Important Details of 863 Area Code [Latest Updates]

Struggling to navigate the complexities of the 863 area code in Florida? You’re not alone, and it’s important to remember that this exclusive area code covers a range of cities, such as Lakeland, Winter Haven, and Haines City.

This blog post breaks down everything you need to know about the 863 area code – from its history and service areas, NXX analysis, benefits for businesses using this code, census data insights, permissive dialing information and FAQs.

Ready with your notes? Let’s dive into south-central Florida’s telephonic landscape!

Overview of the 863 Area Code

863 area code

The 863 area code is located in south-central Florida and covers cities such as Lakeland, Winter Haven, and Haines City.

Service area

The 863 area code serves a big part of Florida. It covers cities like Lakeland, Winter Haven, and Haines City. These are all in Florida. This is the only area code that serves this special place.

More places have the 863 area code too! Counties such as Polk, Hardee, Highlands, Glades, and Hendry use it. Some other cities that use it are Avon Park, Sebring, and Okeechobee. The 863 area code also reaches out to Polk, Highlands, Hardee, and DeSoto Counties in Florida. If you want to explore more about other area codes, then check this article – 855 area code. 

ZIP codes served

The 863 Area Code offers service to a variety of ZIP codes. Some of these ZIP codes include:

  1. 33820 or Alturas
  2. 34265 in Arcadia
  3. 34266, also in Arcadia

Cities in the area code

The 863 area code covers several cities in central Florida and the Florida Heartland. These cities include:

  • Lakeland
  • Winter Haven
  • Haines City
  • Bartow
  • Lake Wales
  • Sebring
  • Clewiston
  • Avon Park
  • Arcadia
  • Poinciana

Understanding the NXX Analysis for 863 Area Code

Learn how carrier assignment, usage type, provider distribution, and active phone number prefixes (NXX) play a role in the 863 area code. Discover the fascinating details behind phone numbers in this region.

Carrier assignment

The carrier assignment for the 863 area code is important to understand who provides phone services in that area. There are many carriers associated with this area code, including Globalstar USA, Embarq Florida, and New Cingular Wireless.

These carriers are responsible for providing phone service to different parts of the 863 area. In fact, there are a total of 507 NXXs (the first three digits of a phone number) assigned to these carriers in the 863 area code.

Some popular wireless carriers in this area include Sprint, Verizon Wireless, and Cingular Wireless. So if you have a phone number with the 863 area code, it’s likely serviced by one of these providers or their affiliates.

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Usage type

The 863 area code is used for different types of telecommunication services. This includes landline phones and wireless services, such as cell phones. Companies like Globalstar USA Inc., Embarq Florida Inc., and New Cingular Wireless Pcs, Llc are associated with providing these services in the region.

So, whether you’re using a traditional phone line or a mobile device, the 863 area code covers various usage types to meet your communication needs.

Provider distribution

Several companies provide phone services in the 863 area code. These include Globalstar USA, Inc., Embarq Florida, Inc., and New Cingular Wireless Pcs, Llc. These companies are responsible for distributing around 7,920,000 phone numbers in the area code.

The distribution of these numbers is constantly updated to accommodate new codes as needed. The NANPA oversees this process and collects data and information on area codes like 863.

Active phone number prefixes (NXX)

The active phone number prefixes (NXX) in the 863 area code help identify individual customer lines. Here are some important things to know:

  • The NXX analysis focuses on active phone number prefixes in the 863 area code.
  • This analysis helps understand the distribution and usage of phone numbers within the area code.
  • The NXX (central office prefix) is a three-digit code that follows the area code and helps assign individual customer lines.
  • Different companies or providers may have different NXX codes within the same area code.
  • Each NXX code can be assigned to multiple telephone exchanges or central offices within the service area.

Benefits of a Business Phone Number with the 863 Area Code

863 area code

Having a business phone number with the 863 area code offers benefits such as private personal numbers, professional voicemail services, and the ability to set specific business hours.

Private personal numbers

You can keep your personal phone number private by using an 863 area code phone number for work. This way, you can manage your personal and professional communications without giving out your personal number.

It’s a convenient option that allows you to maintain privacy while staying connected with clients and colleagues in the 863 area code region.

Business voicemail

Users can easily customize their voicemail messages for their business phone number with the 863 area code. Talkroute offers thousands of phone numbers with different area codes, including the 863 area code, for businesses to set up their voicemail services.

With a full business phone service plan in the 863 area code, users can have personalized and professional voicemail greetings. This allows businesses to provide a professional image to their customers and clients even when they are not available to answer calls.

So, whether it’s after hours or during busy periods, having a customized voicemail message helps ensure that callers receive important information and feel confident leaving messages.

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Business hours

Business hours for phone services in the 863 area code may vary depending on the provider. It’s important to check with your specific provider to know their exact business hours. However, virtual phone number services like ours typically offer round-the-clock support and service for businesses.

This means that you can expect assistance and access to your virtual phone number at any time, regardless of the hour or day. Whether it’s answering customer calls, managing voicemails, or accessing call logs and analytics, our virtual phone service ensures that your business is always connected and available to customers.

So even if you operate outside traditional business hours, you can still provide professional customer service with a business phone number in the 863 area code.

Virtual Phone Numbers in Florida’s 863 Area Code

Learn about the benefits of having a virtual phone number in the 863 area code and how it can enhance your business communication.

Quick facts about the service

The virtual phone number service in the 863 area code offers some important features and benefits. Let’s take a look:

  • Users can obtain a virtual phone number with the 863 area code through WiFi.
  • The service allows users to customize voicemail messages and business hours for their virtual phone number.
  • When choosing a virtual phone number, there are many options available in the 863 area code to select from.
  • With KeKu virtual numbers in the 863 area code, users can make free outgoing calls to the contiguous USA.

Benefits of a virtual phone number

A virtual phone number in the 863 area code can be beneficial for businesses in several ways:

  1. Authenticity: Having a virtual phone number with the 863 area code creates a sense of authenticity for businesses operating in Florida.
  2. Cost-effective: A virtual mobile number with the 863 area code allows for free outgoing calls to anywhere in the contiguous USA, saving businesses money on long-distance charges.
  3. Increased accessibility: Virtual numbers can be set up to receive calls from anywhere and anytime, making it easier for customers or clients to reach businesses. This reduces dropped calls and ensures better accessibility for teams.
  4. Flexibility: By using a virtual phone number, businesses have more flexibility in managing their communications. They can choose to route calls to different devices or departments, ensuring that every call is directed to the right person or team.
  5. Convenience: With a virtual phone number, there’s no need to rely on traditional landlines or physical phones. Calls can be received and managed through an online account, making it more convenient for businesses to stay connected wherever they are.

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Moving an existing business phone number to the 863 area code

You can easily move your business phone number to the 863 area code in Florida.

Vanity phone numbers

Vanity phone numbers are a special type of phone number that spell out words or phrases. In the 863 area code, you can get a vanity number for your business to make it easy for customers to remember.

PhoneNumberGuy offers a variety of vanity numbers specifically for the 863 area code. For example, if your business is in Lakeland, Florida, you can choose a vanity number with the digits that correspond to LAKELAND.

Having a catchy and memorable phone number can help your business stand out and attract more customers. OpenPhone also allows users to have a local phone number with the 863 area code, so you have options when it comes to getting a vanity number for your business in this area code.

Area Code 863 Census Data

Area code 863 is located in south-central Florida and covers the following counties:

  • DeSoto
  • Glades
  • Hardee
  • Hendry
  • Highlands
  • Hillsborough
  • Lake
  • Lee
  • Okeechobee
  • Orange
  • Polk
  • Sarasota

The largest cities in area code 863 are:

  • Lakeland
  • Winter Haven
  • Haines City
  • Sebring
  • Bartow

According to the 2020 US Census, the total population of area code 863 is 2,720,930. The median household income is $58,848.

Race and ethnicity:

  • White: 74.2%
  • Black or African American: 14.6%
  • Hispanic or Latino: 17.4%
  • Asian: 2.8%
  • American Indian or Alaska Native: 0.4%
  • Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander: 0.1%
  • Two or more races: 2.7%


  • Under 18: 23.9%
  • 18-64: 64.2%
  • 65 and over: 11.9%


  • High school diploma or equivalent: 88.6%
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher: 24.3%


  • In the labor force: 61.9%
  • Employed: 57.8%
  • Unemployed: 4.1%


  • Below the poverty line: 14.7%


  • Homeowner rate: 69.6%
  • Median home value: $255,000


  • Drive alone to work: 81.2%
  • Take public transportation to work: 2.9%
  • Walk to work: 1.1%
  • Work from home: 10.2%

Permissive Dialing for 863 Area Code

Permissive dialing was implemented when the 863 area code was introduced to allow callers time to adjust to the new code.

Introduction of the area code

The area code 863 is used for telephone numbers in south-central Florida. It was introduced on September 21, 1999, and covers several counties in that region. With the addition of this new area code, telephone customers in seven counties were able to use it for their phone numbers.

This helped meet the growing demand for phone services in the area. Whether you live or do business in south-central Florida, having a phone number with the 863 area code allows you to connect with others locally and beyond.

Map and Time Zone for Area Code 863

The map of the 863 area code covers several counties in central Florida, including Polk, Highlands, and Hardee. The time zone for this area code is Eastern Standard Time (EST). Find out more about the location and time zone by reading the full article.

Location map

The location map for the 863 area code is really helpful because it shows us exactly where this area code covers in Florida. It includes cities like Lakeland and counties such as Okeechobee, Highlands, DeSoto, Hendry, Hardee, Glades, and Polk.

This map is often used when people want to look up phone numbers in the 863 area code. So if you need to learn more about this area code or its coverage area, just look at the location map!

Time zone information

The 863 area code is located in the Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) timezone. This means that if you’re in an area with this area code, you need to adjust your clocks accordingly. The state of Florida, where the 863 area code is found, has a population of around 18.8 million people.

So, if you’re calling someone in this area code or scheduling a meeting, make sure to account for the time difference.

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Common Questions about 863 Area Code

Get answers to common questions about the 863 Area Code, from zip codes and cell phone usage to text message capabilities. Discover everything you need to know about this area code and its services.

Zip codes

The 863 area code covers various zip codes in Florida. For example, one of the zip codes associated with this area code is 33820, which belongs to Alturas, Florida. Another zip code linked to the 863 area code is 34265, which pertains to Arcadia in DeSoto County, Florida.

These are just a couple of examples among many zip codes served by the 863 area code.

Country code

The country code for the 863 area code is +1. This means that if you are calling a phone number with the 863 area code from outside of the United States, you will need to dial “+1” followed by the seven-digit phone number.

The country code is used to identify which country a phone number belongs to when making international calls. It’s important to include the correct country code when dialing a phone number to ensure that your call reaches its intended destination.

Cell phone usage

Cell phone usage is a topic that often comes up when talking about the 863 area code. While this article doesn’t provide specific data or statistics about cell phone usage, it does address frequently asked questions related to cell phones and the 863 area code.

So if you’re wondering about things like text message capabilities or how to use your cell phone in this area, keep reading because we’ve got you covered!

Text message capabilities

Text message capabilities are an important aspect of the 863 area code. With a phone number in this area code, you can send and receive text messages just like with any other phone number.

This is useful for both personal and business purposes. Whether you need to send a quick message to a friend or communicate with your customers, having text message capabilities with your 863 area code number makes it easy and convenient.

You can stay connected and keep up with important conversations right from your phone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Check some commonly asked questions about 863 area code in the section below.

1. What areas does the 863 area code cover?

The 863 area code covers parts of central Florida, including cities like Lakeland, Winter Haven, and Sebring.

2. Can I keep my current phone number if I move to an area with the 863 area code?

Yes, you can usually keep your current phone number when moving to an area with the 863 area code. Contact your phone service provider for more information on transferring your number.

3. Are there any recent updates or changes related to the 863 area code?

For information about recent updates or changes related to the 863 area code, it is best to check with your local telephone company or visit their website for the latest news.

4. How do I dial a phone number with the 863 area code from outside that region?

To dial a phone number with the 863 area code from outside that region, you would need to include the country’s international calling prefix (e.g., +1 for calls to the United States) followed by 863 and then the desired seven-digit phone number.


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