How to Be a More Charitable Person

Do you ever feel like you could be doing more to help out? You aren’t alone. In fact, following the tumultuous events of the last few years, many people have started to see the world through a different perspective, one that considers the plight of those less fortunate than themselves.

Wanting to make a positive difference in society is a trait to be proud of. It speaks volumes about your decent character, and it contributes toward creating a better backyard for everyone to hang out in, no matter who they happen to be or what their personal circumstances look like.

With that said, going out of your way to become a more charitable individual can end up being quite difficult if you don’t know where to start.

If you think you could be doing more to support your fellow humans, then here are some tips to hopefully point you in the right direction.

Find a Cause You can Emotionally Invest In

You may find it much easier to commit to a cause if it sits a little closer to your heart than others. By seeking a charity that does work you truly believe in, donating money, time, or labor won’t seem like a chore but rather a necessity, an act that gives you joy and supports those who need it most.

If you’re attempting to donate just for the sake of donating, you may have a hard time convincing yourself to stick with it.

In order to find the best possible charity (or charities) for you, why not think about an issue that you connect with on a granular level? This could be a worldwide threat like the destruction of the environment, or it could be a topic closer to your own neighborhood, but whatever the reason, if you believe in it, you’ll likely stick with it.

  • Make sure the charity you aim to get involved with is legitimate too. Sometimes, it can take quite a bit of research to deduce whether donations are being put to their best use or if they are being used as part of a more sinister agenda, so don’t worry about doing some investigation work by any means.

Give Your Unwanted Items a New Life

Instead of simply casting aside your outdated tech, your old toys, or your clothes, you could think about giving them a new life through donation.

This is a great way to make use of unwanted items without hurting the environment, all while ensuring someone gets to benefit from your preloved assets.

You can even donate cars nowadays, so if you want to go green or just get rid of an old vehicle taking up space, you should check out this list of charities that will take it.

Throwing away your old belongings can be tough, especially if you have an emotional, almost spiritual attachment to them. Reducing the hardship of throwing them away by electing instead to donate can be the ideal way to soften this blow and for you to rest easy in the knowledge that others get a chance to find the similar joy that you once did.

Start Off Small

Taking small steps first is probably one of the best ways to build yourself to fully embrace the wonders of charity.

Only sparing what you can afford and what you are willing to part with at the time is perfectly okay, and it can serve to familiarize you with the act of giving.

There are plenty of ways to be a charitable person without having to part with any money at all. However, so don’t worry if you can’t spare any capital. You still have some great options available.

You could always think about donating some clothes to a store, volunteering your time at a shelter, or giving blood.

The latter is an exceptionally important point to note in today’s climate, particularly since the American Red Cross has just declared a national blood emergency for the first time.

Even the smallest donations can have the biggest impact. Being charitable does not necessarily mean parting with your possessions either. It can also pertain to treating other people with kindness, especially those who might need the extra boost of emotional support throughout the day.

Raise Money Through Events and Sponsorships

In an effort to get yourself thoroughly engaged with the act of charity, hosting an event to raise money, or taking part in a sponsored activity could be a great way to go.

The added external input of others can be a good influence on those trying to stick with a cause or raise awareness among their peers.

Plus, it can be fun! It’s a win-win if you can raise money for a good cause while enjoying yourself.

It’s also worth noting that charity work of this kind can look good on your resume, so it may be a gift that keeps on giving for you as well.

Generosity is a beautiful strength, not a weakness, despite what a cutthroat corporate world might have you believe.

It’s All in the Mind

Becoming a more charitable person tends to come about via your mindset. Having the right mindset is perhaps one of the most important parts of generosity and charity, as, without it, you might struggle to find the motivation to continue your support, or worse, not even think about being charitable in the first place.

To adopt the right mindset, picking up a can-do attitude is a must. An individual that recognizes some form of positive change is possible, no matter how small, whether on an individual level or for the good of humanity, is already onto a winner.

Recognize the Struggles of Others

Everyone has their own idea of what it means to suffer. Without trying to see through the perspective of others, however, this can be a difficult concept to understand.

Engaging your empathy skills can help you obtain better insight into why charity can be so vital in this modern society, and hopefully, enable you to make a difference in a way that helps.


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