How can Cannabidiol Oil be Extracted from the Hemp Plant?

CBD oils are one of the most therapeutic substances available today. They come with several health benefits, from relieving stress to treating certain disorders. They also enhance physical and mental well-being without imparting any psychoactive effects.  

A few drops of hemp oil in breakfast or throughout the day will give you excellent results. Fortunately, they have negligible side effects. Hence, you will likely witness positive body changes soon after you start using them. 

Moreover, since hemp oil is a primary component of many CBD products, its quality affects the final outcome. Thus, it must be of the highest grade to ensure the most effective products. Apart from third-party lab tests, the only way to ensure that is by learning about its extraction process. 

Hemp Oil Extraction Methods

There are a variety of CBD oil extraction methods available nowadays. Companies adopt these methods based on their objectives and ultimate vision. Therefore, you may notice a slight change in oil texture, scent, and consistency among different producers. Hence, learning about the extraction methods is essential to understand these differences when picking a brand. 

CO2 Based Extraction

It is one of the most prevalent methods of extracting CBD oils. A similar method is used in perfume distillation and packaging. Although it is an expensive process, it provides a higher yield with no significant waste. Hence, for a premium quality output, the manufacturers have to invest a huge sum along with heavy machinery. 

CO2 plays a primary role in this process. The gas goes through an optimal temperature and pressure that turns it into a liquid. Then comes the hemp plant in the same chamber where the liquid CO2 absorbs its constituents. 

The second step is to remove CO2 from the mixture and purify the remaining CBD oil. Thus, liquid CO2 is converted into its gaseous state again, separating it from the oil. Afterward, it is fed back into the chamber, where it interacts with the incoming plants de novo. 

The final CBD oil extract is no longer in crude form and is free of impurities. However, some manufacturers subject it to alcohol distillation. The necessity for this step depends upon the nature and purity of the final extract. Most manufacturers of cannabidiol oil in Australia, America, and Asia use CO2 extraction.

Alcohol Assisted Extraction

The process requires the use of a certain type of alcohol. It can be ethanol or isopropyl alcohol. The former is usually the most common choice. In this method, manufacturers soak the hemp plant into alcohol for a specific period. 

The alcohol extracts and absorbs all the components of the plant. But, this also includes some unwanted constituents, such as chlorophyll, making their way into the liquid. As a result, the extracted oil has a pungent odor and taste. Thereby, the liquid has to go through another purification process to deal with that. 

Isopropyl alcohol is another prominent solvent for extraction processes. It can help manufacturers produce the most consistent and pure CBD oils. Moreover, it elevates the health benefits on a large scale. However, it is essential to use it minimally to keep its undesirable effects at bay.

Alkane Associated Extraction

This hemp oil extraction process involves butane and propane gases. Although highly flammable, these chemicals provide excellent outcomes. The process begins with converting the gas into liquid so that it can absorb the compounds. Next, it interacts with the hemp plant to begin the extraction. Once done, the extract undergoes a cleaning process. It involves heating the liquid to evaporate the chemical, leaving behind pure hemp oil

Needless to say, this process requires a certain set of protocols to avoid safety hazards. As a result, manufacturers use specialized air filtering apparatus when using these gases for extraction. 


Every extraction process has its pros and cons, which is why it is important to understand each one of them. In this article, we have discussed the primary methods existing in the industry. Of those three, experts believe the CO2-based extraction method is the most suitable. As with the other methods, the safety measures must be very strict to avoid hazards. Plus, they carry the risk of producing substandard oils. So, don’t forget to check out the hemp oil extraction method next time you buy a CBD product.

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