The Dangers of Running Red Lights

It is illegal to cross a white stop line if a traffic light has turned to red. If it would be dangerous to stop, you may disregard the white stop line but must slow down significantly to avoid receiving a fine.

Everyone’s been there at one time or another—you’re on your way to an important meeting or appointment and you get stuck sitting through a string of red lights. Maybe it happens a couple of times a week—or every day. Every day thousands of drivers run red lights. I’m not talking about a small number here. Think about it, even if just 5 percent of drivers do it, that’s still hundreds of thousands who have committed the offense in one day alone. Some people might feel this number is too low while others might think it’s too high, but there’s no denying the number is big enough to affect us all one way or another.

Most people run red lights because they’re in a hurry or feeling impatient. In our rushed world, this is certainly understandable, but it also reflects the mistaken idea that time spent doing something is the same as benefits gained from doing that thing.

Some people run red lights because they cannot stop in time. This is caused by speeding, which reduces stopping time. You must make this decision in the blink of an eye, and getting it wrong may lead to a catastrophe. Some drivers run red lights because they are in a rush, not paying close attention to the traffic light. Others are distracted by their phones while driving. Whenever you’re not supposed to, running a red light can have consequences including but not limited to death of innocent victims.

Running a red light is very dangerous. If you get into a traffic accident, the court will hold you accountable for any injuries and property damage. Drivers can reduce the number of times they run through red lights by simply paying attention.  If things get worse and you have been involved with a road crash in California, it’s essential to get in touch right away with a personal injury lawyer. Get in contact with oceanside injury and Accident Lawyers here.

Why do we need to stop on Red Light

Running a red light is against the law and there is a relatively high chance that you will get into an accident.  People may be injured or killed by a driver who ran a red light. Drivers who run red lights have had several speeding offences on their records.

Effects of running red lights

Each time you disregard a traffic light or road marking, you’re looking for a ticket or automatically responsible for any damages that you will cause. If a reckless driver caused an accident that injured you or your family member, you should take immediate action and reach out to an experienced personal injury lawyer.

All drivers have a responsibility to avoid collisions, and running red lights is one of the biggest risks.  To avoid running red lights, give yourself some extra time to get to your destination, so that you can drive safely.

A study carried out by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration showed that in 2008, 762 deaths were caused by red light car accidents and 165,000 people were injured.

Common factors that lead to red light accidents

  1. A person was driving a car, truck or motorcycle when the light turned yellow. The person tried to beat the light and ended up crashing into another vehicle.
  2. One time, a car driver tried to beat a yellow light but then decided to stop at it but then they were going too fast and ended up running the red light and had an accident.
  3. A driver commits an infraction because they aren’t paying attention or are reckless.
  4. A car making a legal left turn after its signal turned red, while another second car accelerated on the green light and crashed into the intersection.
  5. Bad weather conditions such as a blinding setting sun, rain, snow, icy roads and fog.

The vast majority of the time, the driver who entered or crossed into the intersection on a red light is responsible for a red light car accident regardless of what caused the accident.

Even a relatively minor side-swipe can severely damage your vehicle and cause you to lose control of it. This could lead to more accidents, or at the very least, heavily damaging your vehicle.

If you get into a car accident, the police will show up eventually. Once they do, they will ask questions about what happened. If you know exactly how the accident occurred, it will be easier to describe it accurately. It is much better to provide more detail than less, especially if you’re providing information to someone who might rely on it. It is much better to provide more detail than less, especially if you’re providing information to someone who might rely on it.

It’s important to find highly qualified red light accident personal injury attorneys to help you with your problem and ease your burden.

About the Author

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