Active Living is Important as People Age

When people hear “physical activity,” they often focus on the word “physical.” In reality, maintaining an active physical life has various mental health benefits, too.  

As people age, the benefits of an active life become even more important. They need to keep up their balance, strength, and flexibility, but it also improves their mood, memory, and overall sense of well-being. 

Physical activity needs to be suited to the participant. For older adults, it’s usually better to avoid intense and even dangerous sports. Incorporating manageable active living in daily life can bring lots of joy along with mental and physical health benefits!

Let’s check out a few approaches older adults are taking to keep their minds and bodies healthy.

Active Living Communities

Staying in a living community like All Seniors Care provides onsite amenities catering to a range of physical needs and helps older adults stay fit and find friends. Everything is easier and more enjoyable when you do it with like-minded people, and being surrounded by older adults enjoying the exercise areas and pools make physical exercise a breeze.

The leading retirement homes offer group classes and various workouts, like yoga, Tai Chi, and dance. After older adults work up a sweat, they can complement their healthy, active routines with nutritious and delicious meals and snacks. 

Older adults will have an easier time sticking to healthy, active habits when people around them also take them up and when their living facilities make it effortless.

Go for a Bike or a Walk

Getting some fresh air outside can have a profound impact on how we feel. Centuries of poets have praised long walks for how they stimulate the brain and improve our mood. Even a short, easy bike ride can be a very exciting thing as older adults feel the wind through their hair as they pass through their local community.

You don’t need to hike or bike up a mountain to enjoy physical and mental stimulation. Take on a suitable level of intensity for your body and level of experience, and enjoy! 

Look for a walking or cycling club near you to find neighbours looking to keep active. You can make some new friends. Any activity is more fun when you’re doing it with company. 


There’s something about water that has an almost magical hold on people. If you stand at the shore of any huge body of water, you’ll see people transfixed, staring out at the point where the water and the sky meet. 

Our bodies are half-made of water. Swimming offers older adults an excellent activity that improves muscular strength, flexibility, and cardio. 

It’s a low-impact activity sensitive to people’s joints. As you feel the endorphins rush as you swim, those nearby will see a smile inevitably take over your face. 

For older adults, an active lifestyle can be blended into daily activities. Connect with other older adults looking to keep their minds and body fit, and you’ll feel better as you age.


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