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When Will be The Last Kingdom Season 6 Renewed or Canceled? [Latest Updates in 2023]

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The fifth season of The Last Kingdom premiered on Netflix in early 2022. The historical fiction series that follows Uhtred of Bebbanburg as he attempts to retain his ancestral country has garnered a devoted fan base over the years. Will there be a The Last Kingdom Season 6?

The brief response is no. Netflix will not produce a sixth season of The Last Kingdom, despite fan demand. They do not abandon their admirers, however. Netflix will conclude Uhtred’s saga with the April 14 release of the film Seven Kings Must Die.

What will The Last Kingdom Season 6 be About?

The Saxon Tales, a novel series by Bernard Cornwell, served as inspiration for The Last Kingdom. In five seasons, the show has thus far covered the first ten books. There are still three books in the series that have not been adopted. Thus, the film will instead be based on those. This suggests that Dreymon and many other cast members from season five are likely to appear in the film, given it takes place after season five.

Nigel Marchant said at MCM London Comic-Con that the fifth season would be the series’ conclusion. He stated, “There was always one more tale we wanted to tell,” but due to Netflix’s support and the fans’ need for more content, they decided to create a final season. The Last Kingdom Season 6 Trailer, also known as Seven Kings Must Die, may have to be awaited by fans.

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The Last Kingdom Season 6 Quick Info


The Last Kingdom

No. of Seasons:


No Of Episode:

46 (seasons 1-5)



Developed by:

Stephen Butchard


Action, Drama, History

Voiced by:

Alexander Dreymon, Eliza Butterworth, Arnas Fedaravicius


Carnival Film & Television


Ben Murphy

Country of Origin:

United Kingdom

Origin Language: 


Available Languages: 

English, Latin

Next Season Release Date:

Not Yet Confirmed

Available On:


The Last Kingdom Season 6 Plot

The Last Kingdom was influenced by Bernard Cornwell’s Saxon Tales series. The show’s first five seasons have already covered the first ten volumes. The film will be based on these three books, while three others in the series have yet to be adapted into films. Although the film takes place after season 5, Dreymon and several other cast members from that season are featured.

Nigel Marchant said at MCM London Comic-Con that the fifth season would be the final of the series. There was always one more story they wanted to tell, he said, but they decided to film a final season with the assistance of Netflix and the support of their fanbase, who desired more content. The Last Kingdom Season 6 Trailer, also known as Seven Kings Must Die, may be delayed for fans.

The Last Kingdom Season 6 Cast

The Last Kingdom Season 6

Check out the possible cast list for The Last Kingdom Season 6.

  • Alexander Dreymon as Uhtred
  • Arnas Fedaravicius as Sihtric
  • James Northcote as Aldhelm
  • Eliza Butterworth as Aelswith
  • Emily Cox as Brida
  • Ian Hart as Beocca
  • Mark Rowley as Finan
  • Cavan Clerkin as Pyrlig
  • Harry McEntire as Aethelwold
  • Millie Brady as Aethelflaed
  • Timothy Innes as King Edward
  • Adrian Schiller as Aethelhelm
  • Stefanie Martini as Eadith
  • Ewan Mitchell as Osferth
  • David Dawson as Alfred
  • Toby Regbo as Aethelred
  • Finn Elliot as Young Uhtred
  • Jeppe Beck Laursen as Haesten
  • Adrian Bouchet as Steapa
  • Ruby Hartley as Stiorra
  • Julia Bache-Wiig as Thyra
  • Eva Birthistle as Hild
  • Amelia Clarkson as Aelflaed
  • Tobias Santelmann as Ragnar
  • Simon Kunz as Odda

The Last Kingdom Season 6 Release Date

The Last Kingdom Season 6 has not been confirmed to be in production, and as far as anyone is aware, no release date has been set. A sequel titled The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die slated for release on April 14, 2023.

The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die will purportedly serve as the series epilogue, tying up all loose ends and giving the characters a proper send-off. Nonetheless, there is a minor possibility that the film could lay the way for a future storyline. It does not imply that the program will return next year, but a comeback in the future is not inconceivable.

If there is ever a The Last Kingdom, it will only be available on Netflix, as the series is exclusive to the streaming site. The show previously aired on BBC; however, as of the third season forward, it has moved to Netflix.

Whether or not The Last Kingdom: Season 6 occurs, Uthred of Bebbanburg will return to England for a new conflict. The film will soon be available on Netflix, so anyone desiring medieval action will not have to wait too long.

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Why is The Last Kingdom Ending with Season 5?

The decision to conclude The Last Kingdom with season 5 dates back to when the show was started in development, and a long-term plan for the series’ overall story was established.

At the time of the series premiere, only nine The Last Kingdom volumes had been published, and author Bernard Cornwell was hard at work on the tenth while the adaptation was being filmed. As a result, the creative team had always intended for the program to conclude after its fifth season, with Dreymon clarifying that it was not canceled as some fans had feared.

He stated, “The press release was slightly misinterpreted.” “We had always intended for there to be only five seasons, so it came as no surprise. When we began, there were only ten novels, so that was the story arc we had planned… I am quite pleased with the outcome.” The conclusion, according to executive producer Marchant, was a “shared decision” between production firm Carnival and distributor Netflix, which he believes occurred at the “perfect time.”

What will Seven Kings Must Die be about?

Nigel Merchant, the film’s executive producer, has stated that the plot will be based on the last three books in the Bernard Cornwell series. Fans have yet to witness adaptations of War of the Wolf, Sword of Kings, and War Lord, but it is hoped that the film will cover the final three volumes.

Actor Alexander Dreymon announced the start of filming for Seven Kings Must Die on Instagram in January 2022.

When is the Seven Kings Must Die Release Date?

The filming of Seven Kings Must Die was completed in March 2022 and lasted only two months. Viewers may anticipate the film’s April 14 release on Netflix. Uhtred Alexander Dreymon sent the following farewell on social media after completing The Last Kingdom:

His caption proclaimed, “I feel very fortunate to have been able to inhabit Uhtred’s body for so many years. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

We’ll miss retreating into the world of The Last Kingdom, even if we know that the story of England’s unification will have a satisfying conclusion with the release of the film.

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With the release of the film, The Last Kingdom will soon come to an end, and while we’re anxious to see how the story closes, we’ll miss being able to escape into that world. Remember that the conclusion will be a 2-hour show titled “Seven Kings Must Die,” and that fans have high expectations for it.



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