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15 Best Uncensored Animes to Watch in 2024 [Ranked]

Uncensored Anime

If you are tired of the same old censored anime content and looking for unfiltered, no-holds-barred anime experiences, you are in for a treat.

In this article, we are diving into the world of 15 uncensored anime that push the boundaries and deliver unadulterated storytelling, jaw-dropping action, and unapologetic creativity.

So get ready to enjoy the nastiest, funest Ecchi anime!

What is Uncensored Anime

Uncensored ecchi anime refers to anime series that contain explicit sexual content, nudity, and provocative themes that are not suitable for younger audiences.

These anime series often feature erotic scenes, suggestive dialogue, and fan service, which is a term used to describe content that is designed to appeal to fans’ sexual desires.

While some anime series are censored to comply with broadcasting regulations, uncensored anime series are available on various websites and streaming platforms.

Let’s have a look at these!

15 Best Uncensored Animes in 2024

Here is a quick list of the top 15 uncensored anime.

 1. High School DxD

High School DxD

High School DxD has gained attention due to its substantial adult humor, suggestive themes, and partial nudity.

Issei Hyoudou, a perverted high school student, dies on his first date thanks to a fallen angel in this story.

The episodes throughout the series contain extended scenes, such as female characters wearing minimal clothing or engaging in provocative situations.

Moreover, you will definitely enjoy unfiltered scenes like steamy pool encounters, plant attacks involving breast stimulation, and intimate interactions between the main characters throughout different arcs. In addition, you can also read an article on Yugenanime.

2. Prison School

Prison School

Well, Prison School has grabbed huge attention!

It is the story of the misadventures of five male students attending Hachimitsu Private Academy. It was formerly an elite all-girls boarding school turned coeducational institution.

The series features occasional eroticism and crude humor. Moreover, it has nasty shower scenes, attractive camera angles, and situational comedy.

This series has literally crossed the censor bars, making it one of the most popular anime among fans.

3. The Testament of Sister New Devil

The Testament of Sister New Devil

This Japanese series will amaze you with excitement and a high volume of ecchi content.

The story follows Basara Tōjō, who unexpectedly finds himself living together with two sisters—and his newly adopted younger step-sister after their father remarries.

The scenes are so nasty that even they have shown visible nudity focused on cleavages, bare backsides, and partially revealed bodies.

Trust me, this series will make you uncomfortable with its extraordinary scenes!

4. Berserk


Next on our list is Berserk, a critically acclaimed dark fantasy manga series.

It is a story about Guts, a skilled swordsman cursed with a monstrous entity named the Brand of Sacrifice. Throughout his journey, Guts crosses paths with allies and enemies alike, grappling with existential questions and struggling against fate.

Well, this series has copious amounts of nudity, sexual scenes, and somewhat disturbing scenes. It also outlines some cases of rape and traumatic memories connected to sexual abuse.

One of the forum members described it as finding some of the most twisted sex-related scenes encountered in anime.



This story talks about Kei Kurono Masaru Katô and other participants forced to participate in deadly missions controlled by mysterious spheres called GANTZ.

You will dive deep into the dark recesses of the human mind. And when talking about the uncensored content, these scenes are totally unfiltered and don’t shy away from explicit scenes.

It includes sexual content, including explicit scenes of intercourse and sexual acts. Additionally, you can also read about R Anime.

6. Kanokon


The Kanokon story follows Kouta Oyamada, a reserved first-year high school student, and his encounter with Chizuru Minamoto, a voluptuous kitsune spirit attracted to him. Together, they navigate adolescent love and deal with spirits threatening peace.

It has literally crossed the modesty line. Even though it is considered an ecchi rom-com, Kanokon has ventured close to softcore hentai territories.

Many scenes in this series are focused on building awkward sexual tension, culminating in compromising positions.

7. Kiss x Sis

Kiss x Sis

Well, this one has become recognized for its ecchi content and subsequent controversies.

It portrays Keita Suminoe and his relationship with his identical twin step-sisters, Ako and Riko, whom he meets after moving in with their mother.

There are obvious sexual scenes included, like masturbation, frontal and rear nudes, French kissing, touching, and oral simulations.

Well, trust me, there have been internet user debates on the extent of nudity presented in this series.

You May Find Interest: Popularity of Moe Anime

8. To Love-Ru

To Love-Ru

To Love-Ru is the story of a shy high school girl, Rito Yuuki. He has a hopeless crush on her friend, Haruna Sairenji. His peaceful days change dramatically once he encounters Princess Lala Satalin Deviluke, an alien runaway bride pursued by assassins.

Soon, Rito attracts affection from countless admirers, complicating his already turbulent feelings for Haruna.

There are well-visible scenes included, like oral sex, erections, lesbian interaction, and seductive gestures.

9. Maken-Ki


Maken-Ki contains numerous ecchi moments featuring partial nudity and suggestive scenarios.

There are many bath scenes, casual nude scenes, and beach scenes involved in the form of ecchi content throughout the series.

This should be on your watchlist, as it has a significant amount of nudity and also features elements of action, comedy, and romance.

10. Magic Breast Secret Sword Scroll

Magic Breast Secret Sword Scroll

This one is based on breast expansion fetishes. The plot centers around a feudal-era setting where large breasts determine social hierarchy.

Women seek magical means to enhance their bosoms, often resulting in comical yet provocative circumstances.

It is also a great watch if you are into bobbies and nasty sexual tension.

11. High School of the Dead

Highschool of the Dead

High School of the Dead features various scenes of nudity and sexuality explicitly. It’s one of the famous scenes that includes a bullet passing between Saeko Busujima’s breasts without harming her.

Moreover, there are many intimate scenes shown, like a male character groping a girl’s breast on multiple occasions, the character’s panties being seen through, exposing her bra, etc.

What’s more, the nudity shown in this series has grabbed huge attention from youngsters.

12. Monster Musume

Monster Musume

Monster Musume is an anime centered around the integration of mythical creatures into modern society.

Throughout the series, Miia’s nudity is frequent, often depicted in a non-sexual manner

It incorporates various nude scenes, including huge breasts, nude fantasies, and more explicit visuals. If you want you can also read- AI Anime Generation.

13. Strike The Blood

Strike The Blood

This story is known for its supernatural and action-packed storyline and its inclusion of fan service and ecchi elements.

It includes various instances of sexual suggestiveness, such as panty shots and erotic scenes related to blood-sucking, a characteristic of the show’s vampire theme.

14. Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid

Valkyrie Drive Mermaid

Here, you will watch a unique premise where girls can transform into weapons by kissing other girls. The opening scene of the first episode features a nude girl falling from the sky, with her breasts and genitalia obscured by light beams. Interesting right?

Moreover, the transformation scenes, where girls kiss each other to transform into weapons, often involve erotic elements and partial nudity.

15. Triage X

Triage X

The story is set in the fictional city of Tobioka, where a secret group known as “Black Label” operates to eliminate criminals who have evaded the law. We reccomend this series as it has the perfect mixture of pulse-pounding action, intense drama, and a touch of seduction.

Where to watch Uncensored Anime?

Now that you have a totally nasty list of 15 best-uncensored animes, you might wonder about sites where you can watch these uncensored animes.

Here are some of the sources where you can enjoy uncensored anime content:

  1. AnimeTake
  2. 9Anime
  3. KickAssAnime
  4. Hidive
  5. AnimePahe
  6. GogoAnime
  7. Animixplay
  8. AnimeHub
  9. AnimeFreak
  10. Nyaa

Some of these websites provide legal streams, while others host user-generated content.

Final Verdict

Each of the above-mentioned anime series has unique storytelling, artistry, and boundary-pushing themes. The bold scenes in these series will definitely amaze you and offer you an unfiltered look into the human experience.

We hope you will love this collection of uncensored anime. Which is your favorite uncensored anime?

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