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Ways to Lookup Birthdays on the Internet

Are you searching for ways to look up birthdays on the internet? This article is dedicated to discussing just that. Birthdays are an integral part of our existence and celebrating them with family friends and loved ones is an amazing experience.

With these steps, you stand a very good chance of being a part of the person’s birthday celebration. The web is a great source of information and knowledge and in today’s world, information is king. This then means that you have a pool of choices to pick from for that birthday search.

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People Search Tools

 Information that can help you on your search is name, phone number, physical address, username, email address, and business name. You can search with any of these details from a number of sites. Not all sites support searches with all of these as you will see.

A Google Simple Search

This is the world-leading search engine and a simple search from here might produce the desired outcome. Searches are possible with any of the above details. To look up from here, just enter your search data and search.

Caution must be exercised through name searches. Popular or common names bring back a huge result making it impossible to go through them all.

The solution to this is to add more information to your search. This can be a middle name, age, or location. This will filter the search to a manageable figure.

There are other search engines that you can use like Yahoo, Bing, and DuckDuckGo. They too offer free searches with the above-listed options.

Lookup from Social Media

Social media sites such LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Myspace can be considered for a birthday search. Users create profiles and post messages on them. If you are friends with the person on any of such platforms, you can visit their profile or bio and search from there. Some social media users do include their date of birth information on their profiles although it is not mandatory.

You can also search for someone on social media platforms if you are not friends as they come with a search bar. Find the search bar, type your search information, and search.

Users also post messages or pictures on their birthdays at times on these platforms. Friends, family, or colleagues are others that might post congratulatory messages on social networks. Going through the messages over the past year might prove fruitful.

Another way that can give a birthday on social networks is tagged. Users sometimes tag their friends on such platforms as they celebrate birthdays.

Lookup from People Finder Sites

People finder sites offer people searches. These sites collect data on people and offer it to the public through searches. They support searches with the above-listed options. It is possible to conduct free people searches on them but detailed reports might cost you. This is because some of the information did cost them.

People Finders, Spokeo, Intelius, Pipl, Been Verified, and US Search are perfect examples of such sites. These sites have search fields where you can enter your search query according to the information you have.

Lookup from Public records sites

Birth, death, marriage, divorce, court, land, criminal records, and other types of records are available from public records sites. They gather some of their birth records these records from government departments and churches.

Background Checks, Brb Publications, State Ancestry, and Public Records are some of the sites you can try out for a search. These sites have search fields which you can search from. There are also record categories that you can search with. For more public records sites, type ‘public records’ on any search engine, and you are set.

These are some of the options there are on ways to look up birthdays on the internet. Searching with a number of options plus a number of different places will increase your chances of success.

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