Canadian Health Authorities Recommend 2nd Covid Booster

For vulnerable demographic groups, Canadian health Authorities have suggested a fourth dosage of the Covid-19 vaccine, or a second booster.

The National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) issued guidance on Tuesday recommending that “jurisdictions prepare for the rapid deployment of a second Covid-19 vaccine booster dose program over the coming weeks” in the “context of protection against severe disease potentially decreasing over time following the first booster dose, and/or risk of immune evasion by highly transmissible variants of concern which can cause severe disease.”

Adults above the age of 80, as well as seniors living in long-term care facilities or congregate settings, will be prioritized. In addition, NACI stated that jurisdictions could use their discretion to administer the second booster to persons aged 70 to 79.

“Indicators of Covid-19 activity vary across Canada, with some places experiencing an increase in Covid-19 activity. As public health controls are eased and the highly transmissible Omicron BA.2 variation spreads, an increase in Covid-19 activity is likely, according to NACI.

Almost 85% of Canadians over the age of five are considered fully immunized, having received the primary series of two vaccinations. Furthermore, nearly 57 percent of people over the age of 18 have had a booster.

Several provinces have eased Covid-19 regulations, such as removing mask requirements and eliminating vaccine passport requirements for certain activities.

“Broad deployment of a second booster dosage to the general public is not necessary at this time to fulfill the fundamental program goal of preventing severe disease,” NACI co-chair Dr. Robyn Harrison stated, “but it may be increased in the months ahead.” However, if diligent monitoring reveals further alarming patterns in the Covid-19 pandemic, additional boosters may be required in the fall of 2022 or earlier in other groups in the future.”



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