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40 Best Christmas Cities in Australia 2023: Enjoy Christmas Better than Ever!

Best Christmas cities in Australia 2023

Finding the perfect place to celebrate Christmas can be a bit of a puzzle, especially if you’re looking for an experience that’s both traditional and unique. If you’re yearning for Yuletide cheer with a twist this 2023, Australia might just be your ideal festive destination.

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With its blend of sun-soaked beaches and vibrant city festivities, it promises a Christmastime like no other.

Did you know that in Sydney alone, the Central Business District transforms into a glittering wonderland as early as December 5th? This is just one exciting tidbit about celebrating Christmas Down Under, which boasts everything from seafood marathons to beach picnics amid summer’s warmth.

In this article, we’ll unwrap the Best Christmas Cities in Australia 2023. Get ready to embrace the merry vibes Aussie-style!

Content Highlights
  • Sydney starts it’s Christmas light displays on December 5th, with beautiful sights like the lights at St. Mary’s Cathedral. People also enjoy singing carols there.
  • Melbourne offers Carols by Candlelight at Sidney Myer Music Bowl on Christmas Eve and has a big Christmas festival with sweet treats and fun events.
  • Brisbane has a colorful Christmas Parade from December 14th to 23rd in Queen Street Mall and other festive events like ballet performances and movies on the beach.
  • Adelaide turns into a European-style holiday spot with the Hahndorf Christkindlmarkt, where you can find traditional food stalls, decorations, and crafts.
  • In Perth, families celebrate by having barbecues on the beach or cruising along the coast for different Christmas activities.

Celebrating Christmas in Australia

Best Christmas cities in Australia 2023

Christmas in Australia is a unique blend of sunny weather, outdoor activities, and festive traditions. From beach barbecues to carol sing-alongs, the holiday season Down Under offers a diverse array of experiences for locals and visitors alike.

Let’s explore how Australians celebrate Christmas and what you can expect when visiting during this special time of year.

Climate and culture

Australia’s summer brings Christmas cheer. Imagine hot days and warm nights, perfect for beach fun and outdoor parties. This is a time of joy where Aussies embrace the sunny season with open arms.

The culture in December shines bright with gift-giving, festive decorations, and families gathering for big meals. Think shrimp on the Barbie and fresh fruit rather than snowmen or hot cocoa.

City streets buzz with music, markets light up with colors, and laughter fills the air as everyone gets into the spirit of celebration.

Popular traditions

Moving from the warm beaches and unique climate, Christmas in Australia is full of joy with its own set of popular customs. Cities light up with sparkling decorations, and families gather to enjoy the season.

Sydney sets the scene with its stunning light displays at St. Mary’s Cathedral, starting on December 5th. People come together to sing carols under the lights—a sight that fills hearts with warmth.

In Melbourne, you can’t miss Carols by Candlelight on Christmas Eve. This event has been happening for over 80 years! Imagine sitting outside at Sidney Myer Music Bowl, holding candles, and singing along with thousands of others.

It makes for an unforgettable night. Meanwhile, Brisbane brings festive fun to Queen Street Mall with its very own Christmas Parade. From December 14th through the 23rd, this parade spreads holiday cheer throughout the city.

Travel considerations

Before you pack your bags for a Christmas trip to Australia, it’s smart to think about travel insurance. It can help with extra costs, like if you need a faster flight home, an ambulance, or if your luggage gets lost.

The weather in Australia changes a lot too. For example, Sydney got really hot one day in March 2023—over 40 degrees! So make sure to watch the weather news and bring clothes for warm and cool days.

It’s also best to be ready for rain or big winds that might come up. If you go swimming at the beach, stay safe by swimming where there are flags and lifeguards watching. Since Australians love celebrating during Christmas and New Year’s Eve, remember not to drink too much alcohol and know what the local rules are about drinking.

Enjoy your holiday without worries by keeping these travel tips in mind as you explore all the amazing places Australia has to offer this festive season!

Best Christmas Cities in Australia 2023: 6 Major Cities

Discover the magical festive experiences in major Australian cities, from Sydney’s Harbor Lights and Festive Nights to Melbourne’s Carols, Culture, and Christmas Cheer. Here we’re mentioning 6 best Christmas cities in Australia 2023:

City Highlights Unique Features
Sydney Harbor Lights, Festive Nights, Beach Celebrations Christmas at the beach with a mix of sun, sand, and traditional charm.
Melbourne Carols by Candlelight, Christmas Festival Cultural fusion, extravagant celebrations, and vibrant street scenes.
Brisbane Christmas Parade, Nutcracker Ballet, Beach Cinema Colorful parades, enchanting ballet, and cinematic beach experiences.
Adelaide European Christmas, Hahndorf Christkindlmarkt Transformative European wonderland, festive markets, and culinary journeys.
Perth Coastal Celebrations, Christmas Cruises Unconventional coastal festivities, beachside barbecues, and outdoor adventures.
Canberra Christmas Markets, Culinary Delights Enchanting markets with unique gifts, delightful treats, and limited venue dining experiences.

Sydney: Harbor Lights and Festive Nights

Sydney shines bright during Christmas with its harbor lights and festive nights. The city’s CBD comes alive with twinkling lights, lively street performers, and impressive displays at St. Mary’s Cathedral.

Families and friends gather to share in the joy as the holiday spirit fills the air.

On Christmas Day, many people head to beaches like Bondi and Cronulla for picnics and a swim. Imagine celebrating under the sun on soft sand while others are bundled up in snow gear! Sydney offers a unique twist to traditional Christmas festivities by mixing beach fun with classic holiday charm.

Melbourne: Carols, Culture, and Christmas Cheer

Transitioning from Sydney’s Harbor Lights and Festive Nights, we land in Melbourne, a city that truly embodies the spirit of Christmas with its renowned Carols by Candlelight event at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl on Christmas Eve.

The Melbourne Christmas Festival is an extravagant celebration, offering delightful experiences like indulging in sweet treats and exploring unique pop-up events. This vibrant city brings together a fusion of cultures and traditions during the festive season, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for both locals and visitors to revel in the joyous holiday spirit.

Melbourne also boasts an array of cultural activities, such as traditional carol singing events, art exhibitions, and theatrical performances that capture the essence of Christmas. Additionally, wandering through Melbourne’s bustling streets adorned with dazzling decorations becomes an experience in itself; it’s impossible not to be caught up in the infectious festive cheer.

Brisbane: Parades and Festive Performances

Brisbane comes alive with the festive spirit during Christmas. From December 14th to 23rd, Queen Street Mall hosts a vibrant Christmas parade, showcasing the city’s colorful celebrations.

Additionally, cultural events like the Queensland Ballet’s enchanting performance of The Nutcracker and the delightful Christmas Beach Cinema at South Bank add an extra touch of magic to Brisbane’s holiday season.

Adelaide: A European-Inspired Christmas

Adelaide transforms into a European Christmas wonderland with the Hahndorf Christkindlmarkt offering traditional food stalls, festive decor, and artisan crafts. This enchanting market captures the spirit of a European Christmas, providing an immersive experience for locals and visitors alike.

Additionally, in Adelaide Hills and Barossa, popular cellar doors present special festive menus paired with exquisite wines, creating a memorable culinary journey during the holiday season.

The Hahndorf Christkindlmarkt is known for its authentic atmosphere that transports visitors to a traditional European Christmas setting. Here, you can relish the sights and scents of yuletide celebrations while savoring delectable treats from around the world.

Perth: Coastal Celebrations and Cruises

Perth is one of the best Christmas cities in Australia for 2023. It’s known for its beautiful coastline and offers a variety of activities during the festive season. Travelers can enjoy coastal celebrations and cruises as part of the unique Christmas experiences in Perth.

Families, foodies, or anyone looking for an unconventional holiday can savor beachside barbecues, outdoor adventures, and scenic road trips in this Western Australian city.

The festive atmosphere combined with Perth’s stunning coastal landscape makes it a popular destination during Christmas time. Whether you’re seeking relaxation by the sea or thrilling water-based activities, Perth has something to offer everyone looking for a memorable Christmas celebration.

Canberra: Market Magic in the Capital

Canberra is enchanting during Christmas, offering a range of delightful markets. Among them are the Undercurrent Design Market, the Canberra Christmas Market, and the Old Bus Depot Markets.

These markets showcase unique gifts, delectable treats, and festive decorations that encapsulate the holiday spirit. Visitors can immerse themselves in the magic of Christmas while strolling through these vibrant marketplaces, brimming with local craftsmanship and holiday cheer.

Additionally, it’s essential to plan ahead for Christmas Day dining in Canberra, as venues are limited. Booking early at recommended spots like Marble & Grain and Rydges Capital Hill ensures a memorable culinary experience amidst the city’s festive ambiance.

Christmas in Coastal Cities

[Video Credit: @CandiceMoll]

Experience the magic of a coastal Christmas in cities like Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Whitsundays, and Port Douglas. Find out about their unique festive celebrations and beachside holiday experiences that will make your Christmas truly unforgettable!

Gold Coast

The Gold Coast in Australia is a popular Christmas destination known for its sun, sand, and outdoor fun. Families, food enthusiasts, and travelers flock to the Gold Coast to enjoy beach barbecues, explore outdoor adventures, and admire the dazzling Christmas lights along the coast.

With its inviting beaches and array of activities, the Gold Coast offers a unique holiday experience that appeals to people of all ages.

Whether it’s building sandcastles on the golden shores or taking part in festive events around town, the Gold Coast provides an ideal setting for creating memorable Christmas moments with loved ones.

Byron Bay

Byron Bay, a beloved coastal city in Australia, is a must-visit destination during the Christmas season. Its stunning beaches set the perfect scene for beachside barbecues and outdoor adventures.

The city also boasts local wineries and eateries, offering visitors a unique culinary experience. Admire Christmas lights throughout the city or embark on scenic road trips to add that extra festive touch to your holiday getaway.

Byron Bay promises an array of activities and experiences, making it one of the top festive Christmas destinations in 2023.


After exploring the festive charm of Byron Bay, head to the picturesque Whitsundays for a coastal Christmas experience like no other. With their stunning white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters, the Whitsundays offer a serene backdrop for holiday celebrations.

You can indulge in unique festive events such as beach barbecues, tropical-themed parties, and sunset cruises around the breathtaking islands.

The Whitsundays are associated with Christmas in coastal cities in Australia. The region’s natural beauty provides an idyllic setting for unwinding and embracing the festive spirit amidst palm trees and gentle sea breezes.

Port Douglas

Port Douglas is famous for its stunning beaches and clear waters, making it an ideal spot for beach picnics and swimming on Christmas Day. This coastal city in Australia offers a perfect blend of sun, sand, and exciting outdoor activities during the summer months.

It’s no wonder that Port Douglas is a popular destination for Kiwis looking to travel to Australia during the festive Christmas season. With its picturesque coastline and warm climate, Port Douglas provides an unforgettable setting for a memorable holiday celebration.

Whether you’re seeking relaxation by the sea or adventurous water sports, Port Douglas has something for everyone. The combination of beautiful natural surroundings and festive holiday spirit makes this coastal city a must-visit destination during the Christmas season.

Christmas festivals in other unique and charming towns

Experience the charm of Christmas in lesser-known towns like Hobart, Mudgee, Yungaburra, and Mallacoota. Each town offers its own unique festive atmosphere and events that are sure to leave a lasting impression on your holiday season.


Hobart, one of the best Christmas cities in Australia for 2023, offers unique and charming Christmas festivals. From the famous Salamanca Market to the sparkling waterfront at Constitution Dock, Hobart comes alive with festive spirit during the holiday season.

The city’s picturesque setting becomes even more enchanting with delightful Christmas-themed events that are sure to captivate visitors and locals alike.

The city’s European influence adds a special touch to its Christmas celebrations, making it a must-visit destination during this magical time of year. With its rich history and stunning natural beauty, Hobart promises an unforgettable Christmas experience for everyone who visits.


Mudgee, a charming town in Australia, is known for its delightful Christmas festivals. Here, visitors can enjoy heritage train journeys and immerse themselves in the festive spirit unique to this picturesque location.

The town offers a blend of tradition and modern celebrations, making it an ideal Christman destination for those seeking an authentic Christmas experience.

With its rich history and warm community, Mudgee welcomes travelers to partake in memorable holiday events that capture the essence of Australian Christmas traditions. Whether exploring the local markets or taking a heritage train ride through the scenic landscapes, Mudgee promises a heartwarming celebration for all who visit.


After exploring the charm of Mudgee, venture to Yungaburra for an unforgettable Christmas experience. This unique town is renowned for its festive ambiance, making it a popular destination during the holiday season.

Families and travelers seeking a special Christmas celebration are drawn to Yungaburra’s picturesque setting and array of delightful activities. Visitors can revel in heritage train journeys, adding an extra touch of nostalgia to their Christmas getaway.

Yungaburra’s distinctive atmosphere creates an inviting space where the spirit of Christmas abounds. From festive events to its cozy surroundings, this charming town promises a merry and memorable holiday experience like no other.


Moving from the charming town of Yungaburra to the coastal beauty of Mallacoota, this hidden gem offers a unique Christmas experience. Nestled in Victoria’s East Gippsland region, Mallacoota boasts stunning beaches, tranquil lakes, and lush forests.

The festive season here is celebrated with a relaxed beachside vibe, where locals and visitors come together for community events and enjoy outdoor activities such as fishing, boating, and bushwalking.

Mallacoota’s Christmas markets showcase local artisans’ crafts and delicious regional produce. Visitors can immerse themselves in the laid-back coastal lifestyle while savoring fresh seafood or picnicking by the water’s edge.

25 Other Best Christmas Cities in Australia 2023

We know you want more and that’s why here are an additional 25 Best Christmas cities in Australia 2023 for you. 

  1. Darwin: Embrace the tropical Christmas vibes with outdoor festivities, Christmas markets, and waterfront celebrations, making it a unique Christmas experience in the Northern Territory.

  2. Cairns: Enjoy a tropical Christmas in Cairns with events like the Carols by Candlelight at Fogarty Park and festive markets featuring local arts and crafts.

  3. Townsville: Immerse yourself in the holiday spirit with the Townsville Christmas Festival, featuring dazzling light displays, family-friendly activities, and a festive atmosphere along The Strand.

  4. Newcastle: Discover the charm of Christmas in Newcastle with events like the Carols by Candlelight at King Edward Park and the Christmas Spectacular at the Foreshore.

  5. Wollongong: Experience a coastal Christmas with Wollongong’s festivities, including the Christmas Parade, Carols by Candlelight, and vibrant celebrations at the Crown Street Mall.

  6. Geelong: Celebrate Christmas by the bay with Geelong’s Waterfront Christmas, featuring a Christmas tree light-up, festive markets, and family-friendly activities.

  7. Ballarat: Immerse yourself in the historic charm of Christmas in Ballarat, where Sovereign Hill transforms into a winter wonderland with traditional decorations, festive performances, and a Christmas market.

  8. Launceston: Enjoy the festive atmosphere in Launceston with the Christmas Parade, Carols by Candlelight, and the Christmas Producers Market offering local holiday treats.

  9. Albury-Wodonga: Experience the holiday spirit on the border of New South Wales and Victoria with Christmas markets, community events, and the Albury Carols by Candlelight.

  10. Mackay: Celebrate Christmas in tropical Queensland with Mackay’s community events, festive markets, and the Carols by Candlelight at the Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens.

  11. Toowoomba: Delight in the charm of a country Christmas in Toowoomba with the Wonderland of Lights at Queens Park, festive markets, and the Carols by Candlelight event.

  12. Bunbury: Enjoy a coastal Christmas in Bunbury with festive activities, markets, and the Christmas in the City event, bringing holiday cheer to the heart of Western Australia.

  13. Geraldton: Experience a Western Australian Christmas in Geraldton with community events, festive markets, and the Geraldton Foreshore Festival, offering a joyful celebration by the sea.

  14. Rockhampton: Celebrate Christmas in the tropics with Rockhampton’s festive events, including the Riverside Christmas Carols and the magical lighting of the city’s Christmas tree.

  15. Alice Springs: Embrace the unique Outback Christmas experience with events like the Carols by Candlelight in Alice Springs, featuring a backdrop of the stunning Red Centre landscape.

  16. Bendigo: Experience a Victorian Christmas in Bendigo with the lighting of the Christmas tree in Rosalind Park, festive markets, and the joyful Bendigo Carols by Candlelight.

  17. Broome: Enjoy a coastal Christmas in Broome with Cable Beach’s Sunset Carols, showcasing the beauty of the Kimberley region against the backdrop of a breathtaking sunset.

  18. Shepparton: Immerse yourself in the festive spirit in Shepparton with the Merry Moments Christmas Festival, featuring markets, live entertainment, and the lighting of the Christmas tree.

  19. Port Macquarie: Celebrate Christmas on the New South Wales coast with Port Macquarie’s festive events, including the Christmas Carnival and the Carols on the River.

  20. Kalgoorlie: Experience a golden Christmas in Kalgoorlie with the city’s festive lights, community events, and the Christmas Parade, bringing holiday cheer to the heart of Western Australia.

  21. Devonport: Delight in a coastal Christmas experience in Devonport with the Light the Night Christmas Parade, festive markets, and the Carols by Candlelight on the foreshore.

  22. Traralgon: Celebrate Christmas in regional Victoria with Traralgon’s Christmas Festival, featuring a festive parade, markets, and the lighting of the town’s Christmas tree.

  23. Dubbo: Experience a country Christmas in Dubbo with the festive atmosphere of the Dubbo Carols by Candlelight, community events, and the lighting of the city’s Christmas decorations.

  24. Bathurst: Embrace the holiday spirit in Bathurst with the Carols by Candlelight event at Machattie Park, festive markets, and the joyous lighting of the town’s Christmas tree.

  25. Nowra: Celebrate a coastal Christmas in Nowra with events like the Christmas Race Day, festive markets, and the Carols in the Park, creating a festive atmosphere for locals and visitors.

Christmas Island: Australia’s Unique Festive Gem

Escape to the tropical Christmas paradise of Christmas Island, where you can experience rare wildlife encounters and a unique festive atmosphere like no other. Immerse yourself in the island’s stunning natural beauty and enjoy a truly unforgettable holiday season.

Rare wildlife encounters

Christmas Island is not only known for its beautiful coastal views but also for its unique wildlife encounters during the festive season. The most remarkable of these encounters is the migration of bright red crabs, a sight that dazzles visitors every December.

Witnessing this natural wonder adds an unforgettable touch to your holiday experience. Additionally, Swell Lodge offers fully inclusive packages with glass-fronted chalets providing stunning Christmas Island coastal views, ensuring an exceptional and intimate encounter with nature.

During the festive season on Christmas Island, you can witness various rare bird species and reptiles in their natural habitats. This makes it an excellent destination for wildlife enthusiasts looking to embrace the magic of Christmas while being surrounded by captivating and extraordinary fauna.

Tropical Christmas Experience

Christmas Island in Australia offers a unique tropical Christmas experience. The island’s stunning natural beauty and warm climate create an unforgettable holiday vibe. Visitors can enjoy delightful activities such as snorkeling, diving, and encountering the island’s exceptional wildlife.

If you find yourself tired of traditional winter Christmases, why not imagine spending your holidays amid palm trees and sunny beach days? With its tropical charm and exciting adventures, Christmas Island can genuinely offer a one-of-a-kind festive season!

December Delights: Special Events to Look Out For

Experience the unique Christmas Day traditions in Australia, ranging from barbecue afternoons in Aussie style to the magical Moonlight Cinema under the stars. Don’t miss out on witnessing the Penguin Parade phenomenon or partaking in the festive celebrations at Federation Square and the Moomba Festival in Melbourne.

Christmas Day Traditions

On Christmas Day in Australia, families and friends often gather for a day filled with outdoor activities. It’s common to have a barbecue lunch or picnic at the beach, indulging in traditional Aussie favorites like prawns, seafood, and pavlova.

The warm weather encourages people to spend time outdoors, enjoying games and sports such as cricket or swimming. Some may head to the coast for a relaxing day on the beach, while others opt for nature walks or hiking to take in the natural beauty of Australia during this festive season.

As evening approaches, many Australians continue their celebrations with family dinners that include roasted ham or turkey along with seasonal fruits and vegetables. Before winding down for the evening, gift-exchanging and story-telling typically take place around the Christmas tree.

If you’re interested in learning about unique Christmas traditions from other parts of Australia, keep reading as we delve into special festivities found across different cities and towns!

The Penguin Parade Phenomenon

Australian Christmas isn’t just about traditional celebrations; it’s also a time to witness natural wonders. One such phenomenon is the famous Penguin Parade on Phillip Island. This captivating event draws tourists worldwide, offering a rare chance to observe adorable little penguins waddling ashore at sunset.

Providing an unforgettable experience, visitors can choose premium options such as the Ultimate Adventure Tour or the Penguin Plus viewing platform, which offer close encounters with these charming creatures in their natural habitat.

The parade stands as a reminder of the essential conservation efforts required to protect these vulnerable penguin species, making it an unmissable experience for wildlife enthusiasts and families seeking a magical Christmas adventure.

Barbecue Afternoons, Aussie Style

After witnessing the enchanting phenomenon of the Penguin Parade, immerse yourself in the laid-back Australian lifestyle with a classic barbecue afternoon. It’s an integral part of Australian culture, especially during Christmas.

Head to one of Australia’s scenic beaches or picturesque parks where you can mingle with locals and savor delicious grilled meat and seafood while enjoying the warm weather.

To add an authentic touch to your Australian barbecue experience, sample some traditional “bush tucker” like kangaroo or emu sausages alongside popular favorites like lamb chops and prawns.

Moonlight Cinema Under the Stars

When the sun sets and the Christmas lights twinkle, Australians gather for a unique festive experience: Moonlight Cinema Under the Stars. This special event allows visitors and locals to enjoy classic holiday films in the open air, creating an enchanting atmosphere under the night sky.

Families, friends, and couples come together with their picnic blankets and snacks to savor this outdoor movie tradition while immersing themselves in the joy of the season. With a backdrop of stars above and a warm breeze in the air, it adds an extra touch of magic to Australia’s Christmas celebrations.

Planning Your Australian Christmas Getaway

When planning your Australian Christmas getaway, consider the available accommodation options, budgeting for activities and gifts, and essential packing items to ensure a memorable holiday experience.

Now let’s delve into the ultimate Christmas city guide for 2023 to discover the top picks for unforgettable celebrations and hidden gems for an unconventional holiday season.

Accommodation tips

Looking for accommodation during your Australian Christmas getaway? Sydney’s CBD has various options to choose from. In Brisbane, you can find hotels and holiday apartments suited for the festive season.

Seeking a traditional European Christmas experience? Hahndorf in Adelaide offers cozy bed and breakfast options. Or consider staying near Mandurah’s riverside houseboats in Perth for a unique Christmas stay.

Melbourne provides a range of accommodations, perfect if you’re attending the Carols by Candlelight event.

In addition to these highlights, visitors looking to enjoy festive-inspired menus and wine pairings at popular cellar doors will find a variety of accommodations available in the Adelaide Hills and Barossa.


When planning your Christmas getaway in Australia, budgeting for travel insurance should be a priority. Ensure that you review the terms and conditions of the policy to understand coverage and make an informed decision.

It is important to prioritize safety and financial protection during your holiday travels.

Consider additional expenses such as accommodation, transportation, and festive activities when creating your travel budget. Researching and comparing prices for accommodations can help in finding affordable options while still enjoying a memorable Christmas experience in Australia.

Essential packing items

When planning your Australian Christmas getaway, it’s essential to pack for all seasons and be ready for unpredictable weather. Make sure to bring lightweight clothing for the warm days and warmer clothing for cool evenings or unexpected cold snaps.

Additionally, don’t forget sun protection like hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen since Australia experiences high UV levels. Pack comfortable walking shoes for exploring festivals and markets, as well as a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated during your holiday adventures.

It is also advisable to carry a travel insurance policy that covers potential additional expenses due to extreme weather events or medical emergencies while you enjoy the festive season in Australia. If you’re interested in Christmas markets in Europe then read the linked article. 

The Ultimate Christmas City Guide for 2023

Discover the top picks for memorable Christmas celebrations and hidden gems for an unconventional holiday season in Australia. Whether you’re seeking bustling city festivities or a more laid-back coastal retreat, there’s something for everyone to embrace the festive spirit Aussie-style.

Top Picks for Memorable Christmas Celebrations

Sydney is a top pick for witnessing the spectacular Harbor Lights and enjoying festive nights with stunning light displays at St. Mary’s Cathedral. Embrace the Christmas cheer in Melbourne by attending the Carols by Candlelight event at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl, an iconic celebration of culture and music.

Experience Brisbane’s vibrant Christmas Parade on Queen Street Mall, adding to the joyful atmosphere with performances and parades.

Adelaide offers a unique European-inspired Christmas with its Hahndorf Christkindlmarkt, while Perth invites you to celebrate coastal traditions with joyful cruises and beachside festivities.

Hidden Gems for an Unconventional Holiday Season

Looking for an unconventional holiday season in Australia beyond the famous cities? Consider hidden gems like Mudgee, where charming wineries and cellar doors offer a unique Christmas experience.

Yungaburra is another gem with its enchanting Christmas events set against the backdrop of heritage-listed buildings and lush surroundings. Mallacoota, nestled along Victoria’s coast, offers a tranquil escape with its serene beaches and abundant wildlife, perfect for a laid-back festive celebration.

In addition to popular city destinations, these hidden gems provide an offbeat yet delightful way to celebrate the holiday season. Whether it’s exploring boutique wineries, embracing heritage charm, or unwinding on peaceful coastal shores, these lesser-known locales promise a memorable Christmas getaway amidst idyllic settings.


Here we’ve explained the  40 best Christmas cities in Australia 2023 and it’s time for you to get ready to experience an unforgettable Christmas in Australia! From vibrant cities to charming coastal towns, the Land Down Under offers a diverse array of festive celebrations that capture the essence of an Aussie-style holiday season.

Dive into the cultural delights of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, and Canberra for a unique yuletide experience like no other. Unwind on the stunning beaches of the Gold Coast, Byron Bay or Port Douglas for a relaxed coastal Christmas vibe.

Don’t miss out on exploring the hidden gems in Hobart, Mudgee, Yungaburra, or Mallacoota for an unconventional yet enchanting holiday escape. Prepare yourself for an extraordinary December filled with captivating events and experiences that will make your Australian Christmas getaway truly exceptional.

Pack your bags and get set to savor every moment as you embrace the festive spirit of Aussie-style!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Now learn about some FAQs on the best Christmas cities in Australia 2023

1. Where is the best place to celebrate Christmas in Australia?

Some of the best places to spend Christmas in Australia include Bondi Beach, where you can have fun in the sun, and Gembrook for a ride on the Puffing Billy train. You can also visit Victor Harbor or enjoy the Gold Coast beaches like Surfers Paradise and Burleigh Heads.

2. What is on in Melbourne Christmas 2023?

You can discover the magic of Christmas in Melbourne 2023 with 12 unique activities. Enjoy festive events like Melbourne’s Winter Wonderland, the Festival of Lights, and the Melbourne Myer Christmas Windows. Explore Santa’s Village, Christmas markets with artisan stalls, and festive street decorations.

3. Can I experience a traditional white Christmas in Australia?

No, because the climate in Australia is warm during December. Places like Lord Howe Island offer beautiful summer weather instead of snow.

4. Are there any special Christmas events on trains in Australia?

Yes! Enjoy festive rides on the Ghan Railway through central Australia, or take a trip on the Pichi Richi Railway near Quorn for an old-time adventure.

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