And how it consequently boosts your brand’s growth and recognition.

Practical, Engaging, and Easy to Understand

Animated visuals and motions can portray the mechanics and specifications of a product really well. Viewers can get a straight, clear idea about how it works and what benefits and services it entails. Not just that, it makes it all engaging, fun, and entertaining. You can portray different situations that the product can come in handy through bright animated visuals and characters. The method of storytelling also helps make it more intriguing and relatable.

When you make the content relatable, it becomes easy to understand for people and more people feel connected to it. Consequently, your website experiences an increase in the conversion rate. More people become intrigued by your products and services and your business draws more growth and profits.

Touch the Consumers with Emotions

The storytelling method comes in handy with intriguing animated characters and varying interesting situations. A well etched-out explainer video plays on people’s emotions to help them relate to the content. For this purpose, the creators use characters and situations in a way where the need for said product or service arises. Then the characters get out of the situation or solve it through the help of said product or service.

Portraying people’s problems will help them establish an emotional connection with your brand. Showing that problem getting solved will get them excited and eager to approach and try out the product. As a result, the conversion rate will boost and the brand will receive increasing recognition.

Improve Search Ranking

Boosted search engine rankings, in other words, called search engine optimization, is another benefit of an explainer video. Videos frequently show up in google search results because people respond to them better. When more people will click on your videos, it will boost not only conversion rate but also SEO ranking. When your website ranks earlier and above in search engine results, more people encounter it. Consequently, it increases engagement, conversions, SEO, and the brand’s overall recognition.

Better Express Competitive Advantages

Through animated explainer videos, you can better help differentiate your brand from the competition. Animation grants the freedom to present multiple situations, backgrounds, characters, and reactions. Hence, you can easily portray what your competitors are doing wrong, or how you upscale them. You can better demonstrate your distinctive features and unique ideas that make you better.

Multiple Platforms

You can use digital sales/promotional videos on multiple online platforms like websites, advertising campaigns, social media etc. It improves your range and optimizes conversion rates and SEO, gaining your brand a more thriving growth and recognition.


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