Women Safety Devices: Tips to Remember While Walking Alone

Taking a walk is the most vital thing to do after a hectic day at work. Most of us would not think twice before taking a solo walk around the neighborhood or a park. But what if you had to walk alone in a deserted place? You can avoid dark areas with no lighting but what if the well-lighted areas are also devoid of people? Do not let this deter you from taking that well-deserved stroll. Always keep a women’s safety device in your person whenever you go out late at night, in a dark area, or in a deserted place.

Here are some tips you could follow to be safe while walking alone:

  1. Plan your route
  2. Make sure someone close knows your plans
  3. Always keep your phone handy
  4. Avoid suspicious places and people
  5. Keep your hands free
  6. Carry a non-violent deterrent
  7. Wear reflective clothing
  8. Learn some self-defense
  9. Remove any distractions
  10. Trust your gut

Let’s See How to Implement These Tips

1. Plan Your Route

Ensure that your walking route is pre-planned. If you are walking in an unfamiliar area, pre-planning your route will save you from getting lost. It also gives you some confidence and if you do unfortunately get lost, find the nearest gas station instead of roaming. You could try to find a supermarket or a restaurant and ask for directions.

2. Make Sure Someone Close Knows Your Plans

Do not go out at night alone without informing anyone of where you are about to go. If possible send your GPS location via various location sharing options such as WhatsApp. It may seem paranoid but someone knowing your route is a precaution that can help you feel reassured and will save you in case you come under attack.

3. Always Keep Your Phone Handy

Always keep your phone where you can quickly reach in case of an emergency. Do not stuff it in with a lot of knickknacks. Keep it in the outside pocket of your carry bag or your leggings’ pockets so you can easily reach it. Download a safety app on your phone that will helo you discreetly alert authorities in case of a mishap.

4. Avoid Suspicious Places and People

Areas that are out of the way such as alleys, deserted, and dark must be avoided as they might be riskier than a well-lit area. Sticky to lighted and busy paths and if it is familiar to you, even better. But of course, nothing should deter you from walking alone so carry a women’s safety device if you are walking in a deserted area. Under any suspicious circumstances, knock on someone/s door and express your fear but do not go inside as they could be unsafe too, you don’t know. Make them call the authorities in such cases.

5. Keep Your Hands Free

Except for a flashlight and your preferred women’s safety device, keep your hands free. If you are carrying anything put it in a backpack or a bag making it easier for you to react if someone follows you. Carrying too many bags in a dangerous situation might make you immobile so bring as many fewer bags as possible.

The Bottom Line: Women Safety Devices and Tips

There are several non-violent women’s safety devices available such as a pepper spray, mace, or a whistle. You can use the pepper spray if someone unwanted gets too close to you so keep it in an easily reachable place in your person. You can use a whistle to alert nearby authorities or people walking nearby in case of an attack. Make sure you know how to use a mace or a pepper spray to its full effect.

Reflective clothing can also be a real savior in case of an unfortunate situation in a dark area as it will be visible to cars and bikers. Do not get distracted by your phone and always be on alert. Trusting your gut instincts is always a good idea. Following these tips will keep you safe when walking alone.


1. How can technology be used for women’s safety?

Technology is a vital asset to mitigate all kinds of gender-based violence to improve protection for vulnerable people in several ways. Short Message Service (SMS) can be used to alert the police or near ones if there is a safety issue. Electronic monitoring systems allow users to identify violence-prone areas.

2. What should I carry for safety while walking?

A flashlight is the most important women’s safety device to carry while walking alone. Along with that, you could carry non-violent deterrents like pepper spray, mace, or a whistle. With a whistle, you can alert others and they can come to your aid.

3. What are some tips to follow while walking alone?

Here are some tips you could follow if and when you are walking alone:

  • Plan your route
  • Make sure someone close knows your plans
  • Always keep your phone handy
  • Avoid suspicious places and people
  • Keep your hands free
  • Carry a non-violent deterrent
  • Wear reflective clothing
  • Learn some self-defense
  • Remove any distractions
  • Trust your gut


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