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Never Be Late Again: Unraveling 1700 Military Time Made Easy!

1700 Military Time

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In today’s fast-paced world, effective communication is essential, and using 1700 Military Time is a surefire way to reduce confusion when discussing time.

This professional method stems from the 24-hour clock system that simplifies and standardizes scheduling across international borders. In this blog post, you will learn all about military time – its history, advantages, differences from standard timekeeping systems, and how to easily incorporate it into your daily life for enhanced efficiency.

Key Takeaways

  • Military Time, also known as the 24-hour clock system, is used to represent time using a unique four-digit number for every hour of the day.
  • One of the primary advantages of using Military Time is its consistency and accuracy in communication across different countries and industries worldwide.
  • Converting regular time to military time involves adding or subtracting 12 hours depending on the time of day and minutes are pronounced as they would be in standard time.
  • Incorporating Military Time into everyday life can help make scheduling easier, and communication more effective globally with anyone who speaks English without any ambiguity regarding specific times while avoiding misinterpretation.

Military Time

What Is Military Time?

Military Time is a timekeeping system that utilizes a 24-hour clock to represent time, with each hour of the day being assigned its own unique four-digit number.

Definition And History

Military time, widely known as the 24-hour clock system, dates back to ancient civilizations that used such methods for tracking time on astronomical events.

The modern version of military time, however, gained popularity during World War I when militaries needed a clear and concise way to communicate exact hours without confusion between AM and PM.

The term “military time” itself stems from the association with armed forces worldwide due to their round-the-clock operations. This method of measuring time is based on counting all 24 hours of the day rather than using two groups of 12 hours denoted by AM or PM.

As it eliminates ambiguity between daytime and nighttime hours, accuracy is greatly improved while reducing potential errors caused by miscommunication.

Differences Between Military Time And Standard Time

Distinguishing between military and standard time is crucial in understanding the 24-hour clock system. The table below highlights the key differences between the two formats.

Military Time

Standard Time

Uses a 24-hour clock system

Uses a 12-hour clock system

Eliminates the need for AM and PM designations

Requires AM or PM to differentiate between daytime and nighttime hours

Expressed without a colon

Typically includes a colon to separate hours and minutes

Time begins at 0000 (midnight) and ends at 2359

Time begins at 12:00 AM (midnight) and ends at 11:59 PM

1700 military time corresponds to 5:00 PM in standard time

5:00 PM is written as 5:00 PM

Becoming familiar with these differences allows for better communication and scheduling, especially when dealing with international partners or industries that rely on military time.

How Military Time Works?

Military Time works on a 24-hour clock system where each hour is represented by a four-digit number.

The 24-hour Clock System

The 24-hour clock system, also known as Military Time, is a timekeeping method that operates off a 24-hour clock. It starts at midnight (0000 hours) and ends at 2400 hours, with each hour represented by a two-digit number from 00 to 23.

Using Military Time offers several benefits over standard timekeeping methods. The primary advantage is its consistency and accuracy in communication across different countries and industries worldwide.

Naming Conventions

In Military Time, each hour is represented by a two-digit number that corresponds to the time of day. For example, 1:00 AM becomes “0100 hours,” while 10:00 PM would be “2200 hours.” To differentiate between morning and afternoon times, the military uses a “military day” that runs from midnight (0000) to noon (1200) and then begins again one minute after noon (1201), running up until midnight again.

Furthermore, in Military Time communication, it’s common practice to omit the colon that usually separates hours from minutes in standard time.

This means when referencing a specific time like 5:30 PM, you would say “1730” instead of “17:30.” So don’t worry if you see clock displays at airports or train stations that display “1725” because now you know they mean “5:25 PM”.

Pronouncing Military Time

Pronouncing Military Time can be confusing, especially if you’re not used to it. In Military Time, the hours are pronounced in a straightforward manner from zero to twenty-four.

For example, 3:00 AM is “zero-three-hundred” and 9:00 PM is “twenty-one-hundred.” When referring to minutes, they are pronounced as they would be in standard time.

Remember that Military Time eliminates the use of “AM” and “PM,” so there’s no need for confusion between morning and evening hours as we have with Standard Time.

Benefits Of Using Military Time

1700 Military Time Schedule

Using military time can result in increased accuracy and precision, create global consistency in communication, and reduce confusion between AM and PM.

Increased Accuracy And Precision

Using Military Time provides increased accuracy and precision in timekeeping. The 24-hour clock system eliminates any confusion between AM and PM, which can be critical in industries where timing is essential, such as healthcare or transportation.

Military Time ensures that schedules are adhered to accurately by specifying the exact hour and minute without requiring additional context or interpretation. In many industries, such as aviation or manufacturing, precise scheduling is vital to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity.

Global Consistency In Communication

Using military time provides a level of global consistency in communication, which is especially important in international contexts. It eliminates ambiguity and confusion between the 12-hour clock systems used in different parts of the world.

For example, say someone based in New York needs to schedule a meeting with someone based in Tokyo. If they both use their respective local times (i.e., AM/PM), it can be challenging to determine what time works best for everyone due to different time zones.

Reduced Confusion Between AM And PM

Using military time can greatly reduce confusion between AM and PM designations, which is a common problem when using standard time. With standard time, 12-hour cycles are used for both daytime and nighttime hours, with the AM/PM designation indicating whether it’s morning or afternoon/evening.

This system often leads to mistakes in scheduling and missed appointments due to misunderstandings of the designated times.

Military time eliminates this ambiguity by using a 24-hour clock system that clearly distinguishes between day and night hours. For instance, 5:00 PM is expressed as 1700 in military time, ensuring that there’s no mistake about whether it’s morning or evening.

Military Time Chart

How To Use Military Time?

To convert regular time to military time, simply add 12 hours to any PM time; for example, 5:00 PM would become 1700 in military time.

Converting Regular Time To Military Time

Converting regular time to military time is a simple process that involves adding or subtracting 12 hours depending on the time of day. Here are the steps for converting regular time to military time:

  1. For any time between 1:00 AM and 11:59 AM, simply write down the time in military format. For example, 7:30 AM would be written as 0730.
  2. For any time between 12:00 PM and 11:59 PM, add 12 hours to the hour portion of the time and write it down in military format. For example, 3:45 PM would be written as 1545 (because you add 12 to “3” which equals “15”).
  3. For midnight (12: 00 AM), write down “0000” in military format.
  4. To convert a specific minute from regular time to military time, simply write it down as is.

By following these simple steps, you can easily convert any regular time to its corresponding military time format for accurate communication in various industries that use it regularly such as healthcare and transportation.

Reading And Writing Military Time

Reading and writing Military Time can seem intimidating at first, but it is essential to understand how it works. The 24-hour clock system used in Military Time counts the hours from 0 to 23, rather than starting over at noon like the standard 12-hour clock.

For example, if it is currently 10:00 PM in regular time, it would be written as 2200 in military time. It’s also important to note that when speaking military time out loud, each digit is pronounced separately.

Common Uses Of Military Time

Military Time is commonly used in various industries such as aviation, transportation, healthcare, and emergency services. In the aviation industry, military time is crucial for flight schedules and navigation purposes.

Transportation companies also use Military Time to ensure efficient rail or bus schedules.

Additionally, emergency services such as police officers and firefighters rely on Military Time for clear communication during critical situations. It helps them avoid misinterpretation when communicating important details over radios or phone lines.

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Using Military Time

Avoid confusion by double-checking the hour and minute digits when writing or reading military time, using the correct time zone, and remembering to add or subtract 12 hours for conversion from standard time.

Confusing Hour And Minute Digits

One common mistake to avoid when using military time is confusing the hour and minute digits.

For example, if someone says 1600 military time, they mean three in the afternoon (4:00 PM). However, if someone confuses the digits and says 5100 instead of 1500, they could be referring to five in the morning (5:00 AM) by accident.

This confusion can lead to miscommunications or scheduling errors.

Using The Wrong Time Zone

One of the common mistakes to avoid when using military time is using the wrong time zone. It is crucial to ensure that you are using the correct time zone, especially when communicating with people in different parts of the world.

For instance, if you’re in New York and communicating with someone in London, it’s important to consider the five-hour difference between Eastern Standard Time (EST) and Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

To avoid this mistake, make sure you know your local time zone and the corresponding zones for other areas where communication may occur. Use online tools or apps that can help convert military time across different zones accurately.

When writing out military time, always add a letter code indicating your local timezone (e.g., 1700 EST) or spell out the full zone name (e.g., 1700 Eastern Standard Time), which helps prevent any misinterpretation by recipients in other locations.

Forgetting To Add Or Subtract 12 Hours For Conversion

When using military time, it is important to remember that a simple mistake can lead to misinterpretation. One of the most common mistakes is forgetting to add or subtract 12 hours for conversion between military time and standard time.

For example, if you read 1700 on a clock, that represents 5:00 PM in civilian time.

This mistake often occurs when individuals who are not familiar with military time try to convert it into standard time quickly without double-checking their calculations.

It can also happen when someone uses an online converter tool but fails to properly input all four digits of the military reading.

Understanding 1700 Military Time

To understand 1700 Military Time, you must know that it represents 5:00 PM in standard time and is an example of how the military uses a 24-hour clock system to avoid confusion and ensure accuracy.

Converting 1700 Military Time To Standard Time

To convert 1700 military time to standard time, you simply need to subtract 12 hours from the given military time. Here’s how:

Subtract 12 hours from 1700:

1700 – 1200 = 500

Add a colon between the first two and last two digits:

The result is now read as “5:00,” indicating it is in the afternoon or evening.

Determine whether it is AM or PM:

Since military time does not use AM/PM designations, you must look at the context of when the time is being used. In this case, since we have already established that it represents an evening hour, we know that it is PM.

Therefore, converting 1700 military time to standard time would be written as “5:00 PM” in regular time notation. It’s important to note that if you are converting other military times, you can use this same formula of subtracting 12 hours and adjusting for AM or PM accordingly based on context.

Examples Of Other Military Times

In this section, we provide a variety of examples for different military times to help you better understand the 24-hour clock system. The following table presents some examples of military times and their corresponding standard times.

Military Time

Standard Time


12:00 AM


1:00 AM


8:00 AM


12:00 PM


1:00 PM


5:00 PM


9:00 PM


11:00 PM

These examples demonstrate the differences between military time and standard time, showing how each hour in military time corresponds to a specific hour in the 12-hour clock. This knowledge will prove valuable when using military time in your day-to-day life, whether it’s for professional, personal, or travel-related purposes.

Advantages Of Using 1700 Military Time

Using 1700 Military Time can lead to improved scheduling and coordination, increased efficiency and productivity, and simplified international communication.

Improved Scheduling And Coordination

One of the biggest advantages of using 1700 Military Time is improved scheduling and coordination. With this system, everyone follows the same clock, regardless of their location or time zone.

For example, if a company in New York needs to schedule a conference call with colleagues in Europe and Asia, using Military Time ensures that everyone shows up at the right time without any confusion about AM/PM differences.

Overall, adopting Military Time can greatly enhance scheduling and coordination efforts both domestically and internationally while reducing miscommunications due to differing time systems.

Increased Efficiency And Productivity

Adopting the 24-hour clock system and using military time, such as 1700 hours, can significantly increase efficiency and productivity. This is because military time eliminates any confusion between AM and PM, making it easier to schedule meetings or appointments accurately.

For example, if you schedule a meeting for 3:00 pm but accidentally put it down as 3:00 am, this mistake could lead to significant delays or even missed opportunities. Additionally, military time is often used in industries that require around-the-clock operations.

Simplified International Communication

Using 1700 Military Time can simplify international communication, especially in an increasingly connected world. The advantage of using the 24-hour clock system is that it eliminates ambiguity between AM and PM designations, which can vary by region and country.

For instance, if somebody uses “5:00 PM” to refer to a meeting time in the United States, someone else from another part of the world may understand it as “5:00 AM.” By contrast, the use of military time guarantees clarity across borders.

Military time finds common use among professionals who work across different time zones or communicate with people overseas often, such as pilots and healthcare workers.

It’s also widely used by businesses that operate on a global scale since everyone follows the same standard format regardless of where they are located.

Tips For Using 1700 Military Time

Practice regularly, use online tools and apps for conversion, and write out the full Military Time to avoid misinterpretation. By following these tips, you’ll be able to effectively incorporate 1700 Military Time into your everyday life with ease.

Practising Regularly

Becoming proficient at using military time requires regular practice and familiarity with the 24-hour clock system. Simple techniques, such as converting everyday events from civilian to military time, can help build comfort with the system.

For example, if your favorite TV show begins at 8 PM, try converting it to its military equivalent of 2000 hours.

Practising regularly is essential for individuals working in industries that use the 24-hour clock system commonly. These include transportation and logistics companies where timing schedules are crucially important.

Using Online Tools And Apps For Conversion

Converting military time to standard time can be a bit confusing, especially for those who are not familiar with the 24-hour clock system. Fortunately, there are various online tools and mobile apps available that make this process much easier and more convenient.

These resources allow you to enter the military time in question and instantly receive its equivalent in standard time.

Using these online resources can save you valuable time and eliminate any confusion or errors that may arise when trying to convert military time on your own.

Writing Out The Full Military Time To Avoid Misinterpretation

When using Military Time, it’s important to write out the full time to avoid any misinterpretation. This means including all four digits, even if the first one is a zero.

For example, instead of writing 1700 as “17,” write it as “1700.” This eliminates confusion with other times that may have similar numbers but different meanings.

Another helpful tip is to use the 24-hour format when writing out Military Time, rather than simply adding “AM” or “PM” after the time. This avoids ambiguity and ensures that there are no misunderstandings due to regional differences in how AM/PM times are denoted.

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How To Incorporate Military Time In Everyday Life?

Learn about the origin of Military Time and find out why it’s used in certain industries, as well as how to convert military time to standard time for everyday situations.

What Is The Origin Of Military Time?

Military time has its origin in ancient civilizations, where people used the sun’s position to mark daytime hours and nighttime hours. However, the modern use of military time can be traced back to the 17th century when Europeans began using a standardized system for measuring time.

The first military organization to adopt this system was the British Royal Navy in 1914 during World War I. Since then, it has become prevalent worldwide among organizations that require clear communication and scheduling precision, such as emergency services, transportation systems, and healthcare facilities.

Why Is Military Time Used In Certain Industries?

Military time is commonly used in industries that require 24-hour clock systems, such as healthcare, aviation, and transportation. This is because these industries operate around the clock and require precision and accuracy in all aspects of their work.

For instance, military time helps doctors to communicate medication dosages and treatment schedules more efficiently without any confusion or ambiguity. In aviation, pilots use the military time to plan flight schedules accurately across different time zones worldwide.

Similarly, transportation companies depend on military time to ensure the timely delivery of goods and services across various regions.

How Do I Convert Military Time To Regular Time?

Converting Military Time to Regular Time can be confusing at first, but it’s a simple process once you get the hang of it. If the military time is less than 1200 hours (12:00 noon), then it indicates morning or AM time.

To convert this to regular time, just leave the colon where it is and add “AM” after the number.

On the other hand, if the military time is greater than or equal to 1200 hours (12:00 noon), then it represents afternoon or evening or PM time. In this case, subtract 1200 from the given military time and note down the result as your standard/human-readable hour format with “PM” added on top of that value for regular people like us who don’t use it that way usually.

In The Workplace

Using Military Time in the workplace is common in industries such as healthcare, transportation, and aviation where precise timing is critical. It eliminates confusion between AM and PM hours and ensures that schedules are accurately maintained.

For example, nurses use Military Time to record when medications are administered or vital signs are taken. In manufacturing, production schedules can be coordinated worldwide with a standardized time system like Military Time.

In addition, international companies can communicate more efficiently with global partners by using a universal time system like Military Time to avoid confusion caused by different time zones.

In Emergency Situations

In emergency situations, using military time can be a crucial factor in saving lives and avoiding confusion. For example, during natural disasters or rescue operations, precise timing is essential for coordination among first responders.

Using military time ensures that everyone is on the same page and avoids errors caused by miscommunication.

Military time’s global consistency allows for smoother communication between countries during crises like pandemics or natural disasters when collaboration across borders may be necessary.

It serves as a standard reference point across the world and helps to create efficient communication channels without language barriers that could hinder effective response efforts.

For International Travel

When traveling internationally, it’s essential to understand military time as many countries use this system. Knowing how to read and write military time can help avoid confusion and ensure punctuality for flights, train departures, or other transportation schedules.

For example, if a flight is scheduled for 1700 hours departure time and you arrive at the airport at 5:30 PM in standard time, you could potentially miss your flight.

Moreover, knowing how to convert between military time and standard time is helpful when booking accommodations or making plans with locals who use this system regularly.

It’s also worth noting that some countries have their unique way of expressing military time; for instance, Europe uses a leading zero instead of four digits to represent the hour (e.g., 0500 hours instead of 500 hours).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 

Now we’ll show you some common FAQs on this topic.

What is military time and how does it work?

Military time is a 24-hour clock system used by the military, emergency services and other industries where precise timing is critical. In this system, each hour of the day is assigned a unique number from 00 to 23, with “00” representing midnight or 12:00 AM and “23” representing 11:00 PM.

How do I convert regular time to military time?

To convert regular time (or standard time) to military time you simply add 12 hours to any hour after noon (i.e., add 12 to 1:00 PM for a result of “1300”). For hours before noon, no conversion is necessary just attach ‘AM’ unless you specifically need that information expressed in the Military Time format as well.

Why do some industries use military time instead of the standard AM/PM format?

Industries such as transportation & medical fields require precise scheduling communications between team members – which means they must be able to easily communicate exact times without causing confusion due to misunderstandings about what’s meant by terms like “7 PM” or “four o’clock”. The efficiency benefits offered by switching over completely can include reduced errors in communication while reducing potential delays caused by human error.

Is it difficult to adjust to using military time if I’m not already familiar with it?

Adjusting may take some practice but once you start thinking of all commonly-used schedules in terms of Military Time conversions vs traditional date-time formatting – most people tend to find this method easier and more efficient than trying to remember when meetings are scheduled particularly when folks come together from different parts globe! Luckily there are plenty of resources available on the internet including apps & training modules devoted entirely towards techniques which help familiarize an individual new with reading and understand Military Time/calendar data/events/etc).


Understanding 1700 Military Time and the 24-hour clock system can be incredibly beneficial, especially for those working in industries that require precision, such as the military or healthcare.

By using this system, you can avoid confusion between AM and PM, improve coordination and scheduling, and communicate effectively with others globally.

Remember to practice regularly, use online tools for conversion if needed, and always fully write out military time to avoid misinterpretation.

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