7 Facts about Online Casinos You Probably Didn’t Know

Like other things we do on the Internet, online gambling is here to stay. It has become part of our everyday life and no one is surprised by its popularity, let alone its existence. It’s very convenient for those who prefer it. You don’t have to care about your wardrobe or traveling expenses, fitting it into your schedule is easier, etc. 

But there are some things about online gambling even its biggest fans probably don’t know about. That’s why in this article we bring you seven facts about online casinos you probably didn’t know. 

1. Online casinos are almost as old as the Internet itself 

Some aspects of our life took their sweet time before being accessible online. Even remote work probably wouldn’t reach its best form yet if it wasn’t for the pandemic. 

But the casino industry has always been progressive. So, it is no wonder the first online casinos were available to players as early as 1994. That’s just three years after something as basic today as email was used for the first time. Of course, it will take some time for them to develop into these modern establishments with high technology and specialties like different types of casino bonuses. But they had an early start which is probably one of the reasons why they are so good today.

2. You have more options when gambling online 

Old-school casinos have space limitations so they have to choose wisely which games to offer and how to distribute them around the premises. Online casinos don’t have this problem. They can accommodate any game as long as they have suitable technology available, that is why you have more options with online gambling.

Additionally, if a game at some point is not too popular, in the online world it doesn’t take space or bother anyone. It will just wait to become fashionable again. So a gambler that prefers less popular games still can find them. In a brick-and-mortar casino, it would probably be removed to avoid taking space in vain. 

3. Slots are now mostly played online

If you ever had a chance to see the original slot machine, you know that they looked like they had one arm. The player was supposed to pull that arm (it was a lever) and hope that it brings them a win. This earned them the nickname one-arm-bandit. 

But that’s now part of history and a tale to be told. Because not only slot machines lost their arm in the recent past, they moved almost completely online. 90 % of gamblers who play slots are doing so in online casinos. So now it’s just a player and his device, and the bandit is no more. 

4. There are places where only online gambling is legal

Have you ever heard ABBA’s song Money, Money, Money? If you did, you probably heard Monaco being mentioned in it together with Las Vegas as a great place to gamble. And indeed, brick-and-mortar casinos in Monaco are truly magical places. 

But only tourists can try their luck there – for locals, it’s forbidden. This is because casinos are created with the idea to bring income to the principate. And that wouldn’t be possible if the Monacosques are spending money in the local casinos.

This is where online gambling comes into the picture. It’s still not regulated by law in the Principate of  Monaco. So the locals can easily go online, choose an offshore casino and try their luck there. 

5. 11 % of people in the USA gamble at least once a month 

When we said online gambling is popular we meant it. Because the statistics show that 11% of people in the USA are gambling online at least once a month and 9% at least once a week. This is a pretty high percentage. Especially considering the number of activities we have the options to do online in this day and age.

6. Blackjack is the most popular game in online casinos

As we said, slots are now played almost exclusively online. But that still doesn’t make them the most popular choice of those who gamble online. They prefer blackjack instead. 

This is probably because this game is played quickly, which adds to the excitement. And to win you need a combination of luck and knowledge. This kind of balance seems to be just what the players need. 

7. Technical issues in a casino can cost you your winnings 

Online gamblers must take into consideration Internet connection problems while playing or bugs in the apps and programs they use. Such things might cost them their win, but it’s worth the risk, just like gambling itself. 

However, online casinos are not ready to risk a bug costing someone to win undeserved. That’s why they have terms and policies and state clearly what happens in case of a technical glitch. A couple of years ago a player didn’t know about this. He won and the casino said it’s due to a technical problem so he won’t get the cash. And even though he tried and took them to court, he lost because they were prepared. There was a  small print stating what happens in situations like this. 

Wrap up 

Online gambling is fun, practical, and easily accessible. But as popular as it is, there are still some fun facts about it that you never guessed. We hope you enjoy reading about them.

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