OpenAI Introduces Official ChatGPT App for iOS and Android Version

There are many ways to access ChatGPT on a mobile device, both through its website and Microsoft services that integrate artificial intelligence or any of the multitude of applications that have emerged and connect to the popular artificial tool to offer a certain service. 

But what many users expect is their own app that makes the experience on a phone as easy as possible, with the confidence of accessing the tool without intermediaries. This has come with the surprise release of the OpenAI ChatGPT iPhone and iPad app.

The application is already available for download in the United States and will reach more countries in the “coming weeks” . The company that develops ChatGPT and other language models has explained in a blog post that they cater to the requests of users who “love to use ChatGPT on the go.” Regarding the version of the app for Android users, they point out that “ChatGPT will arrive soon on your devices “.

The App Improves ChatGPT by Adding Support for Voice

The ChatGPT app preserves the already known features of the service and adds voice input, something that is not available on the ChatGPT website but is available when using the Bing app that uses the same language model as ChatGPT Plus, GPT-4.

Using ChatGPT on iOS is free in the same way as it is on the web. ChatGPT Plus subscribers will have access to GPT-4, while free accounts will continue with GPT-3.5 and somewhat slower response times than paid ones. Support for speech is provided by Whisper, another audio-to-text OpenAI language model, and the app will sync with the user’s chat history on the web. Another feature that users of the app gain is a search engine for conversation history.

The surprise at this launch comes not only because OpenAI had not advanced it at any time but also because it enters to compete directly with Microsoft in the mobile ecosystem after it increased its investment in the ChatGPT company by 10,000 million at the beginning of the year.

Until now, the most comfortable way to access the GPT-4 language model was with the Bing app, but the official OpenAI one improves some aspects of the Microsoft one. ChatGPT gives answers faster, with fewer limits, and with access to the features of ChatGPT Plus.

With its web version, ChatGPT reached one hundred million users in record time last January and became the fastest-growing consumer app to date. Bing, although it has seen a slight growth since it integrated the AI of OpenAI and has improved its reputation, is still a minority search engine compared to Google, and it is expected that the availability of ChatGPT on mobile through native apps will diminish its appeal.

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