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Dana White: The Inspiring Story of a College Dropped Out

Dana White

Dana White is the powerful CEO and president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Born in 1969 in Manchester, Connecticut, White is largely credited for transforming the UFC into a globally recognized sports brand.

In this blog post, you will find all the need-to-know facts about his career before and after helping the UFC’s rise to fame. From his personal life to legal disputes – get ready to know it all as we explore everything there is famous Dana Whites’ journey thus far.

But most importantly, see why one man could drive an entire discipline of sport into mainstream acceptance–all with a fierce attitude and overwhelming ambition!

So read on if you’re ready to discover all that awaits in Dana White’s fascinating story.

Content Highlights
  • Dana White is the current President and CEO of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), responsible for turning it into a globally recognized sports brand since 2001.
  • He has increased UFC revenues from near bankruptcy to over $600 million with aggressive expansion strategies, broadcast rights deals, corporate partnerships, and more.
  • Despite criticism of his remarks and behavior and allegations of bias in matchmaking decisions, Dana White maintains success through a relentless passion for combat sports and business acumen that has driven the sport’s success worldwide.
  • Ahead of adversity or odds stacked against him, he continues to promote quality fights while protecting fighters’ interests throughout global markets – leading him to be inducted into both Nevada Sports Hall Of Fame (2017) & International Culture Of Martial Arts Hall Of Fame (2019).

Early Life and Education

Dana White was born in Manchester, Connecticut, to June, a nurse, and Dana Sr., a textile mill worker. He attended Hermon High School and majored in marketing at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, after which he worked for his family’s warrior-related business.

Year Age Event
1987 18 Graduated high school in Maine
1987-1988 18-19 Briefly attended Quincy College and UMass Boston
The late 1980s Late teens Various jobs in Boston like construction, bouncing, bellhop
The early 1990s Early 20s Moved to Las Vegas
The early 1990s Early 20s Opened Boxercise gyms in Las Vegas
The mid-1990s Mid 20s Trained in jiu-jitsu under John Lewis
Late 1990s Late 20s Managed MMA fighters like Liddell and Ortiz
2001 31 Became UFC President after Fertittas bought UFC

Childhood and Family Background

Dana White was born in Manchester, Connecticut on July 28, 1969. During his early years, he lived with his family in Ware, Massachusetts, and his mother worked as a nurse. At the age of nine, Dana moved to Las Vegas with the rest of the family, where he attended Bishop Gorman High School.

There he met Lorenzo Fertitta, who eventually became a close friend and business partner. Before stepping into the world of combat sports, White had multiple jobs such as bartender and Aerosmith security guard for concerts but obviously, none are comparable to running one of the sport’s most reputable brands today: UFC.

With Vince McMahon’s strategic mindset regarding how professional sports should be packaged and promoted along with Lorenzo Fertitta’s multibillionaire pocket combined together, they made a dynamic duo setting up for wild success down the road by becoming involved in one thing at first – mixed martial arts!

Education and Career Before UFC

Dana White had an unconventional path to success. He was born in Manchester, Connecticut, and grew up in poverty. To escape the hardship, he dropped out of college twice and had various jobs, such as laying asphalt, bouncer at an Irish bar, and bellhop at the Boston Harbor Hotel.

At 17 years old, his passion for boxing flourished when he became friends with former Golden Gloves champion Peter Welch. The two connected with another friend based In Las Vegas, who invited Dana to move there to join the business world.

Dana White started teaching boxing fitness classes under the name Boxercise. He also began training in Jiu-Jitsu with John Lewis. Together they opened an MMA gym called Team Punishment. White’s reputation in MMA caught the attention of Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta.

In 2001, the Fertittas bought the UFC for $2 million and made White the CEO and President. Under White’s leadership, the UFC grew into a global phenomenon. This was one of the most important deals in sports history over the past 30 years.

Career in the UFC

dana white's career in ufc

After coming on board with the UFC in 2001, White quickly rose to become its President and CEO and has successfully established it as the world’s premier mixed martial arts organization.

How He Became Involved in the UFC

In the early 1990s, Dana White had a passion for boxing that was sparked by his friendship with former Golden Gloves champion Peter Welch. But when he relocated to Las Vegas, he encountered mobsters who threatened his life.

Then, White’s focus shifted to learning jiu-jitsu and managing mixed martial artists such as Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell. This eventually led him to become involved in the UFC – first as an adviser to owners Lorenzo Fertitta and Frank Fertitta III in 2001, before taking over as president of the organization two years later.

White then introduced new rules and regulations that helped legitimize MMA fighting in North America and took UFC from near bankruptcy all the way to being one of the top sports organizations in the world today.

He also invested heavily in branding, marketing, production value, and television deals which helped propel it further away from its previous status of underground events into mainstream sport viewed globally by millions of people around the world each year.

His Role as CEO and President

As the current president and CEO of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Dana White has helped to bring mixed martial arts into mainstream sports. When he began his tenure in 2001, it was seen as a fringe venture, but now UFC events draw millions of viewers around the world.

Under White’s leadership and vision, the UFC became one of the biggest pay-per-view draws in combat sports, generating revenues exceeding $600 million by 2015. Since then, White has sought out aggressive expansion strategies for developing new markets and franchises, including lucrative bouts between some of MMA’s greatest legends.

Regarding strategic developments in broadcasting rights and corporate sponsorship, deals mainly led by White’s efforts, live fights on pay-per-view are now available legally through various television packages worldwide, whereas formerly, they were often viewed illegally online or via bootleg DVDs.

He also welcomed boxing back into their fold and saw names like Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Oscar De La Hoya take control over boxing promotions inside UFC, which created huge revenue streams for all parties involved while bringing historic matchups broadcast to all sorts of marketplaces from local pubs to inner city arenas.

Controversies and Challenges

Throughout his career, Dana White has faced criticism from fighters and various stakeholders for his controversial remarks and behavior. In 2011, White defended the UFC’s decision to cancel a low-profile event by stating that co-headliner Maiquel Falcao “got exactly what he deserved.”

He also referred to rising heavyweight TUF contestant Mike Wessel as an “idiot” on national television. Many of these incidents have left a sour taste in the mouths of some fighters who feel they do not get sufficient respect from White.

The close relationship between him and President Donald Trump has been subject to scrutiny due to their political differences with some UFC fighters, leading many fans and viewers to voice unhappiness at White’s endorsement of Trump.

In addition, White has repeatedly come under fire over allegations of favoritism and bias in matchmaking decisions within the cage. A number of athletes contend that they are not given equal opportunities compared with other fighters based on personal relationships or affiliations between promoters and referees rather than skill sets or ability inside the Octagon.

This contributes to a perception among critics that champion Conor McGregor profits disproportionately from such matchmaking decisions when pitted against lesser opponents, which diminishes fan interest in seeing elite performances within MMA fighting competitions.

Expansion to Boxing

Under White’s leadership, boxing was reintroduced to the UFC, and he continues to put on events that highlight the best of what the sport has to offer.

How White Brought Boxing Back to the UFC

Dana White has propelled the UFC to unprecedented heights, and his latest move was to reforge ties with boxing. In 2017, White partnered up with 50 Cent to promote the first boxers under the new monetary Fight Nights Global brand.

The biggest fight of that venture certainly came in August 2017 where he co-promoted a pay-per-view bout between Floyd Mayweather Jr and Conor McGregor — one who had been under his promotional umbrella while still being an amateur boxer.

This lucrative business deal pushed mainstream attention back on MMA as well as combat sports, making it one of the most watched fights in history with revenues surpassing $600 million.

Dana White wanted to expand MMA’s exposure beyond just UFC pay-per-view events. He saw opportunities to make money in other areas outside of the UFC’s core business. This demonstrated White’s strong ambition and drive to grow the sport through unconventional business deals.

Dana White-faced challenges getting his boxing league off the ground. Big promoters like Bob Arum and Al Haymon did not support the project. White also struggled to sign boxers since many distrusted him due to past disputes over money and mistreatment. This showed that boxers were hesitant to work with White based on his history with boxing figures like Roy Jones Jr.

Upcoming Boxing Events

Dana White recently announced a major expansion into boxing events associated with the UFC. This announcement has generated excitement amongst combat sports fans all over the world.

The specifics of these upcoming fights have not yet been provided, though speculation abounds regarding when and where they might take place and which fighters may be featured in the bouts.

No specific dates are known at this time, but many believe that with Dana White heading up these new boxing events, there will undoubtedly be some exciting match-ups to look forward to in 2021 and beyond.

Critics and Reception

White’s entry into the boxing industry has been met with praise and criticism from the sports world. Some have applauded his efforts to expand UFC’s presence in a sport that could use an infusion of innovation, pointing out White’s track record of improving combat sports.

Some people doubt Dana White’s ability to run a boxing promotion. They believe he lacks experience in boxing and may harm its reputation by using overly aggressive UFC tactics. Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn has expressed concerns that traditional promoters can’t financially compete with White if he tries poaching boxers. Hearn said this could become a nightmare scenario where UFC just offers more money and takes all the top fighters.

Despite these mixed opinions on White’s venture into the boxing world, fans are still eager to see what exciting changes he will bring.

Venture Into Slap-fighting

White’s latest endeavor into the unknown sport of “slap fighting”, has been met with controversy but could be a game-changer in the combat world. Read more to find out about his involvement and future plans.

White’s Involvement in the Sport

Dana White became involved in slap fighting when he acquired the rights for Power Slap, a slap-fighting competition that debuted in January 2023. As CEO and President of UFC, White decided to diversify his portfolio to include activities outside MMA.

The aim was to bring something fresh and entertaining to combat sports fans. His involvement has received both positive and negative criticism from different sectors of Greek society.

Nevertheless, White’s investment allowed him access to celebrity endorsements such as professional boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., among other celebrities who have competed on Power Slap’s stage.

Controversies Surrounding Slap Fighting

Slap fighting, a unique combat sport ranked somewhere between simulated martial arts and full-contact fighting, has come under criticism due to concerns about rules and safety. The sport requires self-regulation because there is no clear set of guidelines or enforcement from an overarching governing body.

Participants and spectators often define what is permissible in the bouts, which can create situations that prove dangerous for fighters as well as those watching. For example, some slaps are considered unacceptably painful or otherwise damaging enough to be deemed illegal strikes, but without official oversight, it’s impossible to enforce these regulations uniformly across events.

This risk factor has led critics of slap fighting to express particular concern over any minor participating in such events; many argue that even adults lack the experience and degree of accountability necessary for safely regulating bouts.

Future Plans

Considering Dana White’s impressive track record, many are wondering what the UFC president will do next after successfully bringing boxing back into the UFC’s portfolio after more than 20 years of absence and co-promoting a fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr.

White recently joined forces with WWE CEO Vince McMahon to announce a merger between WWE and UFC in April 2023, in which White will become the CEO of the merged organization. He has also shown interest in promoting new combat sports such as “slap fighting,” which resulted from his unorthodox approach regarding Women’s MMA fights when he signed Ronda Rousey for a one-year deal before her dominant 8-year reign that followed.

However, no further details have been released on this subject yet or any official plans concerning how White might shape slap fighting going forward from here on out remain unknown at present time.

Personal Life

Outside his professional life, Dana White has always kept a personal low profile; however, he is married to Anne Stella, and they have three children together.

Family and Relationships

Dana White is married to Anne Stella, whom he met in eighth grade. The couple have been together since and have three children together, two daughters and a son. According to White himself, his marriage has always been priority number one for him throughout his career.

Dana White has said his wife and family come first in his life. He credits his wife for supporting him through early struggles in his career. Their strong relationship has made White value loyalty and commitment, which he applies in running the UFC. He operates the business, emphasizing standing behind people, just as his wife stood behind him during difficult times.

Hobbies and Interests

Dana White, the CEO and president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), has a passion for gambling. He enjoys recreational activities such as playing high-stakes blackjack or placing sports bets with friends.

White is an avid golfer and frequently plays at some of the top-rated courses in Las Vegas during his downtime. He also enjoys boxing betting, leading him to co-promote Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Conor McGregor’s fight back in 2017.

In addition, he recently began investing in slap-fighting competitions, becoming the owner of Power Slap, debuting in January 2023. While Dana White is known for being successful professionally, his hobbies outside of work show that he still makes time to relax and unwind–even if it means indulging knowingly in some exciting yet risky behaviors like gambling.

Involvement in Politics

Dana White has been a vocal supporter of Donald Trump and has even attended the presidential inauguration in 2017.

Support for Donald Trump

Dana White has publicly declared his support for Donald Trump on numerous occasions. White took to Twitter in 2016 to voice his enthusiasm towards Trump’s candidacy, tweeting that he supported him “all the way” and praised many of his policies.

In 2020, Dana White donated $5,000 to a pro-Trump political action committee called America First Action. He has also attended events in Washington, D.C., with influential Trump supporters. For example, in 2017, he went to a dinner hosted by Melania Trump and Sara Huckabee Sanders for members of Congress who voted against Obamacare repeal. This shows White’s support for conservative politics and alignment with Trump.

Dana White received backlash for supporting Trump, especially during the 2019 government shutdown over immigration and the border wall. Many MMA fans and people in the sport criticized White for backing Trump’s controversial stances on immigration. This showed that despite their alliance, White’s support of Trump was still divisive given the polarizing immigration policies.

Controversies and Backlash

Dana White has had a number of controversies surrounding his leadership at the UFC. In 2016, multiple current and former fighters called for his removal from power over reported sexist comments and slow progress in establishing an acceptable anti-doping policy.

Additionally, he was involved in a sex tape extortion lawsuit with hacker Randall Amin; however, the court dismissed the case.

White has also been called into question for his clear backing of Donald Trump during the election cycle in 2020. As President Trump faced allegations of racism and sexism throughout his career, many believed that White’s support showed disregard or insensitivity to certain matters related to those issues as well as others concerning health care concerns or economic inequity for minorities and women within sports entertainment circles.

Many felt that this type of support compromised “the trust many athletes have placed on him,” while thousands also spoke out to criticize him openly. His views eventually backfired, with several sponsors distancing themselves from both parties (Trump & White).

Legal Troubles

Dana White has been involved in a series of lawsuits, from defamation to copyright infringement. He was also sued for publishing and distributing an unlicensed sex tape featuring him and his wife, which led to personal criticism and public disdain.

Sex-Tape Lawsuit

In 2020, an extortion lawsuit involving a sex tape of UFC President Dana White was reported. The lawsuit alleged the broker of the video had been extorting money from White in exchange for not releasing or disseminating content from the tape.

Since then, legal troubles have arisen for White and he’s likely to face further challenges due to these allegations against him. The incident has caused controversy and raised questions about his past behavior as well as the integrity of people doing business with him.

It is believed that this could cause irreparable damage to his reputation because it impacts how investors might look at future deals involving him. It also raises questions about his leadership in managing the multi-billion-dollar organization of UFC, even though he denies any wrongdoings on his part.

Altercation With His Wife

Dana White has been handling the ultimate fighting championship since 2001. In that time, he’s gained a great deal of notoriety and praise for elevating the mixed martial arts franchise to become one of the most popular sports in America.

However, his personal life came under fire in April 2021 after it was revealed there had been an altercation between himself and his wife Anne. Reports claimed that Dana had hit her during an argument which reportedly led to a police investigation being launched into him.

The reaction from fans, as well as other figures within combat sports such as Dustin Poirier, was strongly negative with many demanding Dana’s resignation due to this incident. This erupted into a greater debate about domestic violence with some surprisingly standing by Dana despite it not being condoned throughout society regardless of circumstances or status.

Unfortunately, due to all this scandal and outcry surrounding it, several sponsors have pulled their support for him although others remain loyal much like Fanatics did following last month’s accusations against UFC traitor Colby Covington.

Other Legal Issues

Dana White has had a number of legal issues throughout his career as the head of the UFC. In 2012, he was sued by two former employees regarding a sex tape involving MMA fighter War Machine, who was then part of Zuffa LLC – The parent company that runs the UFC.

This case was eventually settled out of court and contained financial damages for both parties involved. In 2016, White got into an altercation with his wife while in Las Vegas over an alleged affair and resulting divorce plans which sparked many debates about domestic abuse laws in Nevada.

Finally, White has also been accused of intimidating referees during fights though these allegations have not yet been proven against him. All these legal issues that Dana White has gone through have caused some controversy and backlash among fans, but they have also taught him important lessons about life and how to handle difficult situations with dignity and tactful decisions as required from a leader such as himself within combat sports industry worldwide.

Health Issues

White was diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease in 2005, which causes symptoms such as vertigo and tinnitus. Despite this diagnosis, he has remained actively involved in the UFC and continues to manage his condition.

Battling With Meniere’s Disease

Dana White has been struggling with Meniere’s disease since he was 40 years old; described by INC. as a disorder of the inner ear that causes vertigo, unsteadiness, and hearing loss due to an excess of fluid in the ear.

He first experienced symptoms such as dizziness while preparing for UFC 101 back in 2009 and strong bouts of nausea soon after, which eventually forced him off-stage mid-speech during an event promoting UFC 103 later that year.

Dana White has been open about living with Meniere’s disease. He manages the condition daily with medication and monitoring his stress. White has spoken out against speculation that fighter Fabricio Werdum was lying about having Meniere’s too. White said with over 2 million people affected, it’s clear others have it besides himself. He aims to raise awareness by being vocal about his own experience living with this challenging inner ear disorder.

Impact on His Work and Personal Life

Dana White has been diagnosed with Ménière’s disease, a disorder that affects the inner ear and often leads to dizziness, vertigo, tinnitus, and hearing loss. It can severely impact his ability to work or concentrate due to its symptoms of disorientation.

As a result of his condition, White undergoes Orthokine treatment regularly in order to manage the symptoms. The treatment includes regular injections into his spine every three months in order to reduce inflammation around the nerve endings along the spine, which helps decrease some of the severity of these conditions.

Despite all this, he remains an effective leader and president overseeing daily operations at UFC while also working on long-term strategic initiatives such as expanding their presence internationally and acquiring new sponsorships for events.

His personal life has also been drastically affected due to his health issues. It is difficult for him to partake in activities such as running or dedicating time towards hobbies like fishing or golfing, which he usually would enjoy doing when healthy.

He must take extra precautions whenever travelling too long distances since intense flights could potentially trigger worse attacks than usual from Ménière’s disease making airline trips much more uncomfortable than usual.

Recognitions and Achievements

Dana White has been widely praised for his successful contributions to the growth of UFC, helping it become a global phenomenon. His incredible success was celebrated with several prestigious awards and accolades that recognized his impact on combat sports and business.

Awards and Accolades

Dana White has achieved numerous victories and critical acclaim during his tenure with the UFC. He was honored by Canada’s Walk of Fame in 2009 for his outstanding contribution to mixed martial arts.

He was also given several honorary awards, such as the Patriot Award from St. Jude Hospital, due to his passionate work in supporting U.S. veterans and Sportsman of the Year at ESPN’s ESPYS Awards ceremony.

Additionally, he was inducted into the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame in 2010 and presented with a special tribute award for inventing MMA by Ultimate Fighter Finale event promoter Lorenzo Fertitta that same year.

In 2019 he received an honorary degree from Thomas Edison State University due to his success in promoting combat sports globally throughout his career with amazing accomplishments and achievements under him (Decade Media).

Impact on the World of Combat Sports

dana white ufc
Dana White meets with the press and the fans at the Official Press Conference for UFC 265 – Lewis vs Gane

Under Dana White’s leadership as president of the UFC, the sport has experienced incredible growth. The UFC generated a gross revenue of $600 million in 2015 which further skyrocketed after a consortium of investors bought the company for $4.025 billion in 2016, demonstrating White’s immense success and power within the world of combat sports.

This deal was followed by his new seven-year contract to remain as president, cementing his importance at the helm even more powerfully.

Furthermore, with White’s goal to put boxing back into the spotlight under Zuffa Boxing, he ensured that all major players across different networks would be featured and could benefit from it globally.

In 2019 we saw ESPN choose boxing over MMA, and then Dave Smith Boxing (DSB) promoted its first show on DAZN/Showtime this year. Also, White’s plan to merge WWE and UFC would significantly transform both businesses if it goes through; Reports state that since 2023 is coming up fast, this negotiation process starts soon between two multi-million dollar companies making an impact across cultures.

With all these transitions taking place, Dana proves how Combat Sports have become such a vast industry now competing with other mainstream sports like basketball or soccer, consistently gaining traction today due to not only his brilliance but also proper guidance so far, showing there is much more potential in yet unexplored markets from around globe.

Net Worth and Success in Business

Dana White is widely credited with both revitalizing and transforming the UFC into a global sports phenomenon. His current net worth is $500 million. He has served as president of the UFC since 2001, when he and a group of investors purchased the company in a $2 million dollar deal.

Under his leadership, White propelled mixed martial arts (MMA) back into public consciousness and helped grow UFC revenues to an estimated $600 million by 2015. His managerial skill enabled him to attract major sponsors such as Reebok, Bud Light, Monster Energy Drink, Corona Beer, and Harley-Davidson Motor Company.

In July 2016, White net worth increased significantly when WME-IMG acquired a controlling interest in UFC for an astounding $4 billion dollars with White staying on board as President under a five-year contract extension – another testament to his iconic status within the organization’s infrastructure.

When the new UFC owners took over in 2016, they gave Dana White a big salary boost starting in 2017. The exact amount is unknown, but it’s estimated to be over 9 figures per year. From 2003-2017, White earned close to $100 million just from UFC stock and dividends. The new owners have rewarded him well, leading to a major increase in his personal wealth.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions about Dana White’s career and personal life.

1. Who is Dana White?

Dana White is an American businessman and the current president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

2. What has he achieved in his career?

Dana White has been credited as a major driving force behind the growth of professional mixed martial arts worldwide, including increasing UFC’s presence across media outlets such as pay-per-view television and digital streaming platforms.

3. How many years has Dana White been President of UFC?

Dana White has held this position since 2001, 22 years ago.

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