Outdoor Design: How to Create a Cozy Balcony or Terrace for Every Season?

To have access to a balcony or a terrace is for a lot of people an important criterion, when looking for a new apartment. However, some might also be quickly overwhelmed when it comes to decorating the outdoor area. To help overcoming a creative bloc that might prevent one from decorating and designing the outdoor area, this article aims towards giving relevant tips, ideas, and inspiration.

Alignment of the Balcony/Terrace

Often underestimated is the influence of the alignment of the balcony or terrace on the right design and decoration. It does matter if the balcony is directed towards south or north because it has an impact on which furniture material should be used for example. Is the balcony or terrace aligned to the south, wet wooden furniture will dry way quicker and will therefore last longer. Therefore, it is important to check the alignment before decorative decisions are made.

Creating Storage Space

Another thing that is often not considered enough is to also create storage space on the balcony or terrace. It does not matter if its planting pots, gardening tools or blankets for cold days: It is useful to have a storage chest implemented in the design of the outdoor area. Storage chests can often also be used as additional chairs or decorative elements, that combine both aesthetic and functionality.

Necessities for the Outdoor Area

Besides storage chests also some other elements are necessary when creating a cozy and practical outdoor space. Tables and chairs are a must have, as is also a cozier seating option like a couch or a deckchair. Not to forget are also sunshades since sunburns are not only hurtful but also carcinogenic and should therefore be prevented.

Ideas for Cozy Decoration

Lastly but most important when creating a cozy balcony or terrace is of course the decoration. Even though the furniture should be picked accordingly the decoration is key to achieving a warm, inviting atmosphere that fits to every season. Seasonal decoration is therefore a good idea to adhere to an all-year suitable balcony or terrace design. Firstly, and for all season suitable are fairy lights and plants, which endure wind.

In the summer months, the outdoor area can additionally be decorated with a little pool for the feet and a little fridge for cool drinks, in the fall some pumpkins, pinecones and lampions are a good choice of decoration. In the winter months, some extra blankets and pillows, a fire basket on the terrace or a lot of candles, that are protected from wind, create a cuddly atmosphere while in the spring, a variety of flowers and minimalistic decoration is suitable.

Cleaning the Balcony and Terrace

When all those tips and ideas helped in creating a cozy balcony or terrace, one more thing is important: Cleaning. Only regular cleaning will maintain the cozy atmosphere. Especially in the fall and winter, when leaves fall and both wind and rain create some chaos, a regular cleaning session is mandatory.


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