Are You Disability Confident?

The Disability Confident Scheme is a support system for employers to make the most of the talents, skills, and personalities of disabled people you can bring into your workplace, regardless of their Disability.

Disability confident organizations play a leading role in changing perspectives, attitudes, and thought processes for the better, valuing people for who they are and not their Disability. As a result, these organizations are changing the behavior of staff, customers, and the norm in the recruitment process in their local community and business culture. As a result, they are painting a better picture for disabled workers and reaping the rewards for their hard work and generosity.

The scheme helps employers recruit and retain unique employees who are loyal and hard-working. They improve employee morale and commitment by demonstrating how they treat employees fairly and can tap into the broadest possible pool of talent by not ruling out candidates based on personal difficulties.

By treating employees fairly, customers and competitors can identify which employers are committed to equality in the workplace, which reflects positively in the media, and can even decide when customers consider whom to give their trade.

The scheme has three levels designed to support employers on their Disability Confident journey, these are:

  • Disability Confident Committed (level 1)
  • Disability Confident Employer (level 2)
  • Disability Confident Leader (level 3)

Whilst the scheme is voluntary, it is also free to make it more accessible to domiciliary care employers and help make that change. Your company can only benefit from joining a network of other like-minded companies across the UK who have already started their Disability and inclusion journey.


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