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Delicious in Dungeon Manga Series Release Date, Plot, Cast and More

Delicious in Dungeon

Are you a fantasy enthusiast craving the next tantalizing tale of adventure and survival? “Delicious in Dungeon” promises a savory mix of gastronomic quests and gritty adventuring. This unique anime adaptation is stirring up quite the appetite for its upcoming release.

In January 2024, Netflix will unveil “Delicious in Dungeon,” an anticipated treasure trove consisting of 26 delightful episodes. For those eagerly charting unknown labyrinths from their living rooms, this marks a calendar highlight not to be missed.

Our article is your ultimate guide, serving up everything from the plot details and standout cast to where you can tune in for each episode’s fresh serving.

Hungry for more details? Keep reading as we dish out bite-sized morsels on what makes “Delicious in Dungeon” Season 1 a must-watch feast!

Content Highlights
  • “Delicious in Dungeon” is a whimsical manga where characters cook and eat monsters in a dungeon-filled fantasy world, adding a unique twist to the story.
  • The manga has gained international recognition, with Yen Press licensing it for North American readers, showcasing its widespread appeal.
  • Studio Trigger’s upcoming anime adaptation, set to premiere in January 2024, is highly anticipated, promising a visually unique take on the manga’s fantastical world.
  • The story features a diverse cast, with characters like the brave leader Laios and the cautious magician Marcille contributing to the humorous and adventurous narrative.
  • The collaboration of director Masato Jinbo and Studio Trigger ensures a captivating adaptation that stays true to the manga while introducing its own visual and narrative elements, creating an engaging viewing experience.

Delicious in Dungeon: A Whimsical Manga Journey

Delicious in Dungeon

Manga fans have enjoyed a captivating journey through the pages of Enterbrain’s manga magazine Harta thanks to the delightful manga series “Delicious in Dungeon,” written and illustrated by the talented Ryko Kui. Spanning from February 2014 to September 2023, this fantasy comedy has earned recognition for its unique blend of humor and fantasy elements.

Fantastical Setting

Set against the backdrop of dungeons teeming with monsters and challenges, “Delicious in Dungeon” stands out for its ability to seamlessly merge humor with elements of fantasy. The narrative unfolds as a comedic adventure, making it a standout in the manga realm.

Culinary Adventures

What sets this manga apart is the unexpected culinary twist introduced into the storyline. As characters navigate through dungeons and face various challenges, they engage in the unconventional practice of cooking and consuming the very monsters they encounter. This culinary escapade adds a layer of creativity and humor to the narrative, making it a truly unique reading experience.

International Recognition

“Delicious in Dungeon” has garnered international acclaim, leading to Yen Press acquiring the license to bring this manga to North American readers. This move ensures that a broader audience can revel in the charm and humor embedded in Ryōko Kui’s creation.

Upcoming Animated Adaptation

In August 2022, it was shared that the series would turn into an anime TV show created by Studio Trigger. Yoshihiro Miyajima is in charge of directing, Kimiko Ueno is in charge of writing the scripts, Naoki Takeda is in charge of creating the character designs, and Yasunori Mitsuda and Shunsuke Tsuchiya are in charge of composing the music.

Netflix has the rights to the series, and it’s scheduled to start in January 2024, running for two consecutive parts. Bump of Chicken will perform the opening theme song, “Sleep Walking Orchestra.” Additionally, you can also read What Is Kunmanga?

Delicious in Dungeon: Unraveling the Plot

In a make-believe world where groups explore dungeons for treasures, a team of six adventurers tries to fight a dragon. Sadly, they fail, and the dragon eats Falin, the leader’s sister. Two team members leave, leaving only Laios, Chilchuck, and Marcille.

To repay Falin, who saved them with magic, the trio wants to rescue her from the dragon’s belly. They lost most of their supplies in the dungeon, so the mission seemed impossible. Laios suggests eating dungeon monsters for food, revealing he always wanted to try them, and Chilchuck and Marcille reluctantly agree.

Laios shares a cookbook about cooking monsters, and they meet Senshi, a dwarf experienced in dungeon survival. The story follows their journey in the dungeon, dealing with traps and monsters, and creating meals from them. The characters’ reactions to these unusual meals become a recurring funny element in the story.

The Cast of ‘Delicious in Dungeon’: Characters Brought to Life

[Video Credits @linesinmotion]

The main characters of ‘Delicious in Dungeon’ will come to life through the voices of talented actors, each adding depth and personality to their respective roles. From Laios and Marcille to Chilchuck and Senshi, the diverse cast of characters promises an engaging viewing experience for fans.

Character Role Notable Traits and Abilities
Laios Brave Leader Strong fighter, tactless but calm, and skilled in cooking monsters.
Marcille Cautious Magician Skilled magician, cautious, and reluctant to eat monsters.
Chilchuck Sensible Locksmith A dexterous locksmith, trap expert, cares deeply for companions.
Senshi Warrior and Chef Expertise in combat, extensive knowledge of dungeon monsters, and exceptional culinary skills.
Falin Enchanting Spell-Caster Spell-caster, unique ability to communicate with ghosts, gentle soul.
Izutsumi Independent Beast-Woman Transformed into a beast-woman, seeks a cure, and exhibits protective instincts.
“Kensuke” Mollusk-Like Companion Living armor reacts to monsters and is occasionally unreliable.
Namari Knowledgeable Fighter Weapons expert, extensive knowledge of metals, somewhat brash.
Shuro/Toshiro Nakamoto Reserved Fighter From a distant island, a reserved personality, a victim of social unawareness.
Kabru Charismatic Fighter Leading a separate party, skilled against humans, struggles against monsters, charming and insightful.

Laios: The Brave Leader

Laios is a human, also known as a “tallman.” He’s a strong fighter, leading a group on a quest to save his sister, Falin, from a dragon. Laios is a bit tactless but remains calm. He’s excited about trying meals made from dungeon monsters, often using his cooking knowledge to defeat them.

Marcille: The Cautious Magician

Meet Marcille, a half-elf magician skilled in magic cast from a tall wooden staff. She’s a cautious and hesitant person, reluctant to eat monsters. Despite her magical prowess, her companions occasionally fail to recognize her abilities. Marcille is an original member of Laios’ party.

Chilchuck: The Sensible Locksmith

Chilchuck, a halfling locksmith, possesses excellent dexterity and keen senses. He disables traps, finds hidden pathways, and picks pockets for the group. While sensible, he often advises Laios against tactless behavior. Chilchuck cares deeply about his companions and prefers avoiding combat.

Senshi: The Dwarf Warrior and Chef

Senshi, a dwarf warrior, joins the party to fulfill his dream of cooking the red dragon. He brings extensive knowledge of the dungeons and monsters and exceptional culinary skills. Armed with a large axe and cooking utensils, Senshi ensures the party stays well-fed with a balanced diet during their dungeon exploration.

Falin: The Enchanting Spell-Caster

Falin, Laios’ sister, is a Tallman spellcaster. Before the red dragon’s digestion cycle is complete, the party aims to save and revive her. Falin has the unique ability to communicate with ghosts, keeping her party safe. She shares her brother’s love for monsters and is a gentle soul.

Izutsumi: The Independent Beast-Woman

Izutsumi, a tallman woman transformed into a beast woman at a young age, seeks a cure for her condition. Independent and apathetic, she joined Laios’ party to find a solution. She exhibits protective instincts when her companions are in danger.

“Kensuke”: The Mollusk-Like Companion

“Kensuke” is a mollusk-like creature adopted by Laios as a living armor replacement for his sword. It reacts to monsters but can be unreliable when overly frightened. Despite its quirks, it proves helpful during dungeon exploration.

Namari: The Knowledgeable Dwarf Fighter

Namari, a dwarf fighter, and original party member, left to work with the Tances. She’s an expert in weapons with extensive knowledge of metals. Namari has a somewhat brash personality.

Shuro/Toshiro Nakamoto: The Reserved Fighter

Shuro, also known as Toshiro Nakamoto, is a tallman fighter from a distant island. Initially exploring the dungeon to improve his skills, he falls in love with Falin. After her death, he returns with retainers, including Izutsumi, to rescue her.

Kabru: The Charismatic Fighter

Kabru, a Tallman fighter leading a separate party, explores The Island’s dungeon. He’s interested in people but dislikes monsters due to past trauma. Although he is skilled against humans, his party struggles against monsters.

Creative Team Behind the Scenes

The creative team behind ‘Delicious in Dungeon’ includes the original manga creator, Ryōko Kui, who inspired the anime adaptation. The production studio and directorial insights play a crucial role in bringing the unique blend of genres to life on screen. Additionally, the soundtrack’s contribution adds depth and atmosphere to the series.

Original Manga Inspiration

The Japanese fantasy comedy manga series by Ryko Kui served as inspiration for the anime “Delicious in Dungeon.” The original manga serves as the foundation for the anime adaptation, shaping its story and characters.

With a unique blend of fantasy, adventure, and humor, the manga captivates readers with its imaginative world-building and engaging plot. Through this inspiring source material, the creative team behind the anime brings to life a captivating narrative that has garnered attention and acclaim from fans worldwide.

Drawing inspiration from the remarkable storytelling and vibrant illustrations of Ryōko Kui’s manga series, the anime adaptation aims to capture the essence of “Delicious in Dungeon” while adding its own visual and narrative flair.

Anime Production Studio

Studio Trigger, known for popular titles such as Kill la Kill and Little Witch Academia, is producing the anime adaptation of Delicious in Dungeon. The studio’s unique visual style and creative storytelling have garnered a dedicated fanbase, building anticipation for their take on this beloved manga series.

Studio Trigger is prepared to bring the world of Delicious in Dungeon to life with its distinct flair and expertise under the direction of a group of seasoned artists and producers.

Renowned for their innovative approach to animation and compelling narratives, Studio Trigger’s involvement in the production promises an exciting rendition of Ryoko Kui’s captivating fantasy adventure.

Directorial Insights

The creative vision behind “Delicious in Dungeon” is brought to life by director Masato Jinbo. With a background in directing various anime works, Jinbo lends his expertise to ensure that the adaptation of the beloved manga series maintains its unique charm and humor.

Known for his ability to balance comedy with compelling storytelling, Jimbo’s direction promises an engaging and entertaining viewing experience for both existing fans and newcomers alike.

In collaboration with Studio Trigger, known for their visually stunning animations and distinct artistic style seen in popular titles like Little Witch Academia, director Masato Jinbo shapes the world of “Delicious in Dungeon” into a captivating visual masterpiece.

The Soundtrack’s Contribution

The opening theme for Season 1 of “Delicious in Dungeon” is “Sleep Walking Orchestra” by BUMP OF CHICKEN. This captivating and melodic track sets the tone for the anime, enhancing the viewer’s experience with its enchanting rhythm and evocative lyrics.

With its entrancing melody, “Sleep Walking Orchestra” is a perfect fit for the fantastical world of dungeon exploration and culinary adventure that unfolds within the series.

Adding to the musical prowess, Studio Trigger previously collaborated on a promotional ad for the release of “Delicious in Dungeon” Volume 8. This collaboration indicates a thoughtful approach toward integrating music into the overall storytelling experience, emphasizing how crucial music can be in creating an immersive atmosphere for this unique anime adaptation. If you’re interested, then you can check out the 35 Best Basketball Anime Series for All Time Favorite.

Promotional Buzz and Fan Expectations

As the release date of ‘Delicious in Dungeon draws nearer, fans are abuzz with excitement and anticipation. With teasers and trailers building up hype, the promotional efforts have been aimed at creating a sense of intrigue and curiosity among viewers.

Want to know more about what to expect from this highly anticipated anime adaptation? Keep reading for all the details!

Key Visuals and Trailers

The promotional material for Delicious in Dungeon Season 1 includes key visuals, character designs, advanced screening countdowns, and illustrations by Ryoko Kui. Studio Trigger previously worked on a promotional ad for the release of “Delicious in Dungeon” Volume 8. Trailers and comments from the staff and cast of the anime are included in the promotional buzz for Delicious in Dungeon.

  • A variety of key visuals have been released, showcasing the characters and setting to build excitement among fans.
  • The trailers provide glimpses into the animation style, voice-acting performances, and snippets of pivotal scenes from the series.
  • Fans can expect to see stunning character designs that bring their favorite manga characters to life on screen.
  • Illustrations by Ryoko Kui offer a deeper dive into the world of Delicious in Dungeon, providing additional insights for eager viewers.
  • The advanced screening countdowns generate anticipation as audiences eagerly await the official release date.

Fan Theories and Discussions

What are fans saying about the upcoming anime adaptation of “Delicious in Dungeon”? Ever since the teaser trailer dropped, enthusiasts have been dissecting every frame, speculating on how the beloved manga will transition to the screen.

With Studio Trigger at the helm and Bump of Chicken providing an electrifying opening theme song, theories abound about how these elements will shape the tone and style of the show. The second trailer’s release brought even more specific plot details, igniting further fervent discussions and fan theories about what twists and turns await in this delectable adventure.

Where to Watch ‘Delicious in Dungeon’

The anime series ‘Delicious in Dungeon’ can be watched on various streaming platforms, such as Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Hulu. Check out the availability and enjoy this delectable adventure filled with fantasy and culinary delights! Now let’s delve into the fascinating world of ‘Delicious in Dungeon’ to discover more about this unique anime.

Streaming Platforms and Availability

“Delicious in Dungeon” will be available on Netflix outside of Japan. The anime is expected to be released weekly on the platform. For a seamless streaming experience, viewers can access it through their Netflix subscription.

  • Netflix: Netflix has a license for the anime adaptation of “Delicious in Dungeon,” making it easily accessible to platform users.
  • Weekly Release: Fans can anticipate a weekly release schedule, allowing them to dive into new episodes regularly and stay engaged with the series.
  • Global Availability: With its availability outside of Japan, the anime offers a global viewing experience, reaching audiences across various regions.
  • On-Demand Streaming: Through Netflix, viewers can enjoy the convenience of on-demand streaming, enabling them to watch “Delicious in Dungeon” at their preferred time and pace.

Potential for Simulcast Release

With the exclusive release of “Delicious in Dungeon” on Netflix, there is a possibility for simulcast viewing, allowing audiences worldwide to enjoy it simultaneously. This would enable fans across different regions to engage with the anime as soon as it becomes available.

The potential for a simulcast release raises anticipation and global excitement surrounding the series, making it easily accessible to a broader audience right from its premiere. Given Netflix’s international reach and emphasis on simultaneous releases in multiple languages, the possibility of a simulcast debut indicates a commitment to serving diverse audiences across various territories.

Exploring the Manga: The Foundation of ‘Delicious in Dungeon’

The manga “Delicious in Dungeon” serves as the foundation for the upcoming anime adaptation. With 10 tankōbon volumes and 96 chapters, it’s known for its humor and endearing characters set in a laid-back ambiance.

The series has achieved critical acclaim and high Oricon manga chart rankings, evidencing its popularity among readers. Its unique blend of comedy and fantasy elements, along with an engaging plot line, lays the solid groundwork for the animated rendition to captivate audiences.

As we delve into the source material, the nuanced details of character dynamics and story arcs promise an exciting journey from page to screen. The diverse range of monsters encountered by our adventurers adds depth to both world-building and storytelling. Let’s uncover more about this captivating foundation that underpins the much-anticipated anime adaptation.

Popularity and Recognition

The first volume of the manga made its mark by reaching the 11th position on the weekly Oricon manga charts. It proudly secured the 87th spot on the list of the best-selling manga volumes in Japan from November 17, 2014, to May 17, 2015, with a substantial 315,298 copies sold. By August 16, 2015, it had sold an impressive 381,614 copies. Volume 2 continued the success, claiming the 3rd spot on the charts and accumulating 362,906 copies sold by September 17, 2015. As of August 2017, the first four volumes had collectively surpassed 2 million copies in print.

The manga received acclaim beyond its sales figures. In 2015, it was honored as the 13th best manga in the Book of the Year manga ranking by Da Vinci magazine. The Kono Manga ga Sugoi! guidebook, in its 2016 edition, ranked the series as number one on its list of top 20 manga for male readers. Furthermore, the manga was nominated for the Manga Taishō Award from 2016 to 2019. The series not only captured the hearts of readers but also earned recognition and accolades within the manga community.

‘Delicious in Dungeon’ on Social Media: Connecting with Fans

Delicious in Dungeon has a strong presence on social media, with an official website and active engagement on Twitter. Fans can connect with the creators, discuss the latest episodes, and stay updated on news and announcements surrounding the anime adaptation.

Official Website and Twitter Engagement

The official Delicious Dungeon website and Twitter account actively engage with fans. They share updates, behind-the-scenes content, and promotional materials. Here are the ways they connect with fans:

  • Announcements: The platforms share premiere dates, voice cast reveals, and opening theme announcements for Season 1.
  • Exclusive Content: Fans can find character designs, key visuals, advanced screening countdowns, and illustrations by Ryoko Kui on the official website.
  • Trailers and Comments: The Twitter account shares trailers and comments from the staff and cast of the anime, providing a deeper look into the show.
  • Anticipation Building: Both platforms create excitement for the release of Delicious in Dungeon through social media engagement.
  • Direct Communication: The official website and Twitter provide a direct link between the production team and the audience, fostering a sense of involvement in the anime adaptation.
  • Studio Collaboration: The engagement on these platforms showcases the collaboration between Studio Trigger, the production team, and fans.


In conclusion, “Delicious in Dungeon” offers a unique blend of adventure and culinary creativity. With a diverse cast of characters brought to life by talented voice actors, the anime promises an immersive experience for fans.

There has been a lot of anticipation for the upcoming Netflix release, along with fascinating promotional buzz and fan theories. As viewers immerse themselves in this whimsical world, they can anticipate delightful plot developments and captivating storylines.

Get ready to embark on an exciting journey filled with delectable twists as “Delicious in Dungeon” brings fantasy, humor, and adventure together in a delectable fusion.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Now, let’s find out the answers to some common questions about Delicious in Dungeon.

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