Soumitra Chatterjee is Doing ‘Marginally Better’, Says His Daughter

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The health condition of veteran actor Soumitra Chatterjee improved a little in the afternoon on Tuesday prompting doctors to put on hold invasive ventilation for him, according to Belview Nursing Home hospital sources.
The 85-year-old actor, who has several comorbidities including prostatic carcinoma and probable lung metastasis, was administered oxygen therapy, doctors attending on him said.
He is hemodynamically stable and not on medication to raise low blood pressure. “Following this, we have decided to keep a hold on invasive airway protection,” they said.

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The Indian Bengali actor tested Coronavirus positive on October 6. He has been taken to Belview Nursing Home hospital in Kolkata for his Covid-19 treatment.
“There is a marginal improvement in Chatterjee’s neurological status and no structural neurological abnormality was detected in his NCCT brain and MRI,” said the doctors.
“The actor continues to be restless, arousable, has mild agitation and involuntary limb movements but no focal or generalized seizure event occurred,” the doctors said.
“Chatterjee is still in a confusional state which is progressive in nature with Covid-related encephalopathy and metabolic encephalopathy (brain disease),” they said.
The acclaimed actor was admitted to a private hospital on October 6 and had to be shifted to the ITU as his condition turned critical. A team of 15 doctors is overseeing him at the hospital.
Hindustan Times reported that Poulomi Basu, daughter of Soumitra, said in a statement “My father is doing marginally better, he is slightly more stable, there has been an improvement if only 1 percent.”

“He was removed from BI-PAP support this morning …As of now the doctors are not considering invasive ventilation,” the statement said. 
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