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2023 Year in Review: Top Sports Events, Shockers, News, and Rumors

2023 Year in Review

In the ever-spinning world of sports, 2023 has been a year loaded with high-energy games, unexpected twists, and rumors that spread faster than a sprinter on the track. From groundbreaking mergers in golf to women’s soccer making waves, fans have witnessed history being made and records being shattered.

You might be feeling overwhelmed trying to keep up with all that’s happened; there is just so much going on!

One big move this year was Lionel Messi lighting up the stadiums across the United States, creating what some are calling ‘Messi Mania.’ His arrival really shook things up in American soccer circles.

This blog post will serve as your play-by-play guide to catch you up on all the significant events and gossip from 2023’s sports scene. By reading further, you’ll feel like an insider without having to dig through tons of articles yourself.

Get ready for a recap that scores big!

Content Highlights

  • LIV Golf, PGA Tour, and DP World Tour merged with Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund’s backing on June 6th.
  • Women’s World Cup faced pay gap controversies; players earned more than before but still less compared to men.
  • ESPN launched ‘ESPN Bet’, combining sports viewing with betting.
  • The Washington Commanders sold for $6.05 billion, becoming the most expensive sports team ever.
  • T20 cricket may join the Olympics as rising costs impact the entire sports industry.

Major Sporting Events of 2023

top sports events 2023

From the LIV-PGA merger in Saudi Arabia to the controversy surrounding the Women’s World Cup, 2023 was filled with major sporting events that made headlines. The bankruptcy of DSG and its impact on the RSN industry, Messi Mania in the US, Ronaldo’s move to the Saudi Pro League, ESPN’s launch of a betting business, and fan discontent at the Rugby World Cup were just a few events that captured the sports world’s attention.

LIV-PGA merger in Saudi Arabia

The LIV Golf, PGA Tour, and DP World Tour made a big move in 2023. They joined together into one big company on June 6th. This new team-up was all about business and making their golf games even better.

The Public Investment Fund from Saudi Arabia helped this happen by giving money to the LIV Golf Series. They didn’t stop there; they also put more cash into the new company that came from this merger.

With this change, golf fans saw some exciting things. There were more games and bigger prizes for players. The idea was to make golf super popular around the world. Next up, let’s look at what happened with women’s soccer at the Women’s World Cup!

Women’s World Cup controversies

Moving from golf to soccer, the Women’s World Cup also faced its share of challenges. FIFA decided not to take sponsorship money from Saudi Arabia for the event. This was a big deal because people had strong opinions about it.

Many thought it was good that FIFA said no to the money.

At this World Cup, women players got more money than before but still less than men. They earned 25 cents for every dollar men made for playing at their own World Cup. Even though this is better than in 2019, when they made less than eight cents per dollar, some people were not happy with the gap.

Injuries took some top players out of the game too. Fans felt sad they could not see all their favorite players compete because injuries like ACL tears kept them away. One player missing was Simone Magill, who hurt her knee badly and couldn’t play in the tournament.

The bankruptcy of DSG and its impact on RSN industry

Bally Sports owner Diamond filed for bankruptcy, and it shook up the RSN industry. This big change hit hard during 2023. Lots of people found their screens went black when they tried to watch their favorite sports.

It was a mess because these outages messed up watching games for many months.

This trouble made it hard for TV companies to show live games, which is a huge part of what they do. Fans got upset because they couldn’t see their teams play. The whole industry had to figure out new ways to deal with this problem.

Messi Mania in the US and Ronaldo’s move to Saudi Pro League

Soccer took center stage with two huge moves. Fans went wild for Lionel Messi in America. He joined Inter Miami CF and helped them win the League Cup. This sparked “Messi Mania” across the country, as everyone wanted to see him play.

Cristiano Ronaldo also made headlines with his big move to the Saudi Pro League. A lot of money was spent bringing top players from Europe to Saudi Arabia, but Ronaldo was the star catch.

His move showed how serious Saudi teams are about becoming soccer leaders.

ESPN’s launch of betting business

ESPN Bet officially launched in 2023 following the network’s confirmation of direct-to-consumer plans. This move saw ESPN partner with Penn Entertainment to rebrand its sportsbook as ‘ESPN Bet’, integrating betting into the sports media landscape.

The launch is expected to impact major sporting events, providing an avenue for fans to engage with their favorite games beyond traditional viewership.

This development marks a significant shift in ESPN’s business strategy and opens up new opportunities for fan engagement during live sports events. With this launch, ESPN aims to tap into the growing market of sports betting while enhancing the overall experience for sports enthusiasts.

Rugby World Cup and fan discontent

In a transition from sports betting, 2023’s Rugby World Cup was characterized by unsatisfied fans. The absence of some top players due to injuries impacted the level of competition in the tournament.

This led to dissatisfaction among fans, affecting the overall experience of the event. Moreover, World Rugby approved plans for a new international league competition that is set to launch in 2026, indicating potential impacts on major rugby events and fan experiences in the future.

2023 Year in Review Sports: Shocking News and Rumors

2023 year in review sports rumors

WWE’s unexpected sell to Endeavor, Pac-12’s disarray, the formation of the most expensive sports team with the Washington Commanders, and the F1 grid division regarding Andretti’s bid are just a few of the shocking news and rumors that made headlines in 2023.

These developments have certainly kept sports enthusiasts on their toes throughout the year.

WWE’s sale to Endeavor

Endeavor, a global entertainment company, acquired WWE. This move aimed to utilize WWE’s wide-reaching “flywheel” for future growth opportunities. With WWE hosting over 200 events annually across 180 countries and boasting a massive fanbase of 1.2 billion people, the acquisition aligned with Endeavor’s strategic goals.

WWE’s strong financial performance and anticipated record revenue for 2023, which allude to enormous potential for growth under Endeavor’s ownership, had an impact on the decision.

Pac-12’s disarray

The Pac-12 college athletic conference is in a difficult situation. Five of its members have left, and there’s no deal to show games on TV next year. The departure of these five members has made things uncertain for the Pac-12.

This leaves only four schools in the Pac-12. Without a TV deal, it’s not clear how people will be able to watch their favorite college teams play next season. This uncertainty puts the future of the Pac-12 in doubt.

More major sports news unfolded throughout 2023, with shocking events and rumors that kept fans on their toes.

Formation of most expensive sports team: Washington Commanders

The Washington Commanders became the most expensive sports team when it was sold for $6.05 billion to an ownership group including billionaire Josh Harris. This made it the largest sale of any NFL team, promising fans a “championship-caliber team” under new ownership.

In September 2023, the Washington Commanders’ home opener was a sellout, despite their lack of success on the field during that season. The high ticket sales reflected fans’ excitement and anticipation for what the future holds under the new ownership.

F1 grid division regarding Andretti’s bid

Andretti Autosport wants to join F1 in 2023. This has split the existing teams and stakeholders. Some support Andretti’s bid, but others are against it. The disagreement is causing tension among everyone involved with F1.

WTA’s return to China despite Peng Shuai controversy

The WTA plans to resume tournaments in China, despite the unresolved situation involving Chinese tennis player Peng Shuai. This decision has sparked debates in the sports community about athletes’ safety and human rights in China.

The controversy surrounding Peng Shuai casts a shadow over the WTA’s choice to return to China amid ongoing concerns about her well-being and freedom, raising questions about the organization’s stance on these critical issues.

This move by the WTA has reignited discussions at the intersection of sports, politics, and human rights, prompting many to question the decision amidst unanswered questions regarding Peng Shuai’s situation.

Viaplay’s retreat after unsuccessful expansion

Despite WTA’s return to China amid the Peng Shuai controversy, Viaplay is facing financial challenges leading to its retreat from the UK sports broadcasting market. The decision signifies a significant shift in Viaplay’s business strategy as it focuses on the Nordics and Netherlands, marking an end to its unsuccessful expansion efforts.

This move comes as the CEO of Viaplay has been replaced and the company has downgraded its financial outlook. Moreover, with Premier Sports acquiring Viaplay’s UK business, it further underscores Viaplay’s reconsideration of its expansion strategy and emphasizes a pivotal juncture for the future direction of its sports broadcasting focus.

Viaplay’s exit from the UK market not only impacts its current operations but also raises questions about how this will shape their business path moving forward amidst potential recapitalization discussions and a delayed financial release for Q3 2023.

Major Sports Developments in 2023

major sports events in 2023

The emergence of influencer-owned brands in sports sponsorship, increased valuation of women’s sports teams, and the MLB’s new rules and World Series ratings are just a few of the major developments in the sports industry in 2023.

To find out more about these game-changing events, keep reading!

Increased valuation of women’s sports teams

Investment in women’s sports teams soared in 2023, leading to a notable increase in their valuations. This surge is evident through India’s WPL setting new commercial benchmarks for women’s sports and the NWSL securing a US$240 million TV deal.

Furthermore, expansion teams for Boston and the Golden State Warriors also underline the rising valuation and investment interest in women’s sports.

This increased valuation reflects growing recognition of the value and potential of women’s sports, attracting significant investment and media attention. Rising valuations indicate a positive trajectory for the future of women’s sports as they continue to gain prominence and financial backing on par with men’s sports.

Buzzer and Recast’s downfall as sports tech startups

Buzzer and Recast, two sports tech startups, faced tough times in 2023. The challenging financial climate made it hard for them to stay afloat. Increased investor scrutiny added to their struggle.

This downturn sheds light on the difficulties of thriving as a sports tech startup.

Moving on to the next major sports development in 2023, “Emergence of influencer-owned brands in sports sponsorship,”

Emergence of influencer-owned brands in sports sponsorship

In sports sponsorship, influencer-owned brands are gaining prominence. More and more sports teams and events are teaming up with these brands for partnerships. For example, Prime X FC Bayern is now the official hydration partner of FC Bayern München, showcasing the increasing influence of such brands in the sports industry.

This trend reflects a shift toward leveraging the reach and impact of influencers to capture audience attention and drive engagement.

As influencer marketing continues to grow in significance, it’s reshaping the traditional landscape of sports sponsorship. These partnerships not only bring fresh perspectives but also introduce innovative marketing approaches.

Commonwealth Games existential crisis

The Commonwealth Games face a big problem. Victoria, the host for the 2026 Games, pulled out. Now they need to find a new host. This might delay the event until 2027. Originally, the budget was AUS$2.6 billion but increased to nearly triple that amount.

Alberta also canceled its bid for hosting in 2030. Gold Coast in Australia withdrew its bid for hosting in 2026 as well. These changes put the future of the Commonwealth Games at risk and make finding new hosts very important.

Netflix’s debut in live sports

Netflix made a big move in 2023 by venturing into live sports broadcasting. This step has shaken up the traditional sports media landscape and could change how people watch games in the future.

The decision by Netflix to enter live sports is seen as a significant development that can impact how sports content is consumed, showing the company’s intention to expand beyond its original programming.

The MLB’s new rules and World Series ratings

The MLB introduced new rules that helped boost attendance, marking a 9.6% increase and the highest level since 2017. Despite this positive trend, World Series ratings hit an all-time low.

In November 2023, the Texas Rangers claimed their first World Series title by defeating the Arizona Diamondbacks in five games.

Moving forward to The Future of Sports, significant developments are expected to shape sporting events and news in the coming years.

The Future of Sports

The hosts of the World Cups in 2030 and 2034, as well as the potential inclusion of T20 cricket in the Olympics, will influence the future of sports. Rising costs in the sports industry will also have a significant impact on how sports are developed and consumed in the future.

2030 and 2034 World Cup hosts

Saudi Arabia is set to host the 2034 FIFA World Cup, supported by the Asian Football Confederation.

  • Australia has decided not to bid to host the 2034 FIFA World Cup, leaving Saudi Arabia as the probable host.
  • FIFA has confirmed that the 2034 World Cup will take place in Asia or Oceania.
  • The Public Investment Fund (PIF) has acquired ownership of four clubs in the Saudi Pro League, attracting extensive attention in the sports world.

Olympic inclusion of T20 cricket

T20 cricket has hit a significant milestone by being included in the Olympics. This is a big deal for the sport and is expected to bring in new fans from all over the world. The decision shows how diverse sports are becoming and how they can capture people’s attention on a global scale.

By being part of the Olympics, T20 cricket will gain more recognition and acceptance, showing its ability to engage audiences worldwide.

Rising costs in the sports industry

The sports industry is witnessing a surge in costs, impacting teams, leagues, and events. With player salaries skyrocketing and technological advancements demanding hefty investments, the financial landscape of sports is evolving rapidly.

Additionally, the growth of women’s sports has led to increased expenditures on marketing and infrastructure. The embrace of new technologies such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence also adds to the mounting expenses faced by organizations.

As game-changing developments unfold across various sporting disciplines, stakeholders are compelled to adapt to this shifting economic paradigm. Teams are navigating these challenges through strategic partnerships, while leagues resort to innovative revenue streams for sustainability.


In 2023, sports experienced mergers and controversies. There were shocking news and rumors, including WWE’s sale to Endeavor. Major developments included the rise of women’s sports team valuations.

The future holds changes such as the Olympic inclusion of T20 cricket and rising costs in the sports industry. Sports in 2023 were full of surprises and major shifts.

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