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What is Error Code 1204 on Paramount Plus – 5 Easy Solutions

what is error code 1204 on paramount plus

Paramount Plus, the streaming platform renowned for its vast collection of films, television series, and exclusive material, has gained significant popularity among avid entertainment consumers. Nevertheless, like any digital platform, consumers may sporadically come across technological glitches that hinder their viewing experience. An example of such an issue is the occurrence of Paramount Plus Error Code 1204.

This article will thoroughly explain what is error code 1204 on Paramount Plus. We’ll also discuss its possible origins and offer detailed remedies to assist you in resolving the issue and returning to the enjoyment of your preferred material.

What is Error Code 1204 on Paramount Plus?

What is Error Code 1204 on Paramount Plus

Let’s discuss: what is error code 1204 on Paramount Plus? Obtaining error code 1204 while using Paramount Plus signifies an authentication or logon procedure error. Errors in the Paramount Plus servers, incorrect account credentials, or connectivity disruptions could all contribute to this issue.

Guide to Resolving Paramount Plus Error Code 1204

Paramount Plus Error Code 1204 is an error message that occurs when there is a malfunction in the service’s capacity to load content. This error is commonly linked to network issues, account verification difficulties, or obsolete program versions. Error Code 1204 presents itself as a notice, such as “We’re sorry, but we can’t play this video right now,” indicating a problem that is causing the streaming service to not function properly.

Having examined the possible reasons behind Paramount Plus Error Code 1204, we will now proceed to provide you with a detailed set of instructions to assist you in resolving this problem.

Verify the Status of Your Internet Connection

Prioritize establishing a reliable and functioning internet connection as the initial measure to address any streaming errors. Here are the actions you can take:

Confirm that your device is now connected to the internet. Assess the signal intensity of your Wi-Fi or cellular data. If you are utilizing Wi-Fi, it is advisable to initiate a restart of your router. If you are using a mobile network, make sure you have a robust signal.

An enduring internet connection is crucial for ongoing streaming.

Authenticate Your Login Credentials

Verify the accuracy of your Paramount Plus login and password to confirm they are inputted correctly. Through the Paramount Plus “Forgot Password” option, you can reset your password if you believe it to be incorrect.

Remove Stored Web Data and Tracking Information in the Browser (Web Version)

When utilizing Paramount Plus on a web browser, problems may arise due to the accumulation of cache and cookies. To purge the cache and cookies of your web browser:

Access the settings of your web browser. Find the area labeled “Clear Browsing Data” or “Privacy”. Choose the option labeled “Clear Browsing Data” or a comparable alternative. Select the options for “Cookies and other site data” and “Cached images and files”. Select the option labeled “Clear data” or a comparable one.

Upon purging the cache and cookies of your browser, proceed to restart the browser and make another attempt at visiting Paramount Plus.

Paramount Plus App (Mobile/Smart TV) Update

[Video Credit: @JuanCamacho]

It is essential to have the most recent version of the app loaded when streaming Paramount Plus on a mobile device or smart TV. Obsolete applications can result in compatibility conflicts. Here is the procedure for updating the application:

For Mobile (Android/iOS): To access the app on your mobile device (Android/iOS), navigate to the respective app store (Google Play Store for Android, App Store for iOS). Retrieve information on “Paramount Plus”. To install the latest version, simply tap on the “Update” option if it is available.

For Smart TVs: Open the app store or app management section on your smart TV. Retrieve information on “Paramount Plus”. If there is an available update, choose the option “Update.”

Maintaining the current version of your app guarantees that you can use the most recent functionalities and rectify any software glitches.

Power Cycle Your Device

Occasionally, doing a basic device reboot can effectively repair connectivity problems. Power-cycle your streaming device to resolve momentary issues and refresh the system.

Deactivate Virtual Private Network (VPN) or Proxy

If you are utilizing a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or a proxy service, attempt to deactivate it. Certain streaming platforms, such as Paramount Plus, may experience operational issues while other similar services are in use. Disabling a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or proxy can enable you to circumvent possible limitations on accessing content.

It is important to keep in mind that by exercising patience and receiving appropriate direction, you may successfully overcome technical obstacles and fully utilize the capabilities of this powerful streaming platform.

Varieties of Paramount Plus Errors and Their Resolutions

What Are the Various Forms of Paramount+ Errors? Everything Relating to the Angling Errors

Image attribution: Paramount+

A compilation of prevalent Paramount Plus error codes, accompanied by their corresponding resolutions.

1. Codes 4201 and 1200

Although ad-blockers undeniably facilitate perusing by obstructing undesired advertisements and pop-ups, they disrupt streaming services such as Paramount Plus. The platform may present error codes 4201 and 1200 during use. These are typically the result of ad blockers and the system’s firewall. Let us now provide a brief overview of its solutions.

  1. Try again after disabling any ad-blocking plugins installed on your browser and accessing the official Paramount Plus website.
  2. Please verify that the firewall is not impeding access to the Paramount Plus network if the site continues to be inoperable.
  3. Verify that the platform’s website and app are not flagged as a threat by the antivirus software on your system.

2. Codes 6290, 6310, 1106, 6999, 3002, 3005, and 6290

Due to application malfunctions on your mobile or other device, these error codes may appear. Therefore, the easy resolution is to restart the device or force-quit the application to utilize it once more. Nonetheless, if the issue continues to endure, proceed to this page to learn more about the troubleshooting procedure.

3. Code 7

Using an obsolete browser to run the most recent Paramount+ application is nearly impossible, as this error indicates. The Code 7 error occurs because your browser is operating on an incompatible version. Therefore, let’s examine its straightforward solution.

Resolution: This occurs frequently in the Chrome web browser, and similar to the issue, its resolution is straightforward. You must relaunch and update your browser to the most recent version on your laptop or desktop computer.

4. Code 14

Another cause of the occurrence of Code 14 is an obsolete version of your system. However, this is a result of your Windows operating system. Therefore, to avoid this issue, ensure that your Windows version is current and restart your computer.

5. Code 111

This bothersome error arises as a result of an abrupt power outage. Therefore, you must perform a complete system restart and attempt to re-access the platform.

6. Code 404

Users of the Paramount+ website may be acquainted with this code. Our system’s cookie presence is the cause of it. It is very easy to avoid by simply following two steps.

  1. Empty the browser of all cookies.
  2. Reloading the browser and website should allow you to continue viewing your favorite shows.

7. Codes 3205 and 3004

Both of these issues disrupt our viewing experience as a result of our end-to-end internet connectivity issues. To restart the router, it is sufficient to adhere to three distinct steps.

  1. Disconnect the power cord.
  2. Ten seconds later, reconnect the device to its source.
  3. Now attempt to re-stream the content on Paramount+.

8. Code 3200

Occasional occurrences of this error are observed when utilizing Paramount+ on devices such as Chromecast, smart TVs, and consoles. A hard reset is required to eliminate this error code from your devices.

9. Code 6320

Although this error occurs infrequently on the platform, it remains an annoyance. We can easily avert it by adhering to the following two steps:.

  1. Force Disable the Paramount Plus application from your Fire TV or Android TV.
  2. Clear the app’s cache and data. Relaunching the application should resolve the issue.

Guidelines for Offline Use of Your Paramount Plus Account

Paramount Plus

While concurrent streaming of Paramount Plus is limited to three devices, it is possible to view Paramount Plus content on additional devices: Users with a premium account (the one devoid of advertisements) can download content for offline viewing on their mobile devices.

Navigate to the page for the desired movie or program while connected to the internet, and click the Download button. After disconnecting your device from the internet, locate the desired content in the Downloads folder and launch it in a media player.

The inability to download television programs and films through a web browser. Utilize the mobile application. Ensure you are inactive to prevent this from counting towards the screen limit.

Which devices are Paramount+ streams available on?

As a subscriber, you can watch Paramount+ on any of the following devices or platforms:

Web Browsers for Desktops

Using a supported web browser, you can watch Paramount+ on PCs and Macs that are supported. 

Desktop browsers that run on computers with the following OS systems can use Paramount+:

  • PCs: at least Windows 8
  • Macs: at least Mac OSX v10.6

When you use these browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox 
  • A Safari
  • Edge for Microsoft

The following browsers don’t work with Microsoft Edge Paramount+:

Internet Explorer, since the maker has told us not to use it anymore. If you are using Windows 8, please switch to one of the above sites that works with Windows 8. 

Read Also: Best Google Chrome extensions

iOS Application (Tablet and Smartphone)

All iPads and iPhones operating iOS 14 or later.

Apple TV

The following AppleTV devices are compatible with Apple TV Paramount+: tvOS 14 or later.

  • Apple TV HD (4th iteration Apple TV) 
  • Apple TV 4K (generations one, two, and three)  

App for Android (Mobile and Tablet)

All Android smartphones and tablets operating Lollipop OS 13 or later (Android).

Devices Compatible with Android TV

Android TV devices and SmartTVs that utilize the AndroidTV operating system are compatible with Paramount+.

  • Devices with Nvidia Shield TV and Android OS 5.0 or later (US only)
  • Sony Bravia Android TVs, models released in 2015 or later that utilize Android OS 5.0 or later
  • Android televisions by Hisense that operate Android OS 5.0 or later
  • Model 32S330, TCL 3-Series Smart TV, operating on Android OS 5.0 or later 

Eliminated Support: Xiaomi devices that have ceased to utilize the Android TV operating system, such as Xiaomi TVs manufactured in 2022 or later. 

Your Smart TV device is not listed. Downloading the Paramount+ app from the Google Play Store on an Android TV running Android OS 5.0 or later enables access to the streaming service.


That’s everything we got on what is error code 1204 on Paramount Plus. Errors serve the purpose of identifying issues so that they can be resolved promptly. However, it is inconvenient to be interrupted while witnessing your favorite character, the antagonist, suffer. 

We completely sympathize with your plight and have endeavored to address every conceivable concern in this streaming guide. If you require resolutions for any additional challenges encountered with Paramount Plus, please inform us in the comments section that follows.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Let’s look at some common questions that people have about what is error code 1204 on Paramount Plus.

1. Why do I keep receiving Paramount Plus error codes?

It appears that ad blockers are activated; therefore, disabling them is necessary to access P+ content. To obtain instructions, please visit this link. The limitations of your firewall might prevent access to

2. What is the 1204 error code?

SAP ASE encounters this error when it is out of lock. Since SAP ASE version 12.5.2, 1204 errors containing additional information such as the client IP address, user name, and SQL text are appended to the error log. The number of lock configuration parameters in SAP ASE regulates the number of locks that are accessible.

3. How do I resolve the issue with Paramount Plus?

Mobile apparatus, If you are experiencing difficulties streaming content using the Paramount+ app on your mobile device, try forcing yourself to close the app. Force-quitting the application will cause a system refresh, which may remedy streaming issues. Additionally, if applicable, you should verify your network connectivity and cellular data.

4. How do I activate my Paramount Plus code?

Visit on your computer or mobile device, enter your activation code, and select “Activate”.

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