The Iron Claw: Full Cast, Plot, Predictions, Release Date, and More [Detail Info]

Are you interested in knowing more about The Iron Claw, the epic wrestling-themed story releasing on 22 December 2023? This movie is based on a true story of the Von Erich family and their struggles to rise.

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Here’s your chance to catch up with all that has been happening: from casting details to the latest updates – we will walk through everything related to The Iron Claw! Join us as we explore what makes this highly anticipated upcoming release so special.

Whether you are a pro wrestling fan or just a curious filmgoer, buckle up for an exciting ride!

Content Highlights

  • The Iron Claw is an upcoming wrestling biopic directed and written by accomplished filmmaker Todd Phillips, starring Zac Efron, Jeremy Allen White, and Harris Dickinson. It will be released on December 22, 2023.
  • “The Iron Claw” tells the story of Kevin Von Erich and his brothers as they battle for success in a legendary wrestling dynasty; it explores themes of brotherhood, dedication, and legacy throughout its narrative.
  • Multiple tragedies within the Von Erich family have impacted professional wrestling, from Mike’s death due to an overdose to Chris attempting suicide twice.
  • This movie will honor their memory while representing strong messages about meditation, love, and commitment with inspiring performances from its cast in what is sure to be one of 2023’s must-watch films!

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The Iron Claw: A Brief Overview of the Family Saga

the iron claw movie

Featuring the beloved Von Erich brothers, “The Iron Claw” is an upcoming wrestling biopic directed and written by accomplished filmmaker Todd Phillips with a scheduled release on December 22, 2023.

Plot Summary: A Triumphant and Tragic Story

“The Iron Claw” tells the story of Kevin Von Erich and his brothers, a legendary wrestling dynasty in the early 1980s. As their father looked on with pride, they fought their way to success, making history for themselves and the sport of wrestling.

Invasion from other generations led to increased competition, which drove them to work even harder and achieve greater heights. Despite personal tragedies along the way like multiple deaths within their family unit, they kept striving for greatness to honor their beloved father’s memory.

The film brings out powerful messages about meditation, brotherhood, dedication, and legacy—all qualities that served the Von Erichs during tough times and difficult transitions while maintaining an iconic name in professional wrestling history.

Production Details: A Reputed Biopic in the Making

The Iron Claw is a wrestling biopic produced by A24 and BBC Films with the support of Access Entertainment. It was developed by House Productions, an independent production company founded in 2018. Directed by Sean Durkin, who was known for his feature-length movie Martha Marcy May Marlene (2011). This film stars Zac Efron as Kevin Von Erich, Jeremy Allen White as David Von Erich, Harris Dickinson as Kerry Von Erich, and Lily James in a supporting role.

Release Date: a Must-See in 2023

The Iron Claw is set to release on Friday, December 22, 2023. This date has been carefully chosen as it lands right in the middle of award season and presents an opportunity for the biopic to submit its performance for awards consideration among competing films.

Additionally, this release coincides with Universal and Illumination’s animated movie making it a potentially profitable premiere day. Zac Efron and Jeremy Allen White head the stellar cast lineup of The Iron Claw ensuring that viewers will be presented with everything from drama to action upon release.

Though available reviews are yet undecided since no footage has been released, if fan anticipation is anything to go by then this movie might just prove worthy enough of any prestigious honors come next year!

Who’s in the Cast of the Iron Claw?

The film stars Zac Efron as Kevin Von Erich, Jeremy Allen White as David Von Erich, and Harris Dickinson as Kerry Von Erich.

Zac Efron As Kevin Von Erich

Zac Efron

Zac Efron takes on the role of Kevin Von Erich in the film, The Iron Claw. He portrays this iconic character with strong emotions and commitment.

As one of Fritz Von Erich’s sons, Efron dives deep into exploring pain, love, and dedication to family that has been handed down from generations while maintaining a light-hearted approach throughout his performance.

Throughout the biopic movie, viewers will experience Kevin’s battle against his own shadow as he carries on with his family legacy and continues to labor under expectations placed on him by those closest to him – all courtesy of Zac Efron’s binominal portrayal (finding balance between two extremes).

His thrilling performance is sure to captivate audiences worldwide when the movie hits theaters in 2023.

Jeremy Allen White As David Von Erich

Jeremy Allen White will be assuming the role of David Von Erich in the highly anticipated biopic, The Iron Claw. As one of the most beloved and iconic members of the Von Erich Family, fans are eager to learn more about David’s story on screen.

White has risen to fame with his Emmy-nominated performance as Lip Gallagher on Showtime’s hit series “Shameless” and is no stranger when it comes to playing brothers getting into mischief together – which he’ll surely bring in carrying out David’s character.

American audiences can’t wait to see what he does with this role; they’re expecting a powerful performance from him that will represent all that has been true about The Iron Claw: family, legacy, dedication, and tragedy.

Viewers expect White to capture everything that makes David Von Erich an incredible man whose life story stands for so much more than wrestling championships. His love for others and loyalty despite never having any advantages himself make him one of a kind.

Harris Dickinson As Kerry Von Erich

Harris Dickinson portrays the remarkable character of Kerry Von Erich in the movie “The Iron Claw.” His role is a very important one, demonstrating how powerful and impressive wrestling can be.

It also explores the legacy that this famous wrestling family created. Through his portrayal of this iconic athlete, Harris Dickinson gives viewers a ringside seat to what it was like for the Von Erich brothers during their time on top of the professional wrestling world.

His stellar performance brings an energy and glow to every scene he’s in, allowing us to feel what it’s like inside the ring as if we were there ourselves experiencing history first-hand.

These are the leading characters of The Iron Claw movie. Apart from them, there are a number of other cast who will be playing important roles in the movie:

Actor Name


Zac Efron

Kevin Von Erich

Jeremy Allen White

Kerry Von Erich

Harris Dickinson

David Von Erich

Maura Tierney


Holt McCallany

Fritz Von Erich

Lily James

Brady Pierce

Michael Hayes

Kevin Anton

Harley Race

Brett Beoubay

Fritz’s Friend

Cazzey Louis Cereghino

Bruiser Brody

Mike Dell

1950s Referee

Aaron Dean Eisenberg

Ric Flair

Leo Franich

Ross Von Erich

Sam Franich

Marshall Von Erich

Maxwell Friedman

Lance Von Erich

Mark Givens

Bike Dealer

Jim Gleason


Chad Governale

Gary Hart (Look-alike)

Chavo Guerrero Jr.

The Sheik Ed Farhat

Michael Harney

Bill Mercer

Todd Henry

Pizza Inn Crew

Scott Innes

Ring Announcer

Mark Alan Jaeger


Kristina Kingston


Gary Wayne Loper

Ring Security

Alyssa Matthews

Ryan Nemeth

Gino Hernandez

Romeo Newcomer

Jack Jr.

Valentine Newcomer

Young David

Cassidy Riley

Tag team opponent 3 / training partner

Brent Wayne Rogers

Camera grip

Sara Osi Scott


Stanley Simons

Mike Von Erich

Susan Truly


Jullian Dulce Vida

Sound man

Glen Warner

VIP Ticket Holder

Grady Wilson

Young Kevin

Michael Wozniak

Pizza Commercial Producer

Lacey Dover


Benjamin Lee Smith

50’s Wrestler

Bobby George

Wrestling Fan (uncredited)

Timothy Hinrichs

Photographer (uncredited)

Ernest Marsh

Cowboy (uncredited)

Dane Alexander Peplinski

Photographer (uncredited)

Christina Michelle Williams

Restaurant Patron (uncredited)

Table: Full Cast Information for the Iron Claw

The True Story of The Von Erich Brothers: A Legacy of Triumph and Tragedy

Von Erich Brothers

Uncover the heartbreaking story of the Von Erich brothers and experience their tumultuous journey firsthand through The Iron Claw.

The Rise and Fall of a Wrestling Dynasty

The Von Erich wrestling family’s history is a roller coaster of triumphs and tragedies. 

The rise of the Texas-based clan began with father Fritz and his five sons – Kevin, David, Mike, Kerry, and Chris – soaring to popularity in Dallas and Fort Worth through their incredible performances.

While at times beloved by fans for their intensity during matches coupled with exciting finishers including the legendary Iron Claw move, they also faced numerous setbacks over the years due to personal hardships resulting in multiple deaths within the family.

Their misfortune soon earned them a status as one of professional wrestling’s most cursed families which will be brought to life onscreen with “The Iron Claw”, an upcoming A24 biopic starring Zac Efron set for release in 2023, a must-watch for viewers interested in learning more about this iconic family!

Impact on Professional Wrestling: A Lasting Legacy

The Von Erichs had a huge impact on professional wrestling. As part of the success of their father Fritz, the five brothers all learned from him and developed a reputation as one of wrestling’s most formidable forces.

The “Iron Claw” hold was one of their signature moves, conjuring images of strength and power when used. This iconic move caused fear in rivals and subsequently gained them admiration from fans around the world.

As well as being an important figurehead for developing wrestlers, they created several ‘firsts’ in wrestling such as Kerry becoming NWA World Champion at 22 years old or winning it with two family members battling it out the first time this had ever happened! 

Their approach to fighting was unique too, with their technique combining freestyle amateur wrestling with fast-paced theatrics which performers have replicated since then.

The Tragic Events that Shaped the Von Erichs

Discover the solemn events and challenges that forever changed this legendary family’s history – delve deeper into The Iron Claw to find out more.

Deaths in the Family

  • Mike Von Erich died from a drug overdose at age 23.
  • Chris Von Erich attempted suicide twice, first with an intentional drug overdose in 1987 and later by shooting himself in 1991.
  • Kerry Von Erich died in 1993 due to complications of acute enteritis while attempting to make a wrestling comeback when he severely injured his leg during a motorcycle accident four years prior.

Challenges Faced By The Brothers

  1. The Von Erich brothers faced a number of obstacles during their rise to fame in professional wrestling, most notably the loss of several family members.
  2. They regularly experienced intense physical injuries due to grueling training regimes and risky match scenarios, often with long-term implications.
  3. There was also competitive pressure from other wrestlers as well as promoters who sometimes sought to capitalize on their fame by displaying it negatively rather than positively for public consumption.
  4. Furthermore, they frequently encountered resistance to their beliefs when it came to politics and societal issues that were associated with professional wrestling at the time such as racism and sexism amongst others within the industry itself which could have potentially prevented them from succeeding if not addressed accordingly.
  5. As a teenager growing up in a troubled environment, Kevin Von Erich, in particular, faced periods of sadness. Some of this was linked to personal losses within his own family, which were unrelated to the outside world’s struggles. These losses kept deep within the confines of his home, were something that success couldn’t fully heal. Despite receiving support and encouragement from authorities, including David Von Erich, Kevin often found it difficult to overcome these challenges.
  6. Moreover, fans were often unaware of the financial challenges they faced during this time. This lack of transparency made many skeptical about the options for future releases related to their band’s name. Some matches also led to unnecessary career setbacks, ultimately contributing to the tragic death of Rudi Boy Koch in July 1980.

Latest Updates on The Iron Claw

[Video Credits @A24]

From previewing the trailer to revealing director and writer credits, find out what’s new with The Iron Claw in 2023!

Trailer Release: A Glimpse into the Film

The release of the trailer for “The Iron Claw” has generated a lot of interest amongst wrestling and biographical film fans. The two-minute-long trailer features actors Zac Efron as Kevin Von Erich, Jeremy Allen White as David Von Erich, and Harris Dickinson as Kerry Von Erich trading blows in a realistic wrestling ring.

Audiences have been highly anticipating this upcoming blockbuster – set to be released by A24 on December 22, 2023 – ever since it was announced. But the trailer has further increased hype around the movie with its intense scenes and evocative soundtrack.

Through their portrayal of the legendary Von Erich brothers, viewers are taken on an emotionally charged journey into what is sure to be one of 2023’s biggest releases.

Director and Writer

Sean Durkin is the renowned filmmaker behind the upcoming biopic, The Iron Claw. Having gained recognition for his breakout film “Martha Marcy May Marlene” at the Sundance Film Festival in 2011, Sean brings expertise in crafting psychological dramas to this project as both its writer and director.

His involvement ensures a certain depth and quality to the new movie; viewers can expect a powerful emotional journey of family legacy from Durkin’s latest work.

In addition, he also gathered a terrific cast ensemble with help from experienced casting director Susan Shopmaker, giving fans something more to be looking forward to when it releases in 2023.

The Iron Claw: Behind The Scenes of The Upcoming Biopic

Go behind the scenes with the director and cast of The Iron Claw to experience first-hand what it’s like to capture this dramatic biopic story.

On Location in Upstate NY for a Cinematic Experience

Filming for the movie “The Iron Claw” took place in Upstate New York, providing a picturesque backdrop with striking views and iconic landmarks throughout. This real-life setting helps authentically retell the Von Erich wrestling legacy story by adding an immersive atmosphere that viewers can relate to.

The location adds something special to filming and storytelling – from the scenes set among rolling hills, scenic lakes, beautiful forests, and unique historical sites to capturing authentic wintry weather all year round.

By making use of such a beautiful part of America, filmmakers accentuate certain moments in ways that wouldn’t be possible elsewhere. All this provides an extra layer of realism, giving life and emotional depth to each scene as it weaves together into one powerful narrative about family loyalty and perseverance against all odds!

Reenactment of Iconic Wrestling Matches to Bring History to Life

In The Iron Claw, viewers will be able to relive the intense competition and physical drama of the Von Erich family’s early wrestling career.

Through reenacting some of their most iconic matches on screen, director Chris Von Erich is hoping to honor his family’s legacy by showing a new perspective on how they impacted professional wrestling.

By recreating these intense bouts between acclaimed wrestlers such as Zac Efron (Kevin Von Erich) and Jeremy Allen White (David Von Erich), audiences can get an insight into what made the sport so captivating all those years ago – minus any actual bloodshed! Offering both an emotional journey through the tragic events that shaped them and a unique vision of how wrestlers competed back then, The Iron Claw promises to be an unmissable biopic in 2023.

What to Expect from The Iron Claw

Dive into the incredible journey of The Iron Claw and witness the inspiring feat of a family determined to make their mark on history.

Emotional Journey of The Von Erich Brothers

The film, The Iron Claw, will take us on an emotional journey of the Von Erich brothers and their success in professional wrestling.

Zac Efron, Jeremy Allen White, and Harris Dickinson play lead roles as Kevin Von Erich, David Von Erich, and Kerry Von Erich respectively.

We’ll see first-hand how these brothers faced challenges outside and inside the ring while enduring family pressure. Together with guidance from their father Fritz Von Erich, they learn to stay true to each other’s dreams all while striving for greatness within themselves individually through a continuous brotherly bond that will see them secure legendary status within the world of professional wrestling.

Themes of Family, Legacy, and Dedication

The Iron Claw explores themes of family, legacy, and dedication through the true story of the Von Erich brothers. This film follows their rise from amateur wrestlers to national stars – a journey full of tragedy and triumph.


The Iron Claw is a film about the importance of family, both in its strengths and its weaknesses. The Von Erich brothers were a tightly knit unit, and they relied on each other for support as they rose to the top of the wrestling world. However, their family was also plagued by tragedy, and they had to deal with the deaths of several of their loved ones. Despite the challenges they faced, the Von Erich brothers remained close, and their bond is one of the most heartwarming aspects of the film.


The Von Erich brothers were determined to leave a legacy in professional wrestling. They wanted to be remembered as the greatest wrestlers of all time, and they pushed themselves to the limit to achieve that goal. However, their legacy is more than just about their wrestling accomplishments. It is also about the impact they had on their fans and the sport of wrestling as a whole. The Von Erich brothers inspired millions of people around the world, and their legacy continues to live on today.


The Von Erich brothers were incredibly dedicated to their craft. They trained tirelessly and were always looking for ways to improve. They were also dedicated to their fans, and they always put on a great show for them. The Von Erich brothers were true professionals, and their dedication was one of the things that made them so successful.

The Pursuit of The American Dream

The Von Erich brothers were the epitome of the American dream. They came from humble backgrounds but worked hard and achieved great things. They were also role models for many people, and they showed that it is possible to achieve your dreams if you are willing to work hard and never give up.

Box Office Predictions for the Iron Claw: Will the Iron Claw Be a Box Office Hit?

The Iron Claw box office predictions

With a stellar cast and near-perfect reviews, there is no doubt that The Iron Claw is set to become a major hit in 2023.

Anticipation and Buzz for The Film

The Iron Claw has been generating a lot of interest online ever since the trailer was released at the beginning of this year. Zac Efron’s presence coupled with the story of the Von Erich brothers’ rise and fall have created an intense level of excitement and curiosity about what is set to be one of 2023’s most anticipated films.

With its star-studded cast, unique story, and deeply emotional subject matter, it is no wonder that The Iron Claw has already become a popular topic for discussion amongst wrestling fans and more general audiences alike.

What’s more, box office predictions suggest that it may be a success when it hits screens in 2023; some even believe it will be a worthy contender for Best Picture Oscar come 2024.

Potential Audience Appeal

“The Iron Claw” biopic has proven its box-office success and critical acclaim through the theme of the film, leading to speculation that it could receive awards recognition such as the Best Picture nomination at the Oscars.

Additionally, viewers from all demographics have responded positively to the film’s themes of family, legacy, and dedication – making it resonate with a wide range of audiences. This anticipation has caused an abundance of curiosity surrounding “The Iron Claw,” as fans await its debut.

To meet this expectation, filmmakers are creating special content for each demographic. Proactive marketing initiatives engaging children and adults alike ensure within 2023 The Iron Claw will be one of the best superhero movies ever released!

Interesting Pick: Jawan, the first Hindi film to gross over $1,200 million (₹100000 million) worldwide in 18 days!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Read the most frequently asked question to know more about one of the most anticipated films of 2023, The Iron Claw.

1. What Is The Iron Claw?

The Iron Claw is an upcoming American superhero action film starring Jason Flynn and Elizia Bell that will be released in 2023.

2. What Can We Expect From The Iron Claw?

Viewers can expect a thrilling adventure packed with incredible action, explosive special effects, and unique martial arts sequences inspired by old-school Hong Kong cinema.

3. Who Stars In The Iron Claw?

The film stars Jason Flynn as John Wilkes and Elizia Bell as Ledora Corovic alongside a star-studded cast including Taras Danovenko, Nick Jones Jr., And Patrick Bennett.

4. When Will The Iron Claws Trailer Be Released?

The first official trailer for The Iron Claw was released on April 2nd, 2021 via YouTube which included new scenes from the movie as well as some behind-the-scenes footage of its production!

Wrapping Up The Iron Claw: A Must-Watch Biopic in 2023

The Iron Claw is set to be one of the biggest releases in 2023. The film tells an emotional story about loyalty, family, and resilience through tragedy that will leave viewers enthralled.

Zac Efron leads a stellar cast supported by a gripping script and impressive production values. Filled with action, drama, and heartfelt moments, it’s sure to be an inspiring culmination of history meshed in entertainment that everyone can appreciate and enjoy.

With a unique look at the rise and fall of the Von Erich dynasty backed up by incredible performances from acclaimed actors, this biopic makes for an absolute must-watch movie experience when it hits theaters on December 22, 2023!


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