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The Top 5 Reasons to Use a Press Release

Press releases are marketing tools companies use to help them get exposure. They also help build a trusting relationship with clients and prospective customers. There are many examples of press releases meant to increase traffic to any company’s website and show the customer all the good about a company.

The following are the top 5 reasons companies use press releases

  1. Press releases are not expensive

Many companies prefer to write their press releases and only hire a distribution service to get the release to the media. Writing your release is cheaper even compared to paying for advertisements. A good press release will also help a company in getting investors without using a lot of money to gain publicity. Press releases done in house is, therefore, an affordable way to get your business name out to the public.

  1. Instant exposure to the public

Millions of people use online platforms to get news and much more information; this means that a press release will get to the target audience instantly, giving your company the exposure it needs. Once the potential customer sees the release, they will instantly know about your business and the services you offer. This way, you can reach your potential clients fast.

  1. Increase foot traffic to your website

No matter the industry you are in, a great website helps top build up your image and keep your clients on the loop about your products and services. When many people are visiting your site, you are sure that you will gain popularity and get more clients. A press release is a sure way of getting more people to visit your website.

  1. Gain customer trust

With a good press release, the customer will see what your company is all about; this will make them trust in your services or products. Large or small corporations rely on press releases to keep their name in the media because they only mention good things about the company. Small businesses, however, benefit more from the press releases because they need their good name out to the public so that they can gain trust and get more media coverage by journalists.

  1. Brand the company as an industry expert

Everyone wants to buy about which everybody else is talking. You can, therefore, use this advantage to get a press release and put the name of your company out to the public and the media. Once more people get to talk about your company, you will be sure that many others will get to know about it and therefore mean more clients for you. Branding your company as an expert is especially beneficial to startups because they need more clients and more people talking about their products.

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With the many types of press releases available, any company needs to get their name to the media and use a reputable distributor to ensure that they gain from the releases. They are a sure way to get your profit margin up and build up the business name, whether you have been in the industry for years or even for weeks.

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