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Why Does Turles Look Like Goku: The Saiyan Secret Explained

why does turles look like goku

Ever wondered why Turles, the villain from Dragon Ball Z: Tree of Might, looks so eerily similar to Goku? Fans of the series have often speculated on the uncanny resemblance between the Saiyan space pirate Turles and our beloved hero Goku. You might have come across various fan theories suggesting they might be brothers or somehow related.

While these theories catch your interest, let’s uncover the true reason behind their similar appearances. It’s not a matter of family ties or unknown relations. Instead, it goes back to the roots of Saiyan genetics and class distinctions within their warrior society. In the expansive Dragon Ball universe, the reason behind their likeness is surprisingly straightforward.

Why Does Turles Look Like Goku

Have you ever wondered about the striking resemblance between Goku and Turles? The answer lies within the confines of Saiyan genetics and narrative design. Saiyans, a warrior race to which both characters belong, possess limited genetic diversity, especially among the lower ranks. Turles and Goku, appearing as doppelgangers, stem from their origins as low-class warriors. This visual similarity is not by mere chance but a conscious choice by the creators to use Turles as a foil for Goku, thus illustrating how circumstances influence character development. We will try to discuss the possible reasons for “why does Turles look like Goku?”

Saiyan Genetics: It’s in the Blood

Saiyan genetics exhibits remarkable consistency in physical traits, particularly among lower-class warriors. This genetic homogeny is at the core of why characters such as Turles and Goku have such a startling resemblance.

Limited Gene Pool, Big Resemblance

The Saiyan race, particularly among the lower echelons, is characterized by a narrow genetic diversity. You might wonder why many Saiyans look alike, and the answer lies in their limited gene pool. Low-class warriors like Goku and Turles exhibit similar facial features and builds, pointing to a genetic blueprint that repeats itself across generations. This genetic conservation ensures that distinctive traits are prominent, resulting in a “standardized” appearance among many Saiyans.

Bardock: The Family Connection

Goku’s father, Bardock, is a quintessential example of this Saiyan phenomenon. Not only does he share the characteristic traits that mark him as a low-class Saiyan warrior, but he also shows the distinct facial features recognizable in Goku. Despite not being directly related, the likeness between Bardock, Goku, and Turles underlines the strong genetic continuity within Saiyan bloodlines, revealing how physical similarities trace back to common ancestral features.

Toriyama’s Take

Saiyan society places significant importance on the warrior class and its associated characteristics. Akira Toriyama, the creator of the “Dragon Ball” series, hinted that within the Saiyan ranks, physical attributes, especially among low-class warriors like Goku, Vegeta, Raditz, and Turles, are less diverse. It is this societal structure that has inadvertently emphasized the uniform physical traits that make Saiyans like Turles and Goku appear nearly identical.

Turles as the ‘Dark Reflection’

In Dragon Ball Z, the introduction of Turles brings forth a compelling narrative twist, presenting audiences with a character who mirrors Son Goku not just in appearance but also offers a glimpse into an alternate universe where Goku’s life took a darker path.

Who is Turles to Goku?

turles and goku comparison

Turles is not Goku’s relative or alternate dimension counterpart. Instead, he is a unique character—an independent, malevolent Saiyan who embodies what Goku might have become if his early life had swerved towards villainy. While Goku, also known as Son Goku, is the beloved protagonist celebrated for his honor and kindness, Turles reveals the potential for savagery inherent in their race. They share the same low-caste status, yet their lives unravel in opposite directions, making Turles an intriguing “dark reflection” of Goku.

Attribute Goku Turles
Rank Low-class Saiyan Low-class Saiyan
Genetic Trait Common traits among rank Common traits among rank
Symbolism Heroic nature Villainous nature

Table: Comparison Between Turles and Goku

What Do Turles Eat

Just like any Saiyan, Turles sustains himself on a food intake similar to Earth’s cuisine, but a particular fruit gains significance in his story. Turles consumes the fruit of the Tree of Might, which grants him incredible power by sapping the energy of entire planets. Through this act, Turles stands in stark contrast to Goku’s selflessness, as he demonstrates a willingness to devour resources for personal gain, regardless of the consequences for others.

By presenting Turles, the creators explore a fascinating “what-if” scenario in Dragon Ball Z, highlighting the impact of nature versus nurture on a person’s character. The deliberate parallel in appearance between Turles and Goku is not just a visual motif—it’s a narrative device that challenges viewers to consider the deeper aspects of identity and morality within the Dragon Ball universe.

Addressing Popular Fan Theories

As a Dragon Ball Z fan, you’ve likely come across various theories attempting to explain why Turles and Goku look alike. In this section, we’ll unravel these speculations and present the facts behind their similar appearances.

Brothers or Bust? Debunking the Myth

You might wonder if Turles and Goku are brothers, given their striking resemblance. However, this theory doesn’t align with the established Dragon Ball canon. The films in which Turles appears are not canon; they stand apart from the main plotline that Akira Toriyama created. Subreddit comments and online discussions often propose this brotherhood idea, but there’s no evidence in the Dragon Ball Z franchise to support a blood relationship between Turles and Goku.

Evil Goku: The ‘What If’ Factor

What if Goku had an evil twin? Turles often fills this role in fan discussions, serving as a dark mirror to Goku’s noble character. The appeal of an ‘Evil Goku‘ is undeniable; it sparks the imagination and builds upon the classic trope of a hero facing their doppelgänger. The concept of Turles being an evil version of Goku fuels fan theories and showcases their enthusiasm for exploring alternate storylines within the Dragon Ball Z universe, even if these narratives are not part of the actual series continuum.

Beyond Turles

In the expansive universe of Dragon Ball Z, character designs often serve as visual clues to lineage and potential narrative arcs. Let’s explore the phenomenon of lookalikes within the Saiyan race and how this extends beyond Turles.

Complete List of Other DBZ Lookalikes


The notion of identical appearances in Dragon Ball Z is not exclusive to Turles and Goku. Here’s a brief list of Saiyan characters sharing similar features, which may leave you pondering the intricacies of Saiyan genetics:

  • Goku and Bardock: Goku’s determination and Bardock’s tenacity are wrapped in a strikingly similar appearance.
  • Gohan and Goku: As Goku’s son, Gohan not only inherits his father’s kind heart but also his facial features.
  • Goten and Goku: The youngest son of Goku, Goten, is often remarked upon for his uncanny resemblance to his father during childhood.

The frequency of these lookalikes suggests a genetic pattern within the Saiyan bloodline, with family members and even unrelated Saiyans bearing close resemblance to each other.

Goten and the Saiyan Gene Legacy

Have you ever considered why Goten is almost a mirror image of his father, Goku? The answer might lie in the Saiyan gene. Goten has shown that the legendary fighting prowess of Saiyans is strongly hereditary. Despite his young age, Goten’s quick mastery of Super Saiyan form hints at the latent potential carried within Saiyan DNA. The genetic legacy is so potent that it shapes not only their abilities but also their appearance across generations.

bardock and goten

Moreover, beyond the simple explanation of genes, the visual similarity between characters like Turles and Goku, or Goten and his father, resonates with deeper themes in Dragon Ball Z. It subtly mirrors the paths characters might have taken, underscoring the significance of their choices and relationships with the Z-Fighters. While Turles chose a life as a space pirate and exploited the might of the Tree of Might’s fruit to increase his power, Goku’s life on Earth and connections with others led him down a markedly different path. The characters may share a face, but their journeys couldn’t be more different—a compelling reminder of what lies beyond their physical similarity.


Turles’ resemblance to Goku in Dragon Ball Z has sparked curiosity among fans. You might wonder whether there’s more to their identical looks besides a design choice. Saiyan genetics provides a canonical answer: Saiyans of lower rank possess limited genetic diversity, leading to a common appearance among them. This explains why Turles and Goku, both low-level warriors, share such a striking resemblance.

Turles serves as a dark reflection of what Goku could have become had he not hit his head as a child and changed his nature from aggressive to heroic. Is it conceivable that their visual similarity emphasizes their contrasting paths? Yes, it amplifies the narrative of Turles as the ‘what-if’ villainous version of Goku.

While some fans speculate on a familial tie, the story confirms that Turles and Goku are not blood-related. However, their shared appearance remains a potent symbolic link between them, framing Turles as an embodiment of the Saiyan legacy Goku consistently distances himself from.

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