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Blik Payment Method Is Conquering Poland At Its Best

Online transactions need to be as seamless as possible with our ever-evolving world. When it comes to Europe, Poland is at the forefront of diversifying its payment options for its people and the economy’s needs. If you check out Poland’s e-payment market, such as online shopping, you’ll be amazed at the stats.

Despite online shopping taking some time before establishing itself, Poland’s B2C e-commerce market stands at a staggering  €11 billion, a modest 1.9% of the overall European e-commerce market.

Poland’s payment portfolio boasts reputable methods. The Poles are spoilt for choice from the global Visa and Mastercard to the home country’s online bank transfers, Dotpay and Przelewy24.

Another local payment method that’s becoming a favorite among people is Blik. This innovative and intuitive platform offers a fast and convenient way to pay for your purchases. Better yet, you’re not limited to e-commerce only in your online transactions. If you’re an avid casino player, you can play online casino with Blik by carrying out deposits and withdrawals using this safe and secure platform.

Working your way through the Blik app features a few straightforward steps. First, ensure Blik is available in the bank’s app of your choice. Follow by confirming your smartphone has a stable internet connection and you’re good to go. Wait for a one-off six-digit Blik code that will initiate your payment through your bank.

Some of the benefits you’ll reap from Blik include sending money to a phone number, withdrawals, and deposits at an ATM without using a payment card and paying for shopping in the store in case you don’t have your wallet. Also, with an SSL encryption code and a pre-approved transaction in the banking app, your security is guaranteed.

Along its wake, Blik has some notable awards to its name. 2021 seemed a great year for the company as it bagged several awards. It won the Invest Cuffs 2021 – Fintech Category, eDukat 2021 – Company of the Year of the Cashless World, Top Marka 2021 – Electronic Payments Category, and Effie Awards 2021 – Silver Award in the React and Defend Category.

As you can see, Blik has proved its worth to the people, and scooping several awards affirms its influence. It has come up as a new payment method that seeks to give traditional payment options a run for their money, literally, and leave a mark as the future for online payments.


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