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Top 120 DarkAnime Alternatives for Watching Latest HD Anime Series


Darkanime is a great website for people who want to watch high-quality anime with English subtitles. By looking at how the Darkanime website is set up, you can tell right away which anime are popular in general and which are popular in a certain genre. Users can now go to a site where they can look for anime to watch. If a Darkanime stream user wants to buy a premium membership, they must first make a Patron account. It means that anyone who gives money to Patreon can become a Darkanime premium member. DarkAnime is a great way to have fun because you can get to it from anywhere with an internet connection.

DarkAnime stream focuses mostly on newer titles. So, if you like the old stories, you might be a little letdown. But modern Video games are often bigger, more detailed, and more impressive than ever before. DarkAnime is one of the few websites that looks just as good on a phone as on a desktop. It is one of the best sites to stream anime because the quality is great and there is a lot of great content that you won’t find on other anime sites. It also has a huge collection of the world’s grimmest and darkest anime titles.

What is Darkanime?

Darkanime stream is a website for people who want to watch anime online in high quality and with English subtitles. The website looks very user-friendly, and it has lists of anime based on category, season, order of loading, and popularity. Users have access to a platform that makes it easy to find the movies and TV shows they want to watch.

If you want to upgrade to a premium membership on this site, you need to be a member of Patron. If you are already a member of Patron, you can upgrade your membership here. The ads, some of which are also on the homepage, make up the part of the website that makes it seem like there is only one problem. Even though adults do watch anime, users who care about the safety of their children should think about the ads that say “18+.”

DarkAnime Mobile and Desktop Experience

DarkAnime is one of those unusual websites that looks great on both a home computer and a Mobile phone. I did have some trouble with ads on my iPhone, though. This could, of course, be fixed by switching to a Premium plan (more on that in a moment). The site itself, on the other hand, looks exactly the same on my phone as it does on my laptop. That’s a great way to optimize.

It would be cool if they made an app for Dark Anime. Even more so because they do offer paid memberships. It would just make viewing on a mobile device even easier and more organized. Aside from that, though, the streaming site seems to work pretty well (as soon as you surpass the initial difficulty of mobile advertisements).

How to Access DarkAnime?

There are two ways to get to DarkAnime. Start by typing “DarkAnime” or “DarkAnime Stream” into a search engine and clicking on the first result that comes up. Make sure that it is not an ad for a competitor. Pay attention to the URL. Second, you can use this link to go straight to the website: You should know that you can’t use DarkAnime in Asian countries like India and Pakistan before you try to use it. So, if you want to get to the website from one of these places, you need to use a VPN.

It’s easy and quick to get to DarkAnime. First, you need something that can connect to the internet, like a desktop computer or a cell phone. Then, choose a browser and type in the address bar. On the homepage, there are a lot of anime shows. At the top of the page, there is also a search bar. Click on the anime you want to watch to watch it for free.

120Best DarkAnime Alternatives

Aside from that, all of these websites have important features and benefits, which is why they are becoming more and more popular. If you use them, you won’t run into any problems. From this list, you can make a schedule of sites where you can watch anime for free. Because of this, you won’t have to go to another website to find the best choice. You can watch anime on one of the sites on the list. Pick one and get going.

  1. SockShare
  6. HDRezka
  7. Gogoanime
  8. AniWatcher
  9. Anime-Planet
  11. Chia-Anime
  12. 4Anime
  13. Crunchyroll
  14. animebam
  15. JustDubs
  16. AnimeDao
  18. KissAnime
  21. AsianCrush
  23. Masterani
  24. VIZ
  25. AnimeHeaven
  26. WatchOP
  27. 7Anime
  28. AnimeFreak
  29. AnimeTake
  30. 123Anime
  31. GenoAnime
  32. AnimeNana
  33. AnimeUltima
  34. AnimeShow
  35. AniChart
  36. Animeland
  37. AnimeStream
  38. DubbedAnime
  39. Netflix
  40. AnimeKarma
  41. Anime Tosho
  42. AnimeHeroes
  43. AnimeNova
  44. Anilinkz
  45. MasterAnime
  46. NarutoGet
  47. NWAnime
  48. Funimation
  49. WatchCartoonOnline
  50. Otakustream
  51. Horriblesubs
  52. Animefrenzy
  53. VRV
  55. AnimeLab
  56. Hulu
  57. AnimeRebel
  58. HIDIVE
  59. CartoonCrazy
  60. Mangapark
  61. MyAnimeList
  62. Manga Rock

Best DarkAnime Alternatives with Details


GoGoAnime is the first site on our list of the best sites like DarkAnime. It is a site where you can watch anime online. It has a lot of anime to choose from. GoGoAnime is very popular with anime fans because, like DarkAnime, it lets them watch basketball anime series in HD as soon as it comes out. You can watch your favorite anime there, and each episode is easy to download. You can search for any anime on their site, and it will come up for you to watch or download. This DarkAnime alternative gives its services away for free so that anime fans can watch their favorite shows without any trouble.


Streaming shows, like cartoons, are becoming more and more best places for people to pay tribute. People who enjoy and understand the value of nine different anime are not hard to find. Because of this, it is usually essential to find the right streaming services. In general, 9 anime is one of the most convenient places for a lot of people to watch chia anime.

Where can I find the most trustworthy and up-to-date sites where I can watch anime in the best quality? Even though will still be useful in some ways, it would be better to have other options. So, if you ever need to offer your services, you will always have something to fall back on. We take a look at a number of important opportunities and websites where you can watch anime for free, both of which could help you with your goal.

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The best place to watch anime online for free is 4anime. If you want to watch your favorite shows online, this service has everything you could want and more. It has many benefits, like high-definition video, lightning-fast streaming, an easy-to-use interface, and helpful support staff. Anime worlds look and feel real when they are shown on high-resolution video. There are a lot of anime episodes, and they cover every genre and subgenre you can think of, including explicit hentai.


When making a list of the best sites like DarkAnime, Crunchyroll should not be left off. It is a great place for anime fans to find the most recent and up-to-date anime to watch online, which makes it a great place to watch anime. The Crunchyroll membership is well worth the price, and you can also join for free. However, the pop-up ads will be annoying, and they will keep you from watching your favorite show in peace.

Well, you have to sign up with a real email address before you can use this website fully. This website, like DarkAnime, can be translated into several languages, including but not limited to Deutsch, Italiano, and ski, English (US and UK), Espaol, Português (Brasil and Portugal), and Francis. This is probably the feature that stands out the most (France).


Like DarkAnime, AnimeFreak is a site where you can watch anime shows for free. It has all the usual anime series, and you can find the ones you want by looking at the most recent shows, the most popular anime, the series that is still going on, or by genre. The included video player has an auto-play option and lets you watch with subtitles or dubbing, follow the show, or add it to your own list of things to watch. Well, you can quickly move from one episode to the next by using the “previous” and “next” buttons. You can also leave comments below the videos if you sign up for free. If there is a problem, the user can always get in touch with the administrators.

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Chia-Anime is the next best alternative to DarkAnime on our list. It’s a great place to watch anime with English subs. The site is available in a number of countries, and it works just as well on a phone as it does on a computer browser. You can watch both old and new anime on Chia-Anime. Chia-Anime has the best anime content, including yuri, shounen, action, fantasy, isekai, seining, and a lot more.


AnimeDao is one of the best anime websites with the highest scores for video quality, ease of use, speed of loading, content availability, and reliability. And anime fans all over the world prefer it because it makes streaming smooth and uses little bandwidth. AnimeDao lets you change the quality of the video you want to watch from 340p to 1080p based on how fast your connection is. AinmeDao also has English subbed and dubbed versions of all the old and new anime series and movies.

Kissanime website

Kissanime is not only safe, but it’s also a great site for chia anime that you should think about. It has a large number of fans all over the world. Not only does it give you access to a lot of videos and shows, but it also makes sure that they are HD quality.

By doing this, it will be easier for you to get what you want in the future. While you’re at it, you’ll be able to stream your content for free in different formats, such as 240p, 1080p, and 720p. So, you might wonder if there are any other sites like Kissanime. There are, yes. As you read on, you’ll find some of the best alternatives to think about.

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AnimeLab has become very popular over the past few years. This change is part of its huge collection of movies and videos. Plus, it has nine anime in different styles, which makes it easier to find the right answer. You will also notice that it will introduce you to the materials you want whenever you need them, which is a good thing. No, it’s not safe to use AnimeLab. This site has the necessary SSL certification. This is also legal, which is a plus.


Otter Media, which is owned by AT&T, is the company that made VRV. In November 2016, it went on sale. Well, this is where you can find services for fiction, gaming, and anime channels. VRV is just one more place where you can watch anime. People who don’t want to buy a TV package but still want to watch movies and TV shows online will like this site. This DarkAnime replacement site has a lot of free channels where you can watch many different kinds of cartoons.

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Why Should You Use DarkAnime?

DarkAnime is the place to go if you want to watch anime online and have a great time. On this site, you can find all of the best anime content for free. This platform has everything, from the most popular shows to the most recent episodes of shows that are still going. You should broadcast on this platform for a number of reasons, which I will list below. Some of the best things about DarkAnime are as follows:

Fast Streaming

Several servers are used to stream a single anime episode, so there are no hiccups and it goes quickly. It also lets you stream without buffering by lowering the quality of the stream.

Free to Use

It lets you watch the newest and most popular anime for free and in great quality. It is thought by most people to be the best way to watch anime at any time and from anywhere. To watch a single anime video without lag, you can choose from a number of servers.

Great Features and Layouts

The UI of DarkAnime is easy to use and has a dark look. Also, the dark theme makes it easier on the eyes.

Daily Updated Content

The content on the DarkAnime platform is updated as often as possible. You can also get the animation in high definition.

Do You Need a VPN to Stream with Darkanime?

There is always a question that arises. Is it safe to use Darkanime? When it comes to safety, we must consider two factors: Malware and piracy of content Darkanime may include pirated content, and streaming may result in copyright infringements. So, while streaming on this site, make sure to use some of the top VPNs.

As with Malware, there will be numerous advertisements displayed while watching. As a result, if you click on the wrong ads, you risk infecting your device with harmful viruses. So, make sure you use the best Antivirus software.

Why is DarkAnime so Popular?

Even though the popularity of DarkAnime is easy to explain due to the fact that it is a free platform, that isn’t the only reason. The popularity of DarkAnime among anime fans can be attributed to a variety of factors, including its user-friendly design, endless free anime streaming, calendar view, and download options.

  • The Anime List – DarkAnime is constantly updated to provide its users with the most recent and up-to-date Dubbed Anime, Cartoons, Subbed Anime, Movies, and Ova Series content as it airs.
  • The DarkAnime service also provides subtitles for anime videos. You have complete control over whether the function is enabled or disabled.
  • Android users can download the DarkAnime mobile app to their smartphone and watch DarkAnime without interruption.

How to Install DarkAnime Mod Apk?

If you want to get on your phone, it’s easy. Just follow the steps below.

  • Look for a DarkAnime Mod APK on Google.
  • Next, you’ll see a list of all the websites that have the DarkAnime Mod APK, and you can choose one of them.
  • Open the site, and you’ll see a button that says “Download.” Click on that button.
  • After you’ve downloaded the DarkAnime MOD APK file, go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and turn it on.
  • Next, go to the file you downloaded and click on the DarkAnime APK file to start the installation.
  • After the app is installed, you can use it.

Top 55 DarkAnime of All Time

  1. Vinland Saga
  2. Made In Abyss
  3. Taboo Tattoo
  4. School Days
  5. Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka
  6. Redo Of Healer
  7. Death Parade
  8. Banana Fish
  9. Attack On Titan
  10. Samurai Champloo
  11. From The New World
  12. Black Bullet
  13. Red Garden
  14. Blue Literature: No Longer Human
  15. Ghost Hunt
  16. Ergo Proxy
  17. Tokyo Ghoul
  18. Perfect Blue
  19. Selector Infected WIXOSS
  20. Metropolis
  21. School-Live!
  22. Death Note
  23. Casshern Sins
  24. Fate Zero
  25. Full Metal Panic!
  26. God Eater
  27. Talentless Nana
  28. Future Diary
  29. Le Chevalier D’Eon
  30. Gunslinger Girl
  31. Goblin Slayer
  32. Akame Ga Kill!
  33. Mirai Nikki
  34. Another
  35. Elfen Lied
  36. No. 6
  37. Shiki
  38. Texhnolyze
  39. Psycho-Pass
  40. Hell Girl
  41. Devilman: Crybaby
  42. Jormungand
  43. Classroom Of The Elite
  44. Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust
  45. Kino No Tabi: The Beautiful World
  46. Fate/Zero
  47. Berserk
  48. Madoka Magica
  49. Terror In Resonance
  50. The Promised Neverland
  51. Hellsing Ultimate
  52. Midori: Shoujo Tsubaki
  53. Happy Sugar Life
  54. Le Portrait De Petit Cossette
  55. Higurashi When They Cry

What’s the Difference Between Anime and Manga?


Anime comes from the word “animation,” which means a cartoon. It’s a cartoony movie or TV show from Japan. Manga, which is also made in Japan, is a term for a book with still pictures. Like a comic book made in a country where English is the main language.


Most anime, but not all, come from or are based on manga, which is comic books. Most manga is based on either true or made-up stories. The way they are written and drawn makes the reader feel like they are in a fantasy world.


Anime is a mix of crazy ideas and filmmaking techniques that come together to make a movie or series that looks good. Manga, on the other hand, is a book that comes from having a creative mind and being able to tell a story that is both interesting and suspenseful.

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Is Watching DarkAnime Online for Free Legal?

It is up to the website. There are websites that have official licenses to stream anime shows online legally and give their users the chance to watch them for free. But there are also websites that do not have the rights to stream these shows. Even if there are no legal consequences for watching free anime on these sites, it is still wrong.

Pros and Cons of DarkAnime


  • You can find anime from all over the world that is very dark.
  • The price range for the premium plan is quite reasonable.
  • It has a good design for a website, with black, white, and grey as its main colors.
  • Even better, it has a great community that you can talk to while streaming. You can talk with other people who like anime.
  • On this site, you can find all the newest anime.


  • While streaming, there are now a lot more ads that are very annoying.
  • There is no app that lets you stream. So you need a browser to stream the video.
  • The domain isn’t all that stable.
  • This site is not for people who like old-school anime.

Tips that I have for Dark Anime

I want a mobile app and for the ads on the mobile site to be a bit less annoying. They got in the way of my enjoyment of the website on my phone way too much. I had to close my web browser several times to get rid of them. Advertisements are fine, especially on small sites like this one, but if you’re going to rely on them, make sure they make sense.


You can get to websites that stream anime in many different ways online. But these are the best alternatives to DarkAnime and the best sites for anime fans. Websites like DarkAnime not only have a lot of features but they can also be used to learn more and get better at learning. You don’t have to worry about your safety when you go to sites like DarkAnime because they are risk-free and don’t have anything on them that could be dangerous to your health.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Darkanime

Does Darkanime only stream dark animations?

On Darkanime streaming, you can find dark anime TV shows and movies. But that doesn’t mean that all the anime on the website are sad.

Is DarkAnime Stream Safe?

It is safe, yes. We suggest using a VPN to connect to the Internet safely. VPN lets you use your computer safely and without being tracked.

What are common devices used for watching anime online?

The most common way to watch Anime was on a TV. Anime episodes were shown on TV once a week or once a month. After that, they were put on VHS, then later on LaserDisc, and finally on DVD. But these days, OVAs (original video animations) can be bought on home video without first being shown on TV or in theaters. With the rise of services that let you watch Anime online or download it, smartphones are now the most popular way to watch Anime. Smart TVs, game consoles, tablets, and even PCs are also popular.

Is streaming Anime online better than watching it on Television?

Absolutely! First, you don’t have to stick to a strict schedule to watch your favorite show when it’s on. You can watch anime free online movies whenever you want with streaming. Second, there may be a lot of censorship on TV, which streaming sites don’t have. This makes the viewing experience better.

Is Crunchyroll free?

Yes, there is both a free and a paid version of Crunchyroll. In the free version of Crunchyroll, you can watch popular anime shows without paying anything.

Where can I watch uncensored anime legally?

Funimation, Crunchyroll, and HiDive are all legal places to watch anime that have not been edited.

Is GoGoAnime legal and safe?

No, it’s not okay to use GoGoAnime. It is against the law to stream anime from 4anime, and people who do so can be punished.

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