Get Apple’s Flagship iPhone 15 Pro Max for Free This Black Friday

Apple’s most advanced iPhone yet can be yours for free when you sign up for Boost Infinite’s unlimited data plan.

No Trade-In Required

Unlike most iPhone deals, this one from Boost Infinite doesn’t require you to trade-in an old device. Simply sign up for their $60 per month unlimited data plan for 36 months, and you’ll get the iPhone 15 Pro Max for free.

Packed with Cutting-Edge Features

The iPhone 15 Pro Max lives up to its ‘Pro’ name with features galore. It has the best battery life of any iPhone, stellar cameras including a new 5x telephoto lens, a super-fast A17 Bionic chip, and a lighter titanium frame. The new iOS 17 software unlocks experiences not found on other iPhones.

Long-Term Value

While $60 per month is not the cheapest unlimited data plan, it is competitive. And you are essentially just paying for the service, not the phone. With Apple’s track record for long-lasting iPhones, the 15 Pro Max should easily last the 3-year commitment.

Act Fast to Score this Free iPhone 15 Pro Max Deal

Supplies are likely limited for this tempting Black Friday iPhone deal. Act now to score a free 256GB iPhone 15 Pro Max with Boost Infinite’s unlimited data plan.


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