Easter Gifts for Adults: Tips and Ideas

Easter is coming soon. Usually on these days, especially the little ones, are given sweets, colored eggs, and one or two toys. But why not surprise the adults too? We have collected some ideas for small gifts for adults for Easter.

Buy Easter gifts for adults

Everyone can give away chocolate bunnies, colored eggs, and a flower pot with daffodils. How about something a little more creative? Something that really surprises family and friends? The following ideas for small gifts for Easter for adults have been selected so that the recipients can enjoy them longer. Are you looking for UK Competitions this Christmas? 

Avocado growing kit

The avocado is a very popular superfood. Because it is not only delicious, it also contains numerous nutrients. Although the avocado is high in fat, it is still very healthy. These are the “good” fats, the unsaturated ones. Giving away a few individual avocados, however, is not a good idea for Easter. A gift set, on the other hand, with which you can easily grow a small avocado tree from an avocado seed, does. The plant is not just a pretty decoration for the window sill. Who knows, with a little luck and patience, delicious fruits may even be harvested after a few years. The present can be bought cheaply at Amazon, among others.

Grill spice set for special delicacies

Ninety-seven percent of Germans like to grill. This type of food preparation is one of the most popular leisure activities in spring and summer. As soon as it gets a little warmer and sunnier again after the long winter, the pleasant smells of barbecuing are everywhere. If you are interested to buy a star, you can take help from StarRegistar.org

A grill spice set provides a little variety on the table. Real barbecue fans will be delighted. Whether meat, fish, cheese, or vegetables, every marinade becomes a highlight. With the products from “Just Spices”, which are available in the REWE online shop, for example, an exciting set can be put together as an Easter gift for adults.

Personalized whiskey glass

Granted, whiskey is not for everyone. But once you have found a taste for it, you will be happy to go on a discovery tour through the world of the noble drop. The perfect companion for this is a chic whiskey glass with engraving. At Giftidee.de, for example, such glass can be very easily personalized with the name of the connoisseur. The year of birth can also be engraved. A nice addition to the home bar and a creative little Easter gift for adults.

Fast breaker gift basket

Fasting is becoming increasingly popular – 61 percent of Germans have done it before. From Ash Wednesday to Easter, there are 40 days of waiver in preparation for feasting on the great Easter festival. If someone in the family or among friends has also fasted, a fast breaker basket is a very thoughtful gift. What can go in there? Ideally exactly what the recipient did without. In most cases these are alcohol, chocolate and cigarettes. You can order a nice basket for filling on eBay, among other places.

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EcoCube – plants in a wooden cube

Flowers are a great gift idea for any occasion. But it doesn’t always have to be the standard flower pot or bouquet. The EcoCubes are a completely different way of giving away flowers and plants. These can be bought cheaply in the Avocado Store, among other places. The EcoCube is a small wooden cube filled with seeds and growth granules. After a little water has been put on it and the wooden cube has been placed in the sun, a pretty plant will grow out of it after a few days. After just a few months, this can then be completely transplanted together with the cube into a pot or into the garden. A wonderfully sustainable Easter gift.

Gift box

There are numerous sustainable products that perfectly suitable as small gifts for Easter for adults. The gift box can be put together according to your own wishes. If it is related to fashion, food, beauty or lifestyle – the products are always sustainable and trendy. This makes the box a nice surprise for everyone who likes to try new things.

Gin for lovers

The world of gin is diverse. If there are family or friends who love this drink, a new bottle of gin is always a good idea. In the BELViNi online shop there is a huge selection of bottles from England, Scotland, Spain, Italy, Germany and more.

DIY Easter gifts – homemade things that impress

If you need an Easter gift spontaneously, don’t want to spend so much money or just like to do handicrafts, you can get suggestions and ideas for DIY Easter gifts below. In addition: Nothing is as valuable as the time and love that you have put into a self-made gift for someone.

1. To feast: prepare eggnog yourself

Making Easter presents yourself doesn’t always have to be difficult. An eggnog, for example, can be mixed together in no time and is not only suitable as a souvenir for grandma.


6 egg yolks (eggs size M)

1 vanilla pod

150g sugar

300g cream

150ml white rum

First, put the egg yolks in a bowl and cut the vanilla pod lengthways to scrape out the pulp. The pulp and the sugar are then added to the egg yolks in the bowl. Then use a whisk to whisk the contents of the bowl in a saucepan over a hot water bath. Now cream and rum are added. The liquid is heated for about 4 minutes while stirring. Last but not least, the egg liqueur is filled into clean bottles and placed in a cold place. Delicious!

2. Let your creativity run free: self-painted mug

Only two things are needed for this DIY Easter gift: a white mug and a permanent marker. The mug is available in different versions from OTTO, for example, the Permantmaker from büroshop24.

Creativity is now required. What’s on the cup? How about some cute Easter pants? Dear messages are also suitable as small Easter gifts for adults.

3. Sustainable Easter gift: make rabbit bags out of coffee filters

If a small Easter present is nicely packaged, does it make it even more fun, right? A chic packaging ensures even more rays in the eyes.

The following materials are required for the DIY rabbit bags: coffee filters, scissors, a pen and some thread or short ribbons. First, the side seam of the coffee filter is folded back. Now a slightly V-shaped piece is cut off at the upper edge, the large opening. Then draw a cute rabbit face on the filter and fill it with candy. The pointed ends of the open edge are now gathered into ears and tied with a small bow. Finished! There are even more exciting craft ideas here.

Easter gifts for adults: the thought counts

Whether bought or baked, sewn and handicrafted – small Easter gifts for adults impress as soon as the giver has thought about it. The decisive factor is not how expensive the gift was, but how much attention is given to loved ones.

We wish you a happy Easter and a lot of fun giving away!

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